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Featuring Omoté, Lucha Loco, Pidgin, Shinji by Kanesaka (Carlton Hotel), Project Dingo, KYUU By Shunsui, De Burg (Alexandra), Yuzu Japanese Restaurant, Culina, Thirteen Hectares of Nutmeg
Marvin Lowe
Marvin Lowe
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Here at the Apiary, they use blue pea flower and sea salt to make their blue milk ice cream. I like it with their buttery Brioche buns which you can add for $3. A great combination together. May the Fourth be with you!


This stall is the big brother to a family of fishball noodle stalls like Ruji and Thye Hong at Bukit Batok. After eating here, I can understand why his noodles are still the best amongst his family. The fishballs here are handmade with love, really delicious and bouncy. The noodles were cooked nicely and the chilli was well balanced with a healthy sprinkling of lard. Trying to eat here can be a game of luck at times as they have irregular opening hours. If they are open, they will start selling around 6am and will be sold out by 10.30am latest.


The private dining scene in Singapore is slowly but surely coming alive. Here at The Mustard Seed Pop Up, Ming Kiat brings about a fusion of Japanese and Local flavors. What he's doing is truly unique and exciting. Doing this pop up private dining gives him the platform to experiment and refine his ideas as he plans for his own restaurant in the future.

One of the stand out dishes by MK was this Frog Leg dish. Fried with a thin batter like tempura, the frog legs here was incredibly juicy and flavorful. I've never had frog legs like this before. A brilliant start to our dinner!


Crisply fried chicken skin coated with a southern spice mix. One of the better bar snacks that I would order at Alter Ego. If I can get this to go, I would sneak this into the Esplanade Theatres and snack on them while watching shows!😂😂

One of the best parts of the winter season is that you get really rich and flavourful ingredients like Ankimo, which is monkfish liver. It's smooth, rich and creamy when you get it fresh. Usually, you get it as an appetiser or a side dish. Here at Kaishin, they used it as a netta (sushi topping). Kashin's lunch sushi set is pretty affordable at $60 for 10 pieces of sushi. A quaint and lovely place for lunch if you are in the Robertson Quay area.


The space here is bigger with food items available as well. Always love the coffee here. The miso cheese tart is another must order item.


Here, the Kway Teow is drenched with a very intense garlicky eggy sauce. If you are a garlic fan, you will love this. They are also very generous with their ingredients. Lots of cockles, Lup Cheong and fishcake. Ever since Lavender Fatty Heng closed down, this is one of the last few stalls serving a wet version of this dish. With the Marine Parade Food Center closing for renovation at the end of the month for about a year, I hope they will be able to find a new home soon.

I tried the Pandan flavour today which was really fragrant and smooth. It's not too bad but I think that their strawberry basil is still my favourite flavour from them.

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A quick brunch before heading to church on Sunday. The bacon meatloaf is just loaf of porky goodness that sends you to bacon heaven. Paired with a hearty bean stew that you can mop up with their bread. The sunny side up is also sure to brighten your day with its oozy runny yolk too. This is a great way to start the day!


I love that they are very generous with the portions of seafood given. Lots of prawns, clams and squid given in this dish. La Barca is also a very family friendly location with a play area for kids to enjoy. A lovely place for lunch with friends and family with children.


We waited about 20mins in the queue when we visited around 6.30pm. Here, they only serve one item, you don't get to choose except to replace or add the different types of meatballs that they serve. The broth was ok, I Guess it's your typical soy bean and ikan bilis based soup. The star of this dish has to be their prawn balls. The meat balls were good as well but the prawn ball was better. It was interesting bowl of Yong tau foo I guess l. I can understand the hype but I probably won't seek it out again so soon. Might be a good idea to order their hand made balls for CNY though! . . . .

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Fries. Creamy Mushrooms. -$26

Finally visited the latest cafe to pop up at Tiong Bahru. The decor here is great and there's a nice Parisian chic feel to the place. The Angus Beef is definitely a dish to consider when dining here. The Beef was cooked to perfection, with a lovely hue of pink in the center. The creamy mushroom was also nice and rich, a great accompaniment to the steak. You can also dip your fries to mop up the creamy sauce. Can't wait to come back to try the other dishes. Reservations are a must for brunch or lunch here.

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