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Featuring The Red Beanbag, Restoran Yut Kee (镒记茶餐室), Restoran Win Heng Seng (永兴城茶室), Restoran Soong Kee Beef Ball Noodle (Jalan Tun HS Lee), Namoo On The Park (Publika), Restoran Ole Sayang Baba Nyonya Food, Kampachi (Pavilion), Coffee Société, LOKL Coffee Co, Artisan Coffee Bar (Bangsar Village II)
Cherrie Tang
Cherrie Tang

My messy table 😂😂😂
Sorry if I make u lost appetite 😛😝

All my Instagram buddy 😉😘
Enjoy mooncake & candle in aa healthy way 🙊

Plant ur own gardens... And

Decorate ur own soul...


Rush here Rush there and I hv to take away kopiiiii 😢😭 #oripicnofilter

Lazyyyy to type caption...
All this r the things I can't live without 😛✌️ #oripicnofilter

20 facts about me😩
1. I'm not a #taitai I hv to work everyday beside my off day and sometimes I work like 🐮😭 but I'm still a official #taitai here in #instagram world 😛.
2. I love #coffee and I love #wine toooooo ... I believe start ur day with coffee and end ur day with wine 😁✌️.
3. I love to eat ... Just feed me foods then I'll shut up 👍🙈.
4. I'm very picky about things to swallow into my tummy ... I'm serious !!! 😏😏.
5. I'm not very pro about coffee but I know what I want and yet still hv lots to learn 😊.
6. I'm a curious baby !!! 😳.
7. If wanna win my ❤️ ... Lil tips for u here ... Buy me a white&wood single group slayer + white ek43... 🙈🙊👍😳☺️.
8. Hmmm ... Another option if u can't buy me 👆items ... Make me breakfast and serve to bed everyday can melt me toooooo 😚😗😗.
9. My favourite colour is #Tifannyblue & #white 😍.
10. Oh ya ... I'm the only child in my family ... 😘😘.
11. I'm a lazy girl ... Super lazy ... I love to roll on bed doing nothing and I can roll whole day ☺️😛.
12. I love to cook sometimes but hv to depends on mood... 😜😝.
13. I'm very picky but I'll be very happy if u feed me just white rice + friend eggs or 1 bowl of soup... I can eat that everyday but of course u hv to cook me different type of eggs and soup 😂😆.
14. I hate traffic jam and stupid people because I got no patient 😐😑.
15. I'm a very berry straight forward person ... So I think lots of ppl quite hate me 🙈🙉🙉.
16. I love to make a face on my plate with my leftover foods ...😬✌️.
16. I actually same birthday with @instagram 🎈🎉🎂.
17. I'm a fur kids lover ... My dream dog is #ChowChow and I'll shave all his body fur left the head n tail 😏😄 #lion
18. My ideal honeymoon country is #rome 😁.
19. I hate to eat alone but I'm always eat alone 😢😭.
20. I'm a shopaholic ... I love shop ping and I love to shop everything 😨😱😰😅😓. Finally !! OMG so tiring ... Not gonna tag anyone because this is too tiring and I'm too lazyyyy 😴

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