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Nihon | Oishīdesu 🇯🇵

Nihon | Oishīdesu 🇯🇵

My love for Sushi, Soba, Sashimi & all things Japanese.
Amanda Liu
Amanda Liu

Taking out & eating in has been a norm & we are constantly worried if the food we ordered via delivery will taste as good as if you were dining in.

The people at Takagi Ramen has helped to settle that problem! Their innovative packaging of splitting up the ramen & ingredients from the ramen broth has allowed us to enjoy the ramen! It's as if we had it at the store itself!

This allows for the ramen to still have that bite without turning overly soggy in the broth.

As part of their promo as well, you get 5pc of crispy fried Gyoza at a total cost of $12, almost as good as dining in!

The Karaka-men comes with a hot & spicy broth, made from their special blend of red chillies added to the creamy tonkotsu broth, definitely something for the spice lovers out there.

This steak is on fire 🔥

Hailing from Hokkaido, the Hokkaido Wagyu Steak ($23.90) is a flaming good piece of attraction! Served in a hotpot, the steak pieces are torched on the spot with some heat to give you the perfect melt-in-your-mouth medium rare!

This slab of steak is specially flown in directly from Hokkaido, ensuring you that you only get the best!


4 month old Amazing Hokkaido is located along the cooling stretch of Robertson Quay. Their interior consists of fishing nets and Japanese lanterns which immerses you into your own Japan experience.

One of their top 10 popular dishes are the Muroran Yakitori, which is tender pork skewers partitioned by sweet onions. Each skewer is grilled upon order and comes with a teriyaki glaze.

The pork pieces are extremely soft & juicy & melts almost instantly! It's no wonder why they made it to the number 1 spot for their popular dishes.


If raw sashimi is not for you, you can always order the Beef Cube Don!

What you get is 150g of torched prime NZ beef cubes topped with garlic chips! Each piece of beef is flavourful & torched perfectly & placed on top of warm Japanese short grain rice.


Oyster fans, what up!!

I’m not a fan, but for those who are, this is for you.

As seen in its name, this is a must try. For those who were dining with me, they mentioned that it is plump, fresh & really yummy.

They do have a happy hour promo that happens both on weekends & weekdays. The promo is $2++ a pop for half a dozen, with any alcoholic drink purchased. This is available from Mon to Fri, 6-8pm and Sat & Sun, 3-5pm!


Possibly one of my new found favourite starter / bar snack is Edamame!

This version is slightly blanched, so it’s served hot, topped with a sprinkle of sea salt (as you can see) & tadah, good to know!

I know it’s quite a cheap dish to prepare, but one can’t help but to order it once I see it on the menu.


Apart from their happy hour promotions for oysters, The Oyster Bank also serves up affordable and delicious bowls of don.

If you can’t decide between having 1 bowl from another, they’ve made your life easier by offering you half & half bowls!

I went for the half Spicy Salmon & Half Unagi Don! Each bowl was served with warm Japanese short grain rice, topped with your choice of ingredients, ikura, tamago & ginger.

The spicy salmon packed quite a punch, with freshly chopped slices of salmon mixed into their spicy sauce, but leaving you want more.

The Unagi was perfectly grilled, and barely had any bones in it (a good plus!).

What I enjoyed the most was that the sauces from the spicy salmon & Unagi actually tastes pretty good together and helped to coat each grain of rice, allowing you to finish the entire bowl of rice flawlessly, without much effort.

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If you love a good bowl of sashimi donburi, Umi Nami is the place to go!

Thanks to #burpplebeyond, I managed to get these delicious & fresh sashimi bowls for half the price!

Each bowl comes with a bowl of warm Japanese rice, mixed with a light dose of vinegar, before being topped with fresh sashimi.

The Aburi Scallop and Salmon is a perfect alternative if raw fish is not your thing. The torched seafood comes with bits of black truffle, topped with truffle oil. This brings out the aroma of the oil, and just made the don a whole lot tastier!


If you love a good bowl of sashimi donburi, Umi Nami is the place to go!

Thanks to #burpplebeyond, I managed to get these delicious & fresh sashimi bowls for half the price!

We ordered the Salmon Ikura Don ($25), Aburi Scallop Salmon Don ($17) & Aburi Scallop Mekaijiki Don ($24) to share!

Each bowl comes with a bowl of warm Japanese rice, mixed with a light dose of vinegar, before being topped with fresh sashimi. The ikura were like little pops of saltiness from the sea, mixed together with the sourness of the rice and freshness of the Salmon works perfectly together.

One of the most often dishes around here, the Yaki Gyu Tan is something that one would order (usually) at a Izakaya!

I’m not usually a huge fan of beef tongue, but will usually give it go as most of the ones I’ve tried thus far have been pretty good.

Unfortunately, the pieces were a mix of hit & misses; with some bits crunchy (exactly how it should be), which some tough & chewy. Perhaps they were having a bad day as it was a crazy busy Friday evening. Better luck next time.


In celebration of their first anniversary, Unagi Ichinoji is celebrating with two special limited-time-only dishes!

One of the specials would be the Ichinoji Mixed Box ($36.80)! It comes packed with all things good; their signature unagi, fresh kaisen-don (Tuna, Salmon & Hamachi), charcoal-grilled A5 Wagyu, ikura & shredded tamago in a traditional shokado bento.

Every mouthful was a combination of salty burst of ikura, melt-in-your mouth meats, crunchy bits of charred skin of the unagi & fresh bites of sashimi.

Get your hands on this box from now till 20 May! While you’re there, get a $20 voucher for a return trip & have it all over again!

Thank you @brandcellar for the invite!


Mixing Japanese & European cuisine, Gake is a space with a modern take on your usual Japanese cuisine.

Apart from the usual omakase, you do get a variety of mains and sides that you can choose from, especially if you prefer getting to decide your own accord.

Thanks to #burpplebeyond, they offer one for one rice / noodles dishes, so I managed to get my Ika “Kuro” Meshi for free!

It’s served in a iron cast pan, kinda like a paella, but instead of your arborio rice, you have koshikari rice, mixed with Japanese squid, squid ink, chorizo and crustacean stock. The end result, an extremely flavourful pan of fried Japanese rice! With the help of a wedge of lime, it helps to cut through the creamy and rich seafood stock and lightening it up.

To snack with their happy hour offer ($10++ Chita Whisky Highball or Roku Gin & Tonic), have a go at their “Truffle” Edamame. White truffle infused edamame is being tossed with furikake, giving you a finger-licking, nose-tingling, palatable bowl of green soy beans; the perfect pairing to your Japanese booze.


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