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Cafe Comfort

All things comforting and tummy-satisfying from Singapore's ever-expanding cafe scene.
Rachel Xie
Rachel Xie

Everything on this plate was really commendable – the fluffy and fragrant coconut rice, the moreish dry curry chicken that’s reminiscent of the filling in Old Chang Kee’s signature curry puffs, the refreshingly zingy achar, the crunchy peanuts and ikan bilis, and that impeccable sunny-side-up with an oozy egg yolk. 10/10 would eat this again!


Cereal-battered shrimp with sriracha mayo and steak-cut fries with three dips (garlic aioli, sriracha mayo and tartar sauce) turned out to be immensely satisfying sides for almost-Friday.

Came to @kravecafe with no expectations, but I ended up eating too much. Highly recommend the Tom Yum Seafood Pasta, which is generously loaded, boasts al dente pasta, and delivers real oomph.


Okay guys, weekend is here. That means it’s time to indulge. If I may make a suggestion, I say go for this veritable pile of good stuff, comprising meaty shreds of crispy pulled duck on chunks of potato roasted in duck fat and garnished with lashings of cheese sauce and truffled mayonnaise.


Funny how I loathe mushrooms but embrace anything flavoured with truffle. The risotto here is on point with that quintessential al dente bite, chunks of boneless chicken wing, dehydrated oyster mushroom "chips", a quail egg yolk sitting in a lattice of crisped Parmesan, and a mouthwatering aroma that precedes its appearance.


Sometimes, hearing isn't enough. We had to verify for ourselves if this place deserves its overpriced label. We found that it does. $12++ for rather bland, lumpy congee and $20++ for a cheese and egg sandwich is hardly justifiable.

Decor is nice, though.


Herbed pappardelle pasta ensconced in a chunky, robust tomato sauce, served with meatballs. If you think those balls taste a little stronger than what you're used to, that's because they're made with foie gras. Uh huh. Paddy Hills always has to take everything pedestrian up a notch.


My kind of comfort food: buttery, velvety mashed potato enhanced with burnt onion jus, soft-centred deep-fried quail eggs, and wiry crisps of deep-fried potato strips.

It's almost too large a bowl to polish off – almost. There's no way I'd let potatoes die in vain.

Homemade pappardelle infused with herbs, tossed with tomato sauce and topped off with a load of grated pecorino, under which is buried a sous vide egg yolk and foie gras meat balls.


Loaded with dainty cubes of salmon and tuna sashimi – the perfect size for shoveling gracefully into the mouth, scallions, furikake and egg cooked in homemade dashi. Could definitely do with some of this chirashi don right now.


When Singapore's best sweet potato fries meet Singapore's best salted egg sauce.


Paddy Hills ushers Christmas season in today with a limited-edition menu of Truffle Specials, including this pretty plate of pastel orange and green pasta – homemade – served with Black Forest ham, a sous vide egg yolk, and loads and loads of black truffle and pecorino shavings.


Lots of new mentaiko goodies at Fart Tartz for fans of the coral-coloured roe (like myself), and this is my favourite! Here, a light cream sauce saturated with minuscule beads of the beloved pollock roe clings to strands of al dente linguine, while glistening salmon roe add extra-savoury pops of pleasure.

Foodie lifestyle writer turned foodie PR girl. Notice the constant. I eat to live to eat.

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