Hawker Hunt

Hawker Hunt

Sussing out some glorious hawker food because if you don't, you're doing it wrong.
Marilyn L
Marilyn L

I might be biased since I grew up with this, but this is the best kway chap I've had so far. For years, weekends saw my family driving to this coffeeshop. My dad would queue while I sat patiently at the table, waiting for a glorious plate of perfectly braised pig intestines, tau kwa, pork, and hard boiled eggs all drenched in savoury zhup. I always attacked the pig intestines first — and still do today — they're my absolute favourite. I haven't come across any kway chap stall that braises their tau kwa as well as this stall does. Or perhaps I choose to remain partial. I've been eating the Kway Chap from this stall for as long as I can remember — from having to sit on two stacked plastic chairs just so I could reach the table and barely being able to finish half my bowl of kway, to being able to polish off a bowl of kway and an entire plate of 'liao' (and more). I have also grown to adore the chilli, which is just sour enough to brighten up the whole meal. There's just something extremely comforting about the food that you grew up eating, and it never fails to hit the spot. I don't have this as frequently any more, but when I do, I can't help but think about how much work these hawkers put in, and how privileged I am, since many of them will be retiring soon! #hawkerpedia

Pictures are often deceiving. Sometimes food looks really good but turns out underwhelming. Then there are those humble-looking dishes that pack a whole lot of flavour and this plate of hokkien mee is a perfect example. Had to order it when I found out that Nam Sing was open, since it's only been open like twice out of the countless times I've been. Favourite plate of hokkien mee - al dente mee, tender squid, good amount of zhap. Make sure you squeeze a lime (or two) to cut the heaviness.


I will admit that I've become a Mee Pok snob ever since I tried Chia Keng's. It's probably the only one that leaves me feeling really satisfied. Just look at dem noodles coated in chilli, chock full of fried shallots and lard. They add just a bit of black vinegar, which I think is great because it lets the chilli - which is the star of this dish - shine. For those who love a shit load of black vinegar in your noodles, you may not be as huge a fan as I am, but it doesn't mean you're not going to like it. You get a good serving of sliced pork, fishcake, fishballs, prawns and abalone with the large bowl!


The queue at this stall is testament to how good the food is. Waited a good 30 minutes, and it was completely worth it. Loved the soy sauce chicken which was incredibly succulent and flavourful. Char siew was seriously good - coated in just the right amount of sauce, addictive charred bits. Pork crackling on the sio bak was great (one of the slightly less fatty ones I've had). And those wontons!! Packed with meat, prawns, veg and water chestnuts which provided good crunch. Super fresh and not all that minced. Even the soup was good; it had a herbal taste and was slightly sweet due to wolfberries! SHIOK.

I might be biased since I grew up with this, but this is the best I've tried so far (I haven't tried thaaat many tbh). Not sure why pig intestines are so addictive but I always attack those first. Tau kwa must always, always be braised long enough for it to taste good and for me it's one of the things that makes this dish.

Pretty much my favourite prata - super crisp and very slightly sweet, I prefer this without curry. One of my favourite places to get prata!

I don't just eat. I feast. 🍴

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