Cafes (Pastry Edition)

Cafes (Pastry Edition)

Featuring Brawn & Brains Coffee (Guillemard), Tarte by Cheryl Koh (Shaw Centre), Les Patisseries, FIX, Grain Traders (Telok Ayer), Karafuru Desserts, Le Kue, Alt-Yard, Chulop! (East Village), Churros Factory (West Coast Plaza)
Alex Chua
Alex Chua

Karafuru provides a selection of 12 eclairs to choose from, which only 2 were available for choosing as the rest were sold out. This Yuzu ($6) eclair contains Yuzu creme layered with marzipan and topped with candied lemon and ginger sables, which has a sweet citrusy taste that is briefly spiced up!


Being the last one on the shelf, this Summer Berries Crumble ($5.50) proved to be a popular and great choice to get! The raspberries and the fruits mixed very well with the sweet crumble, which is crisp and flaky!

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Recently opened, this branch is Churros Factory's third outlet! The Churros comes in 3s for $4 and 6s for $7, which one may upgrade it to a set which comes with coffee! The Churros ($4) had a bite to it and comes coated with cinnamon sugar. Instead of providing a dip as a default, chocolate sauce are drizzled over it!

A new cafe which is the result of a collaboration between Penny University and Fluff Bakery has opened up in the east, more noteworthy to know that it's within a community club! Alt-Yard offers the same bakes from Fluff Bakery and a small selection of drinks! They also offer Churros here ($3.80 for 7 pieces), which are imported from Spain, which lacked the bite to it despite being filled with cinnamon sugar! Dips come at a separate cost here, and the Liquid Cheesecake dip ($1.50) provides a mild cream cheese taste to the Churros!


Opened by a celebrity couple, Chulop sells Churros that usually get sold out before the evening! The Churros here ($3.90, comes with 1 dip) is easily one of the nicest Churros you can find locally! They have a bite to it and are crispy with a doughy taste that is not too overwhelming! The cinnamon sugar added could make sure that you would want to eat it without the dip! The Spanish Caramel dip provides a creamy caramel taste to the Churros without lingering for too long.


Similarly, the Pate a Choux ($5.60) here comes in 2 types - chocolate filling with a thin slice of chocolate or coffee filling. The chocolate filling is not bad and would have better accompanied the puff if it was less frozen as the latter was rather hard to cut into.


This Le Globe may be pricey at $8.80 for what seemed to be like a chocolate tart but inside the chocolate ganache is a caramelised banana filling that enhances the sweetness to the chocolate, with a Brittany Cookie base that is rather soft and mild tasting.


The fruit tarts here, such as this Mango tart here ($8) are made on order to ensure the freshness of the fruits. The Mango tart had a cream filling which is rather addictive to have and goes well with the sliced mangos.


A new tart shop with tart pastry chef Cheryl Koh at the helm, this shop is owned by Les Amis Group (which also runs the shops along the outdoor stretch of Shaw Centre) as one can go to the bar right beside this to have the tarts. The Coffee tart ($8) comes in a layer of Columbian coffee with creme brûlée right beneath it. A fantastic combination, as the creamy taste of the creme brûlée balances well with the coffee.


Also known as a chocolate croissant, the Pain au Chocolat ($3.20) here is not only flaky, but slightly crispy as well! The rich chocolate taste is also evenly spread across the pastry.


One of the newer pastry made available recently, this Apple Turnover ($3.20) is crusty and filled with lots of apple bits, before being topped with sprinkled roasted pistachios!

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