Saying yes to French.
Denise Ong
Denise Ong

House-cured salmon, topped with fresh chopped dill, Apple salad and walnut. One of the house specials, and only available when they have fresh salmon. The crunch, the refreshing flavours of both the sea and the land, certainly put anyone into a smile. And we need to talk about the darn vibrantly coloured house-cured salmon. Doesn't smell age old, or look like one, and using the fattiest part of the salmon, that fat-meat combo is quite delightful.
This is definitely the one place, to be for French food. The owners are Husband and Wife combo, and the setting is very casual, intimate and small. Don't expect fancy French food, but rather very wholesome and authentic cuisine.


Catch of the day (2-course; $30)

Very well done pan-seared barramundi, on top of roasted baby potatoes and ratatouille, and pesto sauce.

The skin, is fried to perfection, til the end the skin is nice crisp. You can hear the crisp sound when putting the knife through. The fish, fresh and firm. It's flaky and very moist. That ratatouille is heavenly with good seasoning, and sweetness comes through.

Looked like a heavy dish, but well paired with good texture, light but distinct sauces. The pesto sauce isn't heavy at all, light and compliments the overall meal.

French done right!


Part of their lunch set menu ($30 for two course meal); this duck confit with cream spaghetti 🍝 is nicely done. Al dente spaghetti and tossed in heavy cream and duck confit. It was yummy at the 1st bite, only to be sick after fifth bite, cause it's a little too heavy for my tastebud. The cream is actually quite light in taste, the salt/savoury is actually coming from the shredded duck confit. Quiet and small setting, and it try to be as French as possible with its hues of velvet red and wood furniture, but still lacking. But definitely good natural light streaming in!


Mushroom soup, made from scratch. Well blended, smooth and light. Love the light drizzle of olive oil mixed into the mushroom blend.


French, cute and dainty, if you have someone in mind who like such a setting, Mon Bijou is the place to be! For tea, or dinner, this pretty and girly "Flame of Paris" cafe/restaurant set the easy, comfortable vibe without be over-top. Linguine sautéed with Fresh Prawns, garlic, olive oil, and red pepper flakes. Like how they describe the dish, is exactly how you received it. Loving the spicy kick from the spam of Chilli flakes, and just dance in harmony with chopped garlic. Linguine is nicely done, al dente, and those prawns are fairly decent in size. Wash them down with a glass of wine (although personally their choice of house pour is quite poor), and you are set for the evening. The cafe is all dainty and French, and I definitely would to come back for a tea session. #EatBurpLove


Amazing and totally value for money. This no frills, top notch French dining is divine to the tee. The chef is French and he knows his stuff. Delightful and bursting in flavors, I relish this simple dish to the last spaghetti.

One of the best foie gras that I have ever tasted, in Singapore. It's cooked to perfection, crisp on the outside but melts instantly when placed in the mouth. The orange sauce complement and enhance the natural flavor of the foie gras. The best part? It's cheap and worth every penny, on this huge portion of foie gras. || Price: S$19

Dancer eats, Dancer dance.

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