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Hallyu Wave πŸ‡°πŸ‡·

Hallyu Wave πŸ‡°πŸ‡·

Featuring Joo Bar, Masizzim ([email protected]), Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory ([email protected]), Kko Kko Na Ra (Tanjong Pagar), Yoogane (Bugis Junction), SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro (Westgate), Kimchi Korean Restaurant, Super Chicken, The Bap, Seoul Garden Hotpot (Cineleisure)
ni eats
ni eats

Check out that wobbly egg yolk. Mama styled perfect egg. Wanted to check out the Bukit Panjang Food Centre but it was closed for renovation. Wanted something w lots of vegetables and this was my best bet. Beef was a bit tough but overall quite good. πŸ˜‹


Maybe I should wish that I will never run out of cheeses to eat in my life for my birthday wish πŸ˜‚ This kimchi pancake hit my taste palettes on all the right notes with its cheese, spicy kimchi, tangy tomato and crispy sides. #burpple Thank you @ctwy and @sarahthz for yesterday night! 😘

How come my mug doesn't have the chir chir logo like other people?! 😠 This just looks cute that's all. The whipped cream is fresh and well whipped, but the beer is on the bitter side and not crisp enough. I will pass this for my Cass anytime.


Happy Fry-day guys!! Finally treated myself to something (unhealthy) after a long week. Love their batter! Garlic, herbs and a little chilli. The exterior is tasty and crispy while the interior is tender and juicy! However the crispiness doesn't stay so you got to eat it fast!

Can't believe that I ate at Seoul Garden. The last time I went was in sec school. For people in my generation, this was the only Korean BBQ at that point of time. You could eat anything, and many a times I would fry my ice cream at the end of the meal. It's ladies night on Tuesday, which makes it 2 for 2. If not for the promo, you would be better off going for a Korean buffet. This buffet can definitely make you full but it won't make you satisfied.


Let it heat up, mix it up then add ramyeon and cheese. Yum. Their chicken was tender and it had a very home cooked heart warming taste. It was perfect for the rainy weather tonight.


Some bar bites for dinner tonight. Slow roasted mangalista, joo wings and baby eel paper. I think my favourite out of the 3 is the joo wings. It has a nice panko crumbs crust with the right amount of herbs and spice. The slow roasted pork belly had the potential of being my favourite if it wasn't that oily. It's ok with it being fatty, but it was still dripping w oil as well. The onions & rockets that came w it were dripping oil too. The baby eel paper is exactly what the name says. Baby eel that's as thin as paper. Nice crunch but a little too thin that it didn't give enough bite.


An interesting twist on the traditional bi bim bap. At the Bap you get to choose your protein then the 5 vege that you want. Of course you can choose the classic bi bim bap as well, but DIY allows you to choose interesting vege like beet root and paprika. Opened by Koreans and they pride themselves to be a healthier option. Thought it would be better if they have a multigrain or brown rice option though! But definitely love the fact that they sell Kim bap and jap chae as well!


To be honest, was quite disappointed with the food here. Thought it would be more authentic. Other than the tender beef, this dish just lacks luster. Gochujang( spicy soy paste) wasn't given till asked and the gochujang given was just salty, not spicy at all. The egg wasn't runny and the hot pot wasn't hot enough to char the rice. :/


Authentic korean food. They made their pancake much thicker than normal but it's nice and chewy with crispy crust! The army stew is quite tasty too! Love that they put in many different kinds of mushrooms. Another dish worth mentioning is their stir fried rice cake! Their BBQ meats lack luster, so just stick to the other mains!

That is not a dreamy effect, it's just the steam. Their stew is much smaller over at the new store. The soup is a little thinner than usual, but still tasty enough. We chose tuna and added ra myeon. I love the flavour that tuna adds to the soup, though most people would most probably prefer pork over tuna.🐟

At their new outlet along Tanjong Pagar Road (the address tag is wrong)! This outlet has many more seats and you won't end up smelling funky. Somehow the chickens were single fried rather than double fried in their first outlet. I guess it's healthier? Still as yummy though ☺️ I always love their yang nyun (sweet & spicy) though most of my friends like the garlic soy.

ni eats

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When I am not busy researching on the science behind processed πŸ–, I am busy stuffing my face w πŸ–.

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