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These are some of the Japanese food I have eaten. Hope you enjoy them too!
Hungry Ghost
Hungry Ghost

Unagiya Ichinoji 鳗家一の字 in Singapore is the first overseas outlet of the 125-years-old unagi specialist restaurant in Tokyo. Unagiya Ichinoji serves unagi in 3 forms - hitsumabushi, seiro mushi and mamushi donburi.

Uya Japanese Unagi Restaurant 四代目菊川 on level 2 of Wheelock Place is known for its unagi hitsumabushi.
The restaurant is tastefully decorated and the unagi is crispy on the outside and tender inside.

Unaemon serves unagi in the form of hitsumabushi, unaju, kiwami unaju (unagi and egg custard) and unagi ala carte.

Una Una is a new Japanese unagi restaurant in Bugis+ that sells one of the cheapest hitsumabushi in Singapore at just S$9.80.

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Tamoya Udon & Tempura at level 1 of Liang Court Specializes in freshly-made Sanuki udon and freshly-fried tempura. Beef Udon [S$10.80], Sanuki Beef Egg Udon [S$11.20] and Beef Onsen Egg Curry Udon [S$11.60] are the signature using here. Paired with tempura or oden, it makes for a delicious and wallet-friendly meal.

It’s all about premium iberico pork at Gochi-So Shokudo. You can have it in 5 styles - don, katsu, curry, ribs and steak.

Le Shrimp Ramen is a new concept restaurant from Paradise Group that infuses Chinese elements into Japanese Ramen. Be sure to try their three signature ramens: Le Signature Trio Shrimp Ramen, Red Groupa with Pickled Vegetable Tonkotsu Ramen and Ebiko Prawn Paste with Chilli Vinaigrette Ramen.


Michelin one star Konjiki Hototogisu Ramen has opened a new outlet at Paragon and Chef Atsushi Yamamoto has created two new ramens exclusively for this outlet - Iberico Shoyu Ramen and Crab Ramen.

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Mazesoba = mixed dry soba. I am totally loving KOKORO Tokyo Mazesoba’s thick chewy soba noodles, which comes with 12 ingredients 🍝 www.hungryghost.sg

Ichikokudo Hokkaido Ramen is a new ramen restaurant at the basement of Suntec City Mall that specializes in Hokkaido-style chicken-stock ramen. It is halal-certified so Muslim friend can eat without worry.

Its signature Ichikokudo Ramen is made with chicken broth and a blend of bonito, mackerel and unami.


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Shitamachi Tendon Akimitsu is apparently pretty famous in Asakusa and Singapore was their first overseas expansion, so I was pretty excited when I chanced upon an outlet in Westgate.

Akimitsu’s Signature Tendon [$14.90] brims with tempura of prawn, white fish, egg, seaweed and assorted vegetables. You can’t fault it on the generous portion of the dish, but the whole thing is really oily. Every bite fills my mouth with greasiness.

Please read my review at www.hungryghost.sg

MIZ Japanese Restaurant is a hidden gem in Kampong Bahru that serves a wide variety of Japanese cuisine. I highly recommend this Garlic Udon [$8.30] which looks simple but tastes so good! Other rocommended dishes are Mentaiko Mushroom [$11.30], Oyster Dynamite [$10] and Kaisen Toku [$21.90]. Please read my review at www.hungryghost.sg

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haunting restaurants everywhere ...

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