Korean πŸ‡°πŸ‡·

Korean πŸ‡°πŸ‡·

Featuring Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory (Jem), seoulroll (Raffles City), Daessiksin (Bugis+), SsikSin Korean BBQ Buffet (Tampines 1)
Cassandra C
Cassandra C

The batter was really crisp and light and tasty! I loved the sprinkling of crushed almonds and almond flakes over the chicken. The nuts complemented the sweet and salty sauce really well. The chicken itself was also flavourful, and tender and moist, even the breast meat. The garlicky aspect of this dish was probably just the cloves of garlic strewn around - the chicken didn't taste much of garlic which was a teeny bit disappointing, but it was v tasty overall so... I was pleased nonetheless. 😁


Only $14.90++ for the lunch buffet. You have 2hours from the time you enter to eat your fill of a nice spread of meats - bulgogi, spicy chicken, pork belly, bacon and beef short rib, various cooked items and side dishes. My greatest KBBQ peeve are meats full of tendon. The meats we had here were free of tendon, fresh and the marinades were really tasty. πŸ˜‹ The restaurant was also so well-ventilated! Would recommend for a simple but satisfying KBBQ feast ☺️

Made myself kimchi stew following Maangchi's recipe on YouTube and it was really quite legit! Hooray! You can get all the ingredients you need from a K-Mart so pls try making it instead of reaching for the instant sort next time! It is worth the (minimal) washing up. πŸ˜‹


Ah a disappointment. Taste-wise, it was alright though the ingredients have been prepared long beforehand so don't expect this to be like one of those fresh, crisp dragonrolls/makis. The portion was quite small as well. For $5.50, you only get half a roll of kimbap.

Ssik Sin is a no-frills, value for money place for Korean BBQ. There isn't a crazy variety of meats, but it has all the essentials - pork belly, marinated pork, marinated beef, marinated chicken, bacon and squid. Meats are fresh and deliciously marinated (except for the pork belly which is unseasoned and bacon...which needs no marinating :b). A comfortable spread of cooked food, fruits and greens is also provided. I love the kimchi pancake (especially when it's freshly fried!), sweet potato noodles, and honeyed sweet potatoes! Food is also replenished very promptly. The service isn't the chatty smiley sort, but servers are attentive and always take the initiative to replace the grilling plates for us :) And though I've sat in the restaurant stuffing myself for ~3hours, no one has chased me away. All's good! (~$16++ per person)

Insta: @kekicakee for mama chow and my homebaking adventures πŸͺ

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