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Local Favourites

Local Favourites

Here's a list of Singapore favourites found in markets, hawker centers, food courts, street food stalls and etc.
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This Peranakan dish hit the mark. The pork was tender, the mushroom and bamboo shoots were soaked with the sauce, it’s delicious!

This dish is delicious and tummy warming. Crab is fresh, the broth is light and well flavored with dan-gui (Chinese herbs), fried ginger and yam.
A clay pot of $25 suffice for 2 adults.
Do be prepared to wait even at non-peak. At least 45 mins. Kitchen process needs refinement. Else, dish is good.


If you like curry chicken from Toastbox, this has just overtaken that.
The curry gravy is of the right liquid consistency, yet flavourful.
The chicken is tenderly cooked, you could taste the well seasoned curry with every bite. ($4.00)

Vegetables curry is equally delicious.

A meal fulfilled.

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A nice, hot and chicken herbal fused bowl of mee Sua (noodles) with pork kidney and liver. The herbal flavour at this stall is full and the innards are well cleaned, free of bitterness. A satisfying bowl.

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The best thus far, the taste and texture has been consistent all these years. At least the lady serving is way polite than before! The carrot cake is well fried, with a tint of burnt. That forms the crisp. Generous amount of fried raddish that makes the whole dish crunchy, salty and sweet in taste.

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Very fresh crabs. Not your usual XL Sri Lankan Crabs but definitely decent medium-sized Crabs. The sauce is lovely, not too dry and heavy. Was light, yet flavourful. Best was the reasonable price. 3 small crabs for $25, 2 medium crabs for $30, and there's larger medium for $35 & $40. Add on $3 per order of special sauce. The soft mini buns are $2 for 6 pieces. Just order the crabs and buns, then eat your fill!


Freshly cooked Claypot rice. Tender chicken and a generous serving of vegetables. It's yummy. At $10 for 2 persons, $15 for 3 to 4 persons and there's a large portion too.

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4-piece Korean hot sauce at $6.20. Claimed to use only fresh chicken wings, has the right crisp on the outside and moist flesh. Though the taste could be a little stronger - a little more salt, hot tangy-ness. It'll do for the hawker center standard. Be prepared to wait as they cook to order.


By far, the most expensive Nasi Lemak I'd ever had at $25 a set for 2. Coconut milk fragrant rice accompanied by portions of crispy pork, crispy friend luncheon meat, unlimited serving of anchovy sambal, Lemak potato curry, fried fish balls, and cabbage Rojak. The sambal is good, so is the Rojak. A good try for first time visitors. Additional bowl of rice at $3.

Delightful Ma Ling luncheon meat served with a twist. A portion at $6, it's yummy! Super crispy, great appetizer or just snack.

At $3 or $4 a plate plus at least 45 minutes wait time, this plate of stir-fry better be worth it! Verdict - it was fantastic. I'm a hard pleaser when it comes to Fried Kway Teow. Most often, I end up disliking the dish yet unable to determine if it's the wok-hei, the done-ness, or the flavour. BUT, this plate was delicious. You could tell it was well and evenly stir-fried from each mouthful. The flavour of the black caramel sauce, equally coated onto the soft cooked noodles. The cockles were fresh and firm, cooked just right. The lady boss takes her time to fry each plate, hence the long wait. Don't go when you are already hungry, you'll faint before it's your turn.

Comfort food at its best. Uncomplicated, simple yet tasty. Worth the wait in queue. The fish balls are handmade, soft with a crunchy texture. The soup is flavoured and light. Love it.


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