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Restaurants On My Roll

Restaurants On My Roll

Take note of these exquisite dining experiences, more or less unique in its own special way.
Martin Wong
Martin Wong

The very first caviar bar has set itself in Plaza Arkadia and it’s safe to say it’s worth a return. The Creamy Prawns and Potatoes (MYR36) is so decadent in its own right I wish I had a handful of pasta noodles to mix into the creamy gravy. The Poseidon’s Aglio Olio is very flavorful as well, topped with caviar and a wild-caught tiger prawn off the coasts of Sabah. Although the Pan-Seared Red Snapper (MYR40) was nicely seared and flavorful, it tasted closely to the fishes I order at a nasi kandar, so for the price and the portion, I’d recommend skipping this. End your meal with the picturesque Not So French Toast (MYR20) — caramelized broiche cubes filled with a cheesecake and strawberry compote topped with mint.


This was the star of the night - the Sundanese Double-cooked Beef (MYR21) is made from Australian-imported beef steak slow-cooked in coconut milk, then flash-fried for a crunchy finish. This is probably the best tasting version of a beef rendang I’ve ever had.


Only being a month into its opening, this restaurant is bound to become a stalwart in Plaza Arkadia. This Smoked Duck Breast (MYR 39.90) packs one hell of a punch; crispy, glazed skin over a juicy, smoky and flavorful meat. Many have tried and tested, but dare I say this is one of the best duck breasts I’ve had in KL thus far.


Troika Sky Dining has made itself known for its commendable service and and dining experience, this trip certainly did not let that reputation crumble at the slightest grain. The ambiance was a gasconade of romanticism, utilizing minimal to dim lighting, allowing the lights of the KL skyline flow throughout the area. We started off with the Fuego Guacamole served with baked lotus and beetroot chips, the torched salmon ceviche, the grilled pine mushrooms and the soft shell crab as nachos. Each boasting a flavorful semblance, hitting the necessary marks but nothing over the top. Each starter ranging from MYR20-35++ mark, but as portions are traditionally tapas sized, do not except a fulfilling meal on starters alone. Proceeding to the rare French beef flank, embossed with a peaty whiskey salt rub with a hint of yuzu, served alongside a bowl of black pepper sauce. The generous 500g serving at its tender glory, a MYR 125++ does the seemingly steep pricing all the paramount justice. Ending the contentment of our meal up to this point with the berries pavlova, pouring a flaming brandy concoction over the pavlova dome, not only did this prove to be an aesthetic appeal but one to the tongue as well. Digging deep to the bottom of vanilla Chantilly and macerated berries, the light hearted dessert wrapped up our meal at a MYR35++. As Fuego is an outdoor rooftop with a limited seating area, it's best to make your reservations for tables close to the balcony and the best view of Kuala Lumpur for the utmost noteworthy dining experience.


Everyone craves for a good steak. At least, everyone who appreciates steak would crave for good steak. This newly opened restaurant/lounge opened directly in the heart of KL, within walking distance to KLCC. With an incredible view and an ambience that'll make you feel 500 bucks richer, you'd probably have to match up to it. Prices here are steep, not to say the worst, but certainly matches up to the quality of the meats. The highly recommended dry-aged wagyu starts from a hefty RM268++ onwards so be prepared to stretch out that budget line. The meat is incredibly juicy and thicker than most notable steakhouses in KL, matching up to those of international standards. Nevertheless, from the start(er) to the finishing desserts, this restaurant definitely did not disappoint and it was blood money well spent. Probably a little off the objective, but the complimentary basket bread was enlightening and brought the idea and the ramification of the word "fresh" to a brand new context. A little bit more love for the Rosemary-infused rolls. Although not the greatest appreciator of wines, the selection here is vast and would definitely be able to work up to the expectations of many. Despite it all, I would be glad to say that I will see myself on the restaurant's grounds in the near future.

Bringing the notable Southern staples to Malaysian floors, its impact is made known due to it's previous success with it's central and pioneer branch, Acme Bar and Coffee. However, the menu here almost completely differs to the one in the main outlet, bringing a fresh dining experience to the Bangsar scene. The menu as of now is tentatively rigid and the main choices of meats are the beef ribs and the smoked chicken, served with a uniquely seasoned corn on a cob and another side dish of your selection. Additionally, I ordered the Mac and cheese and hands down it was one of the gooiest around, considering I favor the ways of heavy cookeries, otherwise it might be a little too much than you'd expect, but nevertheless for a mere MYR9, it's pretty worth it. The turtle cheesecake was a slightly more mousses variation of the New York cheesecake, served with whipped cream and an ice cream, it's a sin on all levels of a staunch dieter's scale. All in all, it is what to be expected of a southern dining experience and it definitely did not disappoint me. Maintaining the outdoor area similar to the troika branch, the view of the surrounding nightlife only accentuates the whole experience and with no biased-ness to it's previous success, this is one potential everyone should be wary of.