Chinese Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant

The place where virtually every family meet for a full dinner.
Denise Ong
Denise Ong

Orchid Live Seafood, needs no introduction. They are famed for the lobster dishes and yes, this was definitely my family favourite. Fresh lobsters halved and top with tons minced garlic and egg white, before being steamed to perfection. Each bite of the firm white flesh, screamed fresh and light, without that overwhelming garlicky mouthful of flavour. While the lobsters are on the “small-medium” size, it is definitely more than enough to go around.


On any given day, I will have this.

I mean look at how cloudy that soup is. The broth is so flavourful, that not single drop is missed. The superior soup set, and almost everything comes in a pair, LITERALLY. Even the greens come in a pair. What you have in the bowl, a pair of mock abalone, a pair of meatball, a pair of fish maw, a pair of crunchy and decently sized prawns (peeled), a pair of Friend beancurd, slices of pork, and minced meat, and finally a MEASLY PIECE OF GROUPER.

Honestly, it's a fish soup bowl, I have everything but except fish slices. If I knew about this, I would add $3 for added batang slices.

Oh the set, comes with a drink.


Fish head Curry ($35). Their signature dish, and it's worth every drop of the thick, robust, lemak, dope curry. Boiling hot, when presented, it's filled with lady fingers (that is crunchy), brinjal (soft but not mushy), and taupok (that basically absorb the curry like a sponge). The fish itself, is huge in portion, and utterly fresh. Red snapper was used for thy day, so you can imagine the huge, firm flaky white meat that fall off the bone nicely.
Extra bowl of rice please!


Loaded with lard, dried cuttlefish, yam and tons of chopped spring onions. This beautiful bowl is yummy, and surprising light! I mean serious with those lard and cuttlefish, I would expect heavy Flavours of pork and oil. It is an interesting take on the usually bland, meant for the sick kind of porridge. Consistency is thick, and taste rather like glutinous rice, it is truly refreshing.

Basically poor man'a food that is made popular, all that's to Soup Restaurant. Hand-chopped and mixed with water chestnut, the minced meat, is just so crunchy and have a lot of bite. The meat, is light and "fluffy", with a good mixed of the meat and fats itself, making the dish well-seasoned in its own fats. It looked salty, but it isn't overwhelming. But this dish is best paired with white rice.


Big, succulent, crunchy prawns laid adoringly on top of yellow chives that went through a quick fire of wok frying. The end result, is this beautiful coloured plate that is bursting with moist, juice and flavour. A hint of seafood is present in the thicken sauce of the chives, so good that second helping of the plain rice is necessary. PS: we had this from the set dinner menu.


Totally a work of art. Every single one of my family members love their famed Yusheng. It's unlike what I had for years, that's sometimes I wonder why we didn't come here for louhei yearly. The way they prepare is on reversal. They mixed the sauces up first before throwing in slices of abalone and tossing the slices with the sauces. Next would be the crushed peanuts, the respective vegetables, jellyfish and finally topped generously the golden pillows. Not presentable, and hardly Instagram worthy, but honestly the best. After tossing and making a mess, the end result is one hell of a gorgeous mess, with each strand deliciously coated. Urgh, just so good.


This old school restaurant is no stranger to most. Hailed as one of the four heavenly kings, one mouthful of their food, and you will understand why. Traditional is the key word for their dishes, as they served up no-frills but exceptionally good dishes out of the kitchen. This seabass is so fresh, that the firm white meat, just flak off. The broth, which is from the steaming may look light but packs with all the goodness of plums, salted veggies, and sweetened by the tomatoes. It is truly slurp worthy!


My Favourite from Char. Those crispy skin are to die for, you can literally hear the crunch. And all fats just oozes out, and compliments the meat, making the dish crunchy, juicy and tender. It is like having a fiery synchronised dancing of Paquita.


This. I. Love. Seriously not oily at all, with the aroma of the butter but the crunch of cereal. Great with plain rice, but even more awesome on its own. The only complain I have for this dish, is the lack of chicken itself. I felt that this plate is more of the batter, less of the chicken prices. Nonetheless, this golden dish is seriously delicious that my mom want to recreate it at home!


Glistening right back at you, this char siew is a close and divine to how Mother prepare hers, except these babies are too sweet for my liking. More sugar was added to the Charsiew seasoning, thus that gooey caramelised coating. I think they are great, but just not to my personally preference. Charsiew is a tad dry too. A miss for me and my family, but it seemed that everyone else at the restaurant were wowed by it


Stiry-fried just so perfectly as how four season beans should be. The minced meat is well seasoned, but personally a tad salty for me. But that's okay when you have them with a plain bowl of white rice. This plate looked so plain, but packed all the spicy punch which I love. Stir-fried with both fresh cut Chili padi and dried Chili, the dish came out aromatic and beautiful. And I suspected that they throw in some "麻辣" seeds for extra kick in the butt when you accidentally bite on them. Shiok 👍🏻


Dancer eats, Dancer dance.

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