Wish List

Wish List

Featuring Revolution Coffee, Ghim Moh Market & Food Centre, Tian Kee & Co., Dessert Project, Project Dingo, Don.档, Collective Brewers, En Sakaba (Orchard Central), A Spoonful of Sugar, Guan's Mee Pok (VivoCity)
Elaine Sun
Elaine Sun

Totally fell in love with this bomb durian puff. It was well made with durian creme filling so creamy and delicious 😋

Warm thick waffle, decorated with strawberries & big blueberries, scoop of ice cream sat in the middle, sprinkled granola toppings and earl grey drizzle. $10 per plate. Good vibes...

Highly recommended to try the Fried Mixed Organ Porridge and Fried Mee Sua!

Deep peppery bak kut teh which appeals to lovers of BKT because of it’s strong peppery spice. But I wouldn’t say it’s sth extremely “wow”! The “wow” factor comes primarily from the delectable meesua and fried porridge. It’s so, so, so, flavoursome. Meesua was extremely cheap (+$0.50) as add-on to any of the additional mains ordered (fried porridge included). Even w/o the add-on price, it’s priced at $0.80, definitely very affordable too!

I’m not a fan of mixed organs, or any other innards. So I opted for the sliced pork fried porridge instead. Can I say, it’s extremely savoury! At $5/bowl, it’s definitely not the cheapest porridge but the size’s at least 20% larger than the usual ones at cheaper price. There’s also a pretty generous serving of sliced pork slices - well cooked to tenderness. No fatty bits (ie wasted food) that you’ll spit out!

Decided to go explore my old neighbourhood a little after chasing episodes of Food King! I have been taking down places in my list and now it has built up substantially🤣
Not a porridge person but chose to try this fried porridge place because it is an unique dish & looks so damn guud! The stall sells not only porridge, there bakuteh too!
We both ordered the pork slice & mixed organs versions ($5) and it was indeed, food king good!! 👍🏻 I simply love the charred slices of goodness in my bowl! The wok hei flavour was locked within every mouthful and you just can’t help going for more 🤤
Luckily we were there earlier before the lunch crowds came!

Otherworldly. The wok hei is so unique because it's done w porridge instead, it's a familiar yet distinct kind of smokiness. Ingredients were cooked well too, it's a must try, no matter where u stay. Not only is it affordable, the queue moved pretty fast too

One can’t go wrong with a flat white on a slow afternoon.

Anyone who knows me really really well know I’m an absolute milkshake fiend. Ok actually I’m a slut for tons of foods, but milkshakes are my kryptonite. I’d go as far as to skip my meals just to down 3 Five Guys milkshakes (extra extra malt please). So seeing Carne’s amazing looking milkshake shots, I was 20/10 down to have em. Verdict: possibly the biggest disappointment of my milkshake consuming career (can I call it one lol). So watery I felt like I was drinking melted ice cream. Plus, a little bird told me that they don’t actually have fixed proportions for their milkshakes. Flavours were rather average, nothing crazy yummy nor memorable. I didn’t enjoy the praline topping cause by the time you get to that, it’s basically a soggy thingy that adds nuts to the drink on the whole. Idk if that’s just a teething issue or if not having an SOP is really their SOP; but this just didn’t sit right with me.

Sambal goreng.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/marias-corner-nasi-lemak/

Gnocchi: $23++

It's hard to find good gnocchi in Singapore. Most are too flour-y while others too potato-ey. But Caffe Cicheti get theirs spot on with a perfect balance of flour and potato. Each dumpling is also pan fried to give it a charred layer.

The rich mushroom sauce too doesnt overpower the dish, with it not having the typical earthy taste of mushroom. The dish is topped with shaved parmigiano to perfectly complement the dish.

Brussel sprouts ($10++)
Get the brussell sprouts if you want some vegetables. The candied pecan and fried garlic hits the spot, and the sauce has the right amount of sweetness.

The chef also ensures a nice layer of char on its side.

Had been following the social media accounts of Alchemist for quite a while and found out about their latest digs at The Mill — an industrial building hidden within Jalan Kilang just slightly off Jalan Bukit Merah opposite ABC Brickworks Food Centre with a distinct gothic style that is designed by the same folks behind Parkview Square; the “Gotham City” building in Bugis.

Thought the Khong Guan Industrial Building outlet took the cake for me but their latest outpost at The Mill is another level of “wow” — tucked away at the second level of the building, the dark theme strays away from that of other earlier Alchemist stores which generally adopts a white, industrial style. The black walls, grand chandeliers, and brown leather sofas matched well with the general architecture of the building inside-out — especially liked the window seats which gives a sense of privacy and intimacy, being partitioned off from both sides. Gave their canned cold brews a try — something which I have had wanted to try for quite a while; between the two, “A Typical Mocha” would probably go well with the chocolate lovers with its more predictable, smooth and creamy, chocolatey notes that felt somewhat more of a chocolate beverage than a coffee-based drink, while the Fruitti Pebbles was an interesting white coffee with floral and fruity notes that was surprisingly profound.

Must say I am awed by how Alchemist has come this far — whilst starting off as a takeaway kiosk at International Plaza, Alchemist has become more than just a spot for coffee with each new outlet seemingly carrying a unique theme; even more of a design marvel of its own. Congratulations to the folks behind Alchemist on their latest opening; can’t wait to see what else they have up on their sleeve next!

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