Best Korean Restaurants in Singapore

Best Korean Restaurants in Singapore

We love Korean cuisine for its wide variety - think spicy, fiery red stews to bibimbap to barbecued meat wrapped in lettuce leaves. If we've got you drooling, this will be your (almost) definitive list for the best Korean food on our shore!
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The BBQ buffet here might well be the most affordable buffet around. At only $14.90++ for lunch on weekdays and $24.90++ for dinner, K.COOK makes a great place for dining in groups and eating till you drop without burning a hole in your pocket. The meats are well-marinated and come in a good variety. With great value and a good selection, they're really bringing in the crowds - so be prepared to queue!

Hidden amongst the stretch of eateries along Katong, you might miss Doong Ji if you don't look out for it. Offering really affordable set lunches, consider this a good lunch option if you're in the area. The food here is authentic, generous, and generally remarkable. The Seafood Stew is robust and spicy, packed with crab, prawns, octopus, clams, tofu, ramen and rice cakes, good for sharing among 3-4. Also share a Seafood Pancake; they're generous with prawns, squid and spring onions.

The snaking queue at this famous dakgalbi restaurant from Korea is testament to its popularity. For the uninitiated, Galbi is basically meat marinated in a ganjang-based sauce that is grilled at the table. The star here is none other than Yoogane's Chicken Galbi - spicy marinated chicken cooked with rice cakes and vegetables. Also go for the Galbi Fried Rice, that gooey mozzarella cheese fried with rice and bulgogi chicken is oh-so-satisfying. Kimchi-lovers rejoice, the salad bar is free-flow!

It's pretty hard to go wrong at Togi, even though they boast an extensive menu. Special mention goes to the individual servings of porridge that come with the rest of the banchan; it's simple, comforting, and flavourful. Get the Seafood Pancake to share - crisp on the outside and loaded with seafood and spring onions, paired with a dipping sauce that adds that extra kick. The Japchae is chewy, sweet, savoury, and extremely addictive. If you're there in a group, order the Army Stew to share! It's a massive spicy hotpot loaded with ramen, sausages, luncheon meat, tofu, and vegetables.

The food here may not be fancy, but it's clearly prepared with heart. Start off with the Suyuk Boiled Pork Belly served with vegetables and sauces, you'll be taught how to eat it 3 different ways. Also go for the Dakgalbi, spicy marinated chicken with vegetables and Korean rice cakes. Don't polish off all the dakgalbi! Leave some and request for the leftovers to be fried with rice for an additional charge, it's worth it. Because of limited seating, be sure to make reservations!

This hidden gem preivously located at the basement of Concorde Hotel's food court has relocated a few floors up and expanded to accommodate the large following they have built. Do not dismiss this humble eatery, it dishes out superbly executed dishes like Kimchi Fried Rice, Bulgogi and Korean Rice Cakes. Go for the Spicy Chicken Soup Set, a fiery red soup filled with loads of ingredients and sweet potato noodles. Complete the meal by sharing a potato pancake. With nothing above $10, you won't have to worry about breaking the bank!

Hailed as one of the best places for Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) in town, it requires lots of patience to nab a table during peak hours. The fried chicken here comes in three flavours: original, sweet and special garlic soy sauce. Go for the Combo Chicken Set to try them all. The chicken is pretty addictive with its crunchy exterior and juicy meat, and the coating of sauce completes the experience. Besides KFC, they serve dishes like buckwheat noodles, stews, and oden. However, your best bet is sticking to what they're known for. Don't expect a huge variety of banchan as they keep it simple!

Originating from Korea, Bibigo builds on the popular Bibimbap and provides a unique, healthy option. Customize your bibimbap by choosing the type of rice (they even have black rice!), protein, and sauce, and is served with assorted vegetables. Also serving typical Korean fare such as bulgogi and stews, this is place has something for everyone. End your meal with the Sweet Potato Mattang, caramel coated sweet potato fries with rice crackers and candied walnuts.

Kimchi Korean Restaurant serves relatively smaller portions to cut down on food wastage and to leave you feeling just satisfied - not overly stuffed. With smaller portions, you can also expect more affordable prices! Serving standard dishes like Japchae and Kimchi Ramen, they also have unique offerings like Seaweed Beef Porridge and Seafood Dolsot Bap. A must-try is the Andong Jjimdak, steamed pieces of chicken thigh marinated in a soy-based sauce - gloriously spicy and full of umami. You can overlook the fact that they do not serve banchan here, because that means more stomach space for dessert.

The top picks, popular finds and newly opened places in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, curated by Burpple editors!

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