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♨️Cze Char Republic♨️

♨️Cze Char Republic♨️

Featuring KEK Keng Eng Kee Seafood (Alexandra), Penang Seafood Restaurant, Cafe De Hong Kong, Wok Master (City Square Mall), Swee Kee Eating House, Zi Yean Restaurant 自然酒楼, Uncle Leong Signatures (Waterway Point), Whampoa Keng Fish Head Steamboat (Balestier), Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee (Balestier), Boon Tong Kee (Balestier)
Steve G
Steve G
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Really my kind of comfort food a quick stir fry of diced long beans, diced beancurd 豆干, minced pork, peanut, diced capsicum, diced water chestnut and diced pickled radish 菜圃. This goes well with steam rice or porridge. Can't complain if you have this with Boon Tong Kee's signature fragrant chicken rice, can you?


Not the best (especially their ingredients) but shiok when it's piping hot!

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The broth full of sweetness from the pacific clams were fully absorbed by the bee hoon (rice vermicelli) which remains al dente! The clams were plump and succulent.


Really delicious way to stir fry vegetables. Throw in a few pieces of their home specialty fried bak yew (pork lard), this dish itself was enough to clean up my bowl of rice!


Always thought this is cze char favourite has such a poetic name, like the reflection of the moon on the river in a mid night (dark) river in this case.


Really as good as it looks! This dish looks fantabulous on their menu and I just couldn't resist not ordering it. I did not regret my decision even though it was the third meat dishes of the night. The pork belly is well


Really generous serving of this starter dish (at only $8). Not a big fan of salted egg dishes but Master Wok does this popcorn chicken with the right coating of salted egg, you can even eat it on its own!


A must order on every table it seems, that aluminum foil pillow looking presentation, the aroma from the rice wine as the dish is served with the "pillow" cut opened is enough to impress. The chicken chunks are poached within the sachets of rice wine concoction which includes Chinese herbs, wolfberries and ginger gives it that super robust and not overly powering herbal taste, which I swear by itself is good enough for me to go with steamed rice. What could be better for me is the texture of the chicken and how it could be better marinated. All the good flavours have not infuse into the chicken which is a tat disappointing.

It's been a while since I've been back and my gosh, it's just got more popular than ever. This Hokkien Mee is nothing KL style, closer to local Sotong Mee, except it comes with not only sotong (squid) and shrimps but also lala (aka clams). You would almost missed it amongst its many other signature Penang eats and cze char classics. But I just can't give up not ordering this and pairing it with their 南乳炸花肉 (Fermented beanpaste fried pork belly) and the 2 awesome chili paste that they offer. The serving size is noticeably smaller than before, so at $8 its just nice for 1 pax.


Riding the wave of white bee hoon fever, I was very motivated to find one which can justify me not venturing too far north of the island in search of the next best alternative to the Sembawang originating stall that started it all. This stall which has its huge followers of its fish head hotpot and 'Sam-Lou' Horfun at a corner coffee shop off Balestier Road, was an unsuspecting location. Their version comes stirfried with crumbs of salted fish, eggs and shrimps. Nice amount of oil used to give it the Wok Hei and it doesn't come across being overly greasy. The bean sprouts and red onions is a definite differentiator in my opinion, which scores for me on this simple cze char dish!


Claypot style cooking has never lost its popularity, hasn't it? It's one of the Cantonese unique culinary speciality and at 囍臨門 they have more than a dozen of claypot dishes. Evidenced from the orders across all the tables, especially the Japanese customers, claypot is indeed their must order! Only thing is, maybe I'll try the fish head claypot or black pepper beef or something next time. $16 Eight treasures pot: Pork slices, Fish nuggets, Mustard, Mushroom, Sea Cucumber (minuscule), Carrot, Shrimp, Baby Corn.


If you know this dish, you are giving away your age! Wink** Wink** 😗 This used to be the must have, most looked forward dish served only during Chinese banquets - as a starter or part of the appetizer platter. Whilst the chunks of shark's fin are no longer so generously served, the idea of stir-frying eggs to get to such a texture is an dying art. So glad to be able to taste it again, but it does come with a hefty price of $40 for a petite dish for 3.


Steve G

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