Muslim Meals

Muslim Meals

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Raine Liu
Raine Liu

($6.40) However, I failed and ended up still pointing lamely at the menu.

Was kinda intimated by the large weekend crowd there but I'm glad I braved it all and was rewarded with the best Thosai/Dosa (tasted even better today, ordering it myself 😌)!! Definite big love for that crisp yet moist exterior, good with or without the sauces. Stuffed with that perfect addictive masala potatoes. This was so good, my non-Indian food lover friend, adore it too!! Thosai Mama @iamjaynedoe will be so proud πŸ˜‚ We'll be back for moarrrrr ✌🏻️ #BurppleBestIndian


The only halal certified store at Dignity Kitchen (they have plans to fully halal-fied the entire food court in the near future) - the Mee rebus was nutty, flavourful and on the sweet side. Portion was really generous for $3!


Favourites were the Chicken Satay and the Rendang Beef or Mutton, I couldn't help myself but scoop many many spoons of the curry vegetables or the egg omelette as well!

Have a delicious dream guys! πŸ˜‹


What makes a good Mee Bundung would definitely be the sour sweet and spicy gravy, the rendition at Mas Ayu would be one that has the 3 in a well balanced manner, and got me well addicted. Littered with fish cakes, prawns, vege, what's special is that they include pieces of tender beef and that poached egg (similar to the one at SAJC).

You guys gotten try it for yourself and definitely a good soupy bowl for this dreadful rainy weather tonight!

Burpple is definitely a good place to find food and share food recommendations πŸ˜‹


Firstly, it's size (about A3 size? And about an inch thick - filled with lots of ingredients)

Secondly, it's jam packed with cube sized tandoori chicken, mushrooms, cheese, egg and onions!
Literally a prata version of a pizza just with two big pieces of prata!
Conclusion? The Umami 50 still won many votes with its savoury sweet flavours! But this I guess is definitely a staple for Springleaf Prata!


A very intriguing marriage between Ms.Maggie Goreng and Mr. Prata.
Ms. Maggie Goreng seems to be the Alpha Female of this marriage as Mr. Prata gave way, softening his texture to let Ms. Maggie Goreng have her way. I wonder how long would this marriage last especially when sour tofu was in the picture.


This ingenious creation of Chicken Luncheon Meat, Chicken Ba Hu(Floss), Japanese Mayonnaise, Egg and Mozzarella Cheese!!
Dunk the prata in the curry provided and quickly sent it to your mouth as the savoury umami-ness unleash in your mouth.
I couldn't stop taking mouths after mouths of it, despite how sinful it was! It was just so YUMS!


You usually see Mee Siam, Mee Rebus, Mee Goreng........but Mee Bandung?

My chance encounter with this dish dates back to my SAJC days where the only muslim stores in the canteen will serve this on alternate Fridays at limited portion (very limited edition hor?)

It then became a ritual on Thursdays evening after basketball practice to ask the Auntie whether it was available the next day. Sadly, Friday are always the longest day of the week for me without any breaks! I would often chiong down straight after class to check in for a bowl of this savoury sweet goodness!! So much so that the Auntie always remembers to specially keep a portion for me 😍Till then I couldn't find a similar ones comparable to her rendition!

Yesterday, for supper I had Mr Prata Mee Bandung ( not much places sell it... so... see must try liao) unfortunately, it wasnt as good. This version was more spicy, sourish savoury kind. But really appetising gravy I would say! And it sure brought back some college memorises of mine!!

Let me know if you know of this dish as well and whether there is a place that sells good Mee Bandung!! #hawkerpedia


Super shiok for supper and better fot sharing.
Wish they didn't use minced chicken but chunkier bits of chicken. I liked the chopped onions within but the amount given could literally scare off a dozen vampires πŸ˜‚


Super good crispy prata topped with ham, poached egg and hollandaise sauce with a side of creamy thick curry!Super good can!
The prata here is something I really liked, crispy yet not dry, and greasy at the right amount 😊


Never knew there is such a gem around my house, guess it is because it's opening hours are catered for breakfast and lunch(They close at 3). First impression of the first bite was sweet and the spiciness comes slowly like a super star, waving his hands to the crowd.


Loved the egg. The maggie goreng looks tasteless but was slightly spicy.


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