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The Favorite Cafés

The Favorite Cafés

No clue where to park these anywhere else but this list with the most straightforward title.
Emily Choong
Emily Choong

Let me get this very important detail out of the way first — this is the most expensive Big Breakfast I've ever had in Klang Valley but also one of the better ones. For two free-range organic eggs, streaky beef, smoked chicken sausage, confit herbed tomato, vegetable rosti, minted sour cream, wild mushrooms and a choice of honey-rye or multigrain bread, I'd say RM39 is arguably alright if you were to take the whole dining experience into account, not just whatever is on your plate. In fact, the plating is spot on.
Also tried the brioche French toast (RM27) which I definitely recommend for those who like super fluffy bread with a berry compote as accompaniment. Personally, I prefer my French toast dense and eggy — this one is the complete opposite. Lastly, definitely also try the Organic Eggs Benedict (RM38) with oh-so-tender braised ox cheeks.
Common Man also takes their coffee seriously considering how much they have invested in the black marble brew bar as well as the coffee academy at the back. Skip the usual black and white suspects and try their filter coffee (from RM15) or if you're more adventurous, try the UnCommon selection of the day (RM18) where the coffee beans are grown in smaller quantities rather mass and have been paid more attention to in terms of the farming process.


I can't remember the last time I consumed such beautiful egg tarts NOT at a dim sum restaurant. Wonderful to know that you can get such a custard-smooth centre yet a flaky crust that doesn't fall apart to create a huge mess. Although cookie-like crust is a personal favorite, the ones at Demitasse sure know the way to your heart at first bite.
These beauties go for RM3.50/piece.


Quar/tet’s French toast is my personal favourite for one reason - the charred crusts! Despite a change in their menu, they never fail to slightly char all corners of the fluffy, eggy toasts. This portion may come off huge to some but if you love these kind of toasts like I do, they’ll be gone in minutes.


Hassle-free (and really free) parking, minimalist space, good coffee — a stone's throw away from the congested Damansara Uptown. I can see why this place may be a sanctuary to some. Battery Acid Club now serves hot food! Had a very pleasant miso-marinated chicken served with a nest of alfalfa sprouts, sweet potatoes, and dollops of seaweed and black sesame purée to compliment (RM22). The menu is so intricately done in terms of its presentation which suits the monochromatic environment very well. Expect familiar items with an added twist (think crispy sweet potato fritters and kacang tumbuk affogato).


Like Cereals-ly has set foot in TTDI just below Wood & Steel cafe. Open from 10am till 10pm, cereal doesn't have to be consumed only during breakfast or before lunch. Just ordered a combination of coco puffs and honey stars with milk, vanilla ice cream and Lotus Caramelised biscuits (!!) for RM10.90 — very high chance of going for seconds. Variety of cereal types is subject to availability.


A relatively new cafe in SS2 open 24/7 (no, seriously, late night coffee is a thing now). Oh, did I mention they have amazingly fast internet speed? 50mbps! These things somehow make the coffee and hot chocolate (RM8; pictured) taste better... Also, they sell instant noodles like the super fiery Korean one which YouTubers have been talking about for RM10 a cup. So in case you're burning the midnight oil and need something to wake you up, that's your answer.


For the longest time, PULP has been my go-to place for filtered coffee. I was pretty much over the moon when I found out they started serving their first wave of food a couple of months back. Their Balance Breakfast 2.0 has always been my first love, followed by the berry croissant of turkey ham and cranberry sauce. Recently, they've added new items to the menu. This is my current favourite - avocado and egg mayo on toasted rye bread served with baby tomatoes (RM16). I absolutely love avocados (often dubbed as "nature's butter") so this item is basically THE golden egg! It's no filling meal, but everything good should be consumed moderately (I try). So whenever you visit PULP, such a beautiful, buttery creaminess over toast garnished with a shake of black pepper shouldn't be overlooked.


There are times for thicker broths like the one at Bankara Ramen, and there are times for thinner broths like this one at Fifth Palate. This is one heck of a homemade ramen which reminds me of the way my dad does it. The broth is spot on in terms of flavour! Every slurp is indeed memorable and reminds me so much of home. Come here if you need a bowl of comfort.


There are two types of people in this world: one who appreciates a dish which reminds them of a significant relative's cooking, and another who proudly boasts that they can "make this dish at home". This ramen at Fifth Palate is no Ippudo or an authentic Japanese style. It has a vibe similar to how my dad does ramen at home, which is very much to my liking. RM21 for this bowl is decent considering the prices of cafe food around and is less of a cut-throat compared to big breakfasts around that have roughly the same ingredients. I recommend having this on any rainy/stormy day or if you do need something to warm your tummy up any time. If you're the "I can make this on my own" type, I say give this a go anyway. It could be more soothing than you think.


Curious as to why this has been a crowd favorite, I decided to check it out - and I can see why! RM18 for this, being one of the cheaper options in the menu, it's worth it in my opinion. Sugary-textured granola but not too sweet, accompanied with grapes, oranges, honey dew, white dragon fruit, pomelo, pineapple slices and topped with yogurt and milk. A nightmare for lactose intolerants but a pleasant dream for cereal/breakfast lovers because the balance of flavors was achieved. Pair this up with something without milk like a Hario v60 pour over or a long black to complete your meal.


Clockwise from top left: Iced Latte (RM12), Lemon Poppy Seed cake (RM11), Flat White (RM10.00). 6% GST = RM1.98.

Yes, come here for a proper flat white - although this is not the only place I know that does it right, just one of them. Pair that up with a slice of lemon poppy seed cake for something towards the lighter end, perfect if you just came from a previous cafe and filled yourself up with brunch.


I’ve been into tomato-based sauce with eggs lately so I went for their version of Turkish style eggs (RM26) – a tomato-based sauce with a heap of chick peas, chicken chipolata, spinach, a dollop of greek yoghurt, pistachios, topped with 2 free range eggs slow-cooked at 63°C (or perhaps you may be more familiar with the term “sous-vide-style eggs”) and served with 2 slices of lightly toasted sourdough toast. If you love chickpeas, this is definitely made for you! Compared to most Turkish style eggs I’ve had where the eggs are baked together with the sauce and not slow-cooked separately, I thought this was impressive and regret not trying this out earlier. It is about time I take a break from those endless poached egg failures and start going for slow-cooked free range eggs which do not have vinegar compromising the irreplaceable taste of plain eggs.


Diet is not in my dictionary - and it will never be.

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