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Hawker, Traditional & Local Delights

Hawker, Traditional & Local Delights

Featuring Springleaf Prata Place (Jalan Tua Kong), Malaysia Boleh! (Jurong Point), Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre, The Bedok Marketplace, House of Rice Roll and Porridge, Haji Kadir & M Baharudeen Sup Tulang (Golden Mile Food Centre), Joo Chiat Beef King (Tiong Bahru Market), Satay Club (Lau Pa Sat), Luk Lu Eating House
Saiful S
Saiful S

The prawns were fresh and they weren't stingy with the quantity. The mango bits were slightly hard and not too sweet, but it blended in well together with the prawn. The outer layer were crispy too. However, I wouldn't recommend dipping too much mayonnaise though.

I feel that these local food houses need to be brought to attention, instead of just focusing too much on new cafes and such.

I'll be back to try their porridge again, and also their Durian XO chee cheong fun 😵

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I recommend this place for it's value, quantity and quality. Be it soup or dry, they have it's own distinct touch to it.


Tulang is not really my thing (1st time trying it), but according to my dining partner he commented this is one of his first few that he had that was not simply about full on spiciness as the gravy bore a peanut fragrance within, and there were quite a lot of bone marrow to suck. Kambing Soup was light and clear, pretty clean in flavour but my dining partner preferred thicker flavours, though it came with a generous amount of mutton as well whIch was good.

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This is what a call a successfu-sion! If you love red bean, this is the best version of any kind of fried dough with red bean ever. Thin, crisp, with just the right amount of filling, what a nice way to end the meal.


I would say the Satay here still maintains it's prominence. However, there must be better ones out there. I shall hunt them down one of these days.

Oh anyway, the prawn satay is really salty beyond words! Felt like my throat was sodomised by a metal sponge

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People usually associate Simpang as a go-to supper place and mamak stalls. However, the place recently underwent a facelift and we were fortunate to savour some of the dishes before the grand reopening. At this new revamped space, all of the stalls were new and the vendors chosen served unique dishes that were not available in the vicinity. Traditional hawker food in a new dining experience.


I had some sort of expectations prior to eating at Malaysia Boleh. But I tak boleh tahan. Should've ordered desserts for dinner.

The burnt rice and such was just normal. The chicken, however, was full of crushed bones and skin. I just take it as im refeeding carbs at night.

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The fish was fresh, and the soup are made up of ingredients that doesn't overpower each other. The unique thing about this dish is the egg batter, fried perfectly till golden brown. Mix it into the bowl and enjoy the goodness of a local comfort food.

On the downside, i made the wrong choice of noodle. Should have opted for bee hoon or yellow noodle

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Carrot cakes should be devoured only if they are flavourful and moist, along with the chilli that has been thoughtfully cooked. This plate was alright, a bit too much soy sauce. Well i like it spicy, but different stalls have their own methods and specialities. All in all, do the younger generations know how to cook a decent plate of local delights?

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What's good about hawker food is that they are pocket friendly and definitely delicious. They stay true to their tradition, nuff said. This plate of oyster omelette ($3) was fried to a level of crispiness that was just right. The chilli sauce has got a very nice zesty flavour to it.

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