Cafe/Brunch chilling convenient for people living around Bukit Timah , Bukit panjang , Bukit Batok , Chua Chu Kang , Jurong .

Waffles with earl grey lavender soft serve with an extra serving of sea salt gula melaka. Waffles was perfect. One of the best I've ever eaten. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. The crisp sound as the knife cuts into the waffles makes your mouth water if the aroma from the freshly made waffles doesn't. Only thing is that the ice cream melts too quickly. Just after 5 min of trying to get the perfect picture, the ice cream on too of the waffles started to droop. Earl grey lavender was great, but might lean towards 'overly-sweet' (but still loved it!) while the sea salt gula melaka was maybe a tad too overpowering and sweet for my liking. The flavour was well-induced though, and my friends, one of whom might be biased towards anything sea salt-sugar flavored, loved it.

Where coffee lovers assemble, I also assembled here today to have a cup of coffee while checking out the new space and menu. This new cafe in town (although not really considered town to some) is tucked away at 26 Evans Road, accessible by public transport (taxi/mrt/bus), if you're not driving.
After my coffee, I decided to try the Salted Caramel Buttermilk Waffles, which the staff strongly recommend. It turned out not as crispy as I expected, but it was light, fluffy and good enough to keep me going and finish everything. I would totally recommend it!

I've found what I believe to be the best bread & butter pudding in Singapore. This one has crisp-edged cubes of brioche and lots of custard; it hits my sweet spot without being overly saccharine. The texture is stodgy but not mushy - a good thing for this particular dish. Finished with strawberries and ice cream, I'm a happy, happy girl.

There's something about these simple pancakes, which look like quite a mess but taste like heaven. It makes you want to just dig in, making sure each bite is soaked in gula melaka and has the right ratio of perfectly whipped cream. Choose between the Banana and Walnut, and the Cherry and Chocolate. Best shared after you've already had your eggs, what a great way to finish off brunch. Photo by Daniel Food Diary.

First photo with my new Instagram name: phoodandtravel hahaha went to celebrate at #dgoodcafe with @thedandeliondream the last day of lectures! We had pasta (will upload those soon), mocha, latte (aren't the art cute? And the mocha was good!), waffle with fruits and maple syrup (the waffle was a little too thick for my taste but I like that the edges were crispy ^^) and the highlight: Maple Sea Salt Cheesecake!!! This was SUPER good! It had a nice balance of salty and sweet and the maple was really fragrant! There was only one piece left and we were lucky to get it! (This tells you how popular it is!!) what a great way to celebrate the last day of lectures! (And the beginning of a nightmare called Finals 0.0) HAHAHHA #food #foodie #foodies #foodgram #foodpictures #foodpicture #foodpic #foodpics #dessert #teatime #cakes #cake #waffle #coffee #cafe #sgfood #sgfoodie #sgfoodies #longlivethedandelion

Waffle set B ($15.90) with a scoop of vanilla or chocolate gelato, comes with a beverage of your choice.

Waited more than 30 minutes to reach my table, don't understand why it took so long when there wasn't many customers in the cafe. The staff apologized for the delay, and fortunately the Belgian waffles and gelato didn't disappoint.

Would be better if cream was lighter and cake slightly more spongy. ($5++)

A platter consisting Durian Pengat, Mini Burger, Tiramisu Cup, Coffee Puff and cake. Mostly average save for the Durian Pengat which was rather good.

Chocolatey. Very sinful. Price a little below $10. We went after eating a full meal and guess how horrible we felt after eating a lava cake each. I ordered an original lava cake while my friend's had peanut butter in it.

How to say NO to such delicacies? #sgig #igsg #igers #sgfood #instasg #instagram #food #foodpics #instaphoto #instafood #foodies #foodgasm #foodstagram #delicious #yummy #awesome #love #singapore #lunch #dinner #breakfast #brunch #dessert #nofilter #foodswelove #follow #ilovesharingfood #instagood #instasg #foodpornsg

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