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Everything Italian/Western

Featuring Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), GastroSmiths, Mad For Garlic, Concetto by Saveur, Seasons Bistro, SONS, Bedrock Bar & Grill, Ma Maison Restaurant (Bugis Junction), La Nonna (Holland Village), Pasta Brava (Craig Road)
Sheryl Toh
Sheryl Toh

I love this platter of meats that came with heavenly smoky flavour, and that's cos Chef Kenneth Lin grilled each of these over an open charcoal fire. The interior of the meats retained their juiciness, especially the spring chicken. The flesh of the chicken was glistening, and the breast wasn't "siap" (astringent) at all.
Pictured is the platter for 3-4 pax, and it came with 500g Spiral Pork sausage, half a Spring chicken, 200g of Bavette, 150g of Secreto Pork, and the following sides - babaganoush, home cured item, pulled pork mac and cheese, grilled seasonal vegetables, and grilled sour dough. If that's too much for you, there's a smaller platter for two ($88++) that comes with 200g Pork Sausage, half a Spring chicken, 200g of Bavette and the same sides.
It's newly launched and available daily, except Sundays when The Market Grill is closed. This is taken during a Burpple Eatup, thanks Elswyth and Chef Kenneth Lin for hosting us!

It may look like an unappealing beige mess, but each spoonful is a bite of heaven. Made with a secret recipe cheese blend which I absolutely have to learn, the unctuously creamy macaroni exudes the alluring aroma of truffle as steam gently rises from the bowl. Specked with truffle relish, black truffle and truffle salt, this is one for the fungi lovers.

Taste: 4/5

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Really liked how the textures of the two steaks provided a good contrast to each other, and Bedrock's Mac n' cheese certainly lived up to expectations! One of the best I've eaten 👍🏼 #burpple #steak #meatfeast #macandcheese

The Kuvo Seafood Potsocialite ($80) is a sharing pot of shellfish and crustaceans for 2-3 pax and you get to choose one of the four sauce bases that are cooked in it such as White Wine Garlic Chilli, Bonito Broth, Spicy Chorizo Tomato and Brandy Beurre Blanc.

Additionally, you can also add on sides such as Snow Crab Fried Rice ($11) or the Oatmeal Toast ($4) which I highly recommend you get that so that you can dip the bread into the broth, after you have cleared partial of the seafood, and let it soak up all the natural goodness from the sauce and seafood.

In collaboration with CellarSeller, the first 20 reservations each day for the Kuvo Seafood Potsocialite will receive a complimentary bottle of Sauvignon Blanc or Moscato d’Asti to go along with the seafood feast.

This was a tasting hosted by @KuvoSingapore.

Kuvo Singapore
Address: 321, Orchard Road, Orchard Shopping Centre, Unit 02-01, Singapore 238866 #yoursingapore #visitsingapore #singapore #burpproved #buzzfeast #buzzfeedfood #makansutra #sedapteam #restaurantsg #potsocialite #kuvosg #kuvosingapore #cellarseller

In love with this gorgeous looking dish - The Pumpkin Risotto with Braised Duck ($32), a weekly special from @italianosteriasg.
The price might be on the higher side but oh so well worth it! Personally not a fan of pumpkin but the sweetness of the pumpkin flavour made me so addicted to it! Accompanied with interesting stir fried pepper elevated the flavours of the risotto.

Definitely a must order for those who love a good crackling pork done superbly well, tender meat and surprising me with their so so flavourful wild fennel stuffings. The matching sauce of mustard was left uncared for as the star itself was good enough to have a solo.
Thanks to fellow foodie @juliuslim who was so adamant about travelling to eat here, cause boy it was a long long journey to the far west (but oh so worth it!).

People usually order pasta here, but our recent love for risotto made us order the baked risotto here. Presented as though it was chunks of meat, the risotto comes packed in a roll sliced into several parts. Inside, the rice was of a decent texture; not too wet not too dry while drenched in a bolognese sauce with minced meat covered in melted cheese. Despite the composition of the ingredients, the flavours are just right — tangy and cheesy but never once overwhelming, with bits of meat giving it a savoury flavour with a little bite once in a while. Portion might seem a little scary, but I guess it was how it tasted made it rather manageable. Would say that I would order a pasta the next time I am here (after all, that seemed like the main point of others visiting this place), but this dish was one that I didn't regret trying and is actually executed pretty well!

Smelling and looking absolutely heavenly as it hit the table, my visual and olfactory senses were already priming my tastebuds for the mouth watering paella plundering that was about to commence.

Topped with ocean-sweet prawns and juicy clams, the deceptively plain looking pan of rice hid surprising depth of flavour within each squid ink infused grain, along with morsels of squid nestled within. Boost its richness further by evenly mixing in the garlic aioli throughout.

The best is saved for last as you hit the bottom of the pan and scrape off the socarrat -- charred, caramelized grains of rice on the underside most prized by any paella aficionado, full of crunch and toasty flavour.

Taste: 4.5/5

Ordered based on what's been said its good and it didn't disappoint. Served with healthy portions of chicken. Garlic flavors combined well with the richness of the risotto. What's best, this doesn't leave you filling full and draggy.

Quite a hearty meal of creamy grains cooked to perfection, succulent prawns with flavourful garlicky curry spice.

Moving out of Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre, Mi Casa has found a new home situated just a stone's throw away at Jalan Jurong Kechil serving a wider range of Spanish fare at wallet-friendly prices. The menu here consists of Ciabatta, Salads, Soups/Stews, Seafood, Meat and Pasta/Paella dishes. At $6.50, you get a decently portioned paella. Can't comment on how authentic this was for I rarely have Paella, but you get lightly fragrant rice that absorbed the flavours of the stock it was cooked in while coming with five tender, handmade meatballs covered in tomato-based sauce that gives it a tangy flavour. A salad which is dressed with a zingy dressing comes on the side. Pretty sure there are many more authentic and better executed Spanish fare around, but this does add an interesting option around Upper Bukit Timah that is also pretty affordable as well!

Mi Casa Kitchen & Bar is situated at 102C Jalan Jurong Kechil, Singapore 598602.

Its not bad. Dear dear rated it as 7/10 but said at the price, its considered quite good :) $8.70

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