Sweet Delights In Bangkok Shopping Malls

Sweet Delights In Bangkok Shopping Malls

Bangkok is a great bargain city and there are tons of hidden sugary gems among hustle & bustle of those gallerias. This list would be a time saving for all sweet-toothed malls hoppers so you can shop til you drop with happy tummy!
kinthailand bangkok
kinthailand bangkok

Chic pricey café from a stylish bo-ho Thai fashion house which serves good coffee. We’ve found this branch at the Emporium has nicer space than the one at the basement of Siam Paragon. They are using high quality ingredients for bakery and light meals. This pastry is a tad too hard tho.

Sago with coconut, water chestnut & coconut sorbet. Started from a fashion brand but now their cafés and restaurants making more money than selling clothes. They have high reputation in consistency so you can just pick from one of dozen of branches around town. Their temporary menu of Desserts, Thai and International food are pretty gripping while those best-sellers are worth trying.

Matcha fresh cream cake to replace a cup of tea :-p They have branches in all major malls in Bangkok so don’t be worried about finding one of them, but getting a table is another thing as there is always a long line at every lunch and dinner times. Top grade ingredients are selected and used in the kitchen. For appetizers and main, just try Yum Som-O and river prawn with black spaghetti - the rest of menu are so good as well.

World clas tea salon from Singapore has become another mall oasis for us. A good rest on crazy shopping day with high end service is a bliss. When it's about tea time, this TWG tea jelly with raisin scone is just fit 😌

Another boutique which starts selling foods on the high floor of Siam Paragon. Their authentic Thai main dishes are lavish and tasty, while the dessert menu has a few choice but well plating like this 'LOD CHONG' pandan flavored rice flour droplets in coconut milk with flake ice to cool crazy-bangkok-heat down

This place is omurice (Japanese rice omelette) specialist but we’ve found that its pudding is extraordinary. It can he a hanging out place as their branch in Central World is not too crowded. Their spaghettis are not bad though but desserts are so good. Besides the black sesame pudding, we love coffee jelly as well.

Celebrated dessert bar from New York just landed at the latest luxury mall in the heart of Bangkok, Central Embassy. They have set menu so you can try some of their world famous in bite size. This Freshly torched Brûlée flavor signature Dough’Ssant is crisp and sweet as expected. We’ve paired it with Gryphon’s 'nymph of the nile' which is light delicate white tea with subtle rose aroma & a hint of menthol, oh so good.

Not in a mood for fancy dessert? This quick grab-and-go pearl milk tea will refill your sugar level. Latest Pearl Milk Tea stall in town, ChaNoir, serves this distinctive Matcha Milk Tea. Main ingredients are imported, i.e., Kyoto (assumed Uji) green tea and Hokkaido milk - made strong tea flavour with enjoyable chewy bubbles.

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This underground café has a unique cozy character made it isolated from the busy mall. All menu are twisted Thai with some rare authentic. This would be the best place for you to discover Thai food & dessert with reasonable pricing, like this nostalgic Thai ice-cream sandwich topped with mango and cornflakes, kinda like it soaked in evaporated milk.

Water Library is well know on its pricey yet flawless food and beverages. All dishes are created from the best ingredients around the world and superior techniques. This sweet and tempting apple tarte tatin with vanilla bean ice-cream is the super happy ending of quintessential set course menu. They just launched a new branch at Central Embassy which we still have to find out soon.

Hokkaido style tarte specialist with a heap of sweet filling options. We’ve found the pastry is so-so but love the variety of its fillers from fresh fruits to creamy matcha. They do serve other Japanese style sweets which should hit your spot at least once.

All branches of this café become more and more popular somehow. We think Thais never get enough of Japanese dessert. Their specialty is black charcoal soft cream which we found enjoyable. Plating it Kyoto style with some syrup and dango (rice dumpling) made it more tempting. Besides this signature pudding, strawberry-cheesecake parfait is our another favourite. And their ice-cream sandwich is perfect for grab-and-go sugar filler.

Edible delectables for human mind!

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