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Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru

A list of my foodie adventure in Malaysia!
Wendolyn Teo
Wendolyn Teo

Cappuccino x fine tune (piccolo latte) and banana nuts (banana, pb, mixed nuts on croissant with ice cream) Interesting creation, but not out of the world but I finished it anyway 👌👌


Brownies and cream, chocolate and butterscotch at RM $10 per cup! Made using liquid nitrogen! Smooth, rich and flavorful ice cream! Super love the butterscotch flavor! Love it!


super hipster cafe (on the second level) that sells unique clothings and accessories on the first level. Chocolate affogato (RM $9.9) - basically espresso with chocolate ice cream but it was good
Cappuccino (RM $7.9) & flat white (RM $7.9) - coffee was alright but tasted a little salty? Hmm...
Caramel + milk with espresso ice cubes (RM $12.9) - creative, photogenic and good tasting 👍
Mushroom soup with garlic bread (RM $15.9) - fragrant, velvety soup with finely grinded mushrooms and charcoal garlic bread that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. 👍👍
Butter croissant ($9.9) - tasted pretty good however it doesn't have the flaky texture that a croissant should have. Overall good experience!


RM $7.8. Felt that the tea taste wasn't adequate and was a little too sweet. Hmmm....


Mediocre coffee and room for improvement waffles. But environment and atmosphere was pretty good 😌😌


Unfortunately, roost cafe was out of operation due to an outbreak of fire so we tried the juice bar instead. Ordered four types of house juice namely: banana queen, tomato toto, strawberry trip and passionfruit something (total RM $37). Refreshing in the sweltering heat however, it can get a little too sweet towards the end so I'll recommend two person sharing one!


While having our breakfast at Kin Wah, we noticed the queue at Hiap Joo..... Old school charcoal toasted bread!!!! It was so good! 5 coconut buns for RM$3.50. The exterior was fragrant and slightly chewy and there was generous amount of fragrant, juicy coconut shavings. The banana cake was also very good (RM $4.5)! There are many flavors available as well like kaya, otah, butter sugar etc.....!

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$18 for 3 teh ping, a set of kaya toast and 4 sets of half boiled eggs. $9 for the mixed rice - long beans, cabbage and chicken done in two methods. Simple, good and satisfying food. Loving it ❤️

Fatty that eats too much. Cafe hopping is my favorite. Coffee slave 😪 Instagram: wendolynt

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