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Wish List

Wish List

Featuring Createaf Waffles, Immanuel French Kitchen (Salute Coffeeshop), Golden Mile Food Centre, Joo Mak Korean Restaurant (Beauty World Centre), En Sakaba (Orchard Central), Project Dingo, Collective Brewers, Hansul Korean Restaurant, Little Wimbly Lu, Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine (Marina Bay Sands)
Elaine Sun
Elaine Sun

Clean design, awesome brownie & superb coffee & cocoa

One of the BeeSssst Brownie that you wouldn't want to miss out at the hood of AMK😎😎
Try it and let me know what you think? 😋😋
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Generous scoops of ice cream for $4.90. I especially liked their stracciatella and tiramisu 😋

From the new Banchong Cafe; a pretty, open-air cafe situated at Vanguard Campus just a short distance away from Lavender MRT Station and Bendemeer MRT Station that carries the namesake of the former building and company that stands here (i.e. Banchong Industries Co. (Pte.) Ltd.). Serving up local cuisine just like Toast Box/Killiney Kopitiam/Fun Toast, the difference with Banchong Cafe would be its sleek aesthetics and minimalistic style — a very different environment that is great to spend the afternoon away.

Really liked the Kaya Toast here; the Kaya (dubbed Chef GK's Kaya) being made fresh in-house on a daily basis was certainly delicious with its mellow sweetness and evident fragrance of pandan — pretty light yet aromatic as compared to commercially-made kaya that other joints use. Pair that with a huge slab of butter, and the combination is just comfort food at its best, sandwiched between two crisp slices of brown toast. A pity how Banchong Cafe is only opened on weekdays from 8am to 4pm; this is really one of the better Kaya Toast I have had thus far despite the many I had tried — one that I don't mind making that special trip for just to satisfy those cravings!

Been a while since I’ve had CSHH’s coffee, and now you can get a cuppa their joe over at the hip new Funan mall. Prices are a notch above their usual, and I think it’s the same blend (tastes like their Nuts and Bolts), but that’s what a mall does to prices I guess.

The pork belly is simmered in a spicy and tangy tamarind stew. The melt-in-your-mouth pork belly was the highlight for sure, and the gravy was robust without being too salty. .
Find out more at https://www.sgfoodonfoot.com/2019/07/godmama-funan-presenting-godma-and.html
109 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179105
Tel:+65 69700828
Nearest MRT: City Hall (EW Line, NS Line)

Opening Hours:
Sun- Thu: 10am - 10pm

The only thing that I've (quite recently) truly enjoyed eating with the word 'prawn' is Prawn Paste Chicken, otherwise known as Har Cheong Gai ($14), and Kok Sen whips up a really juicy and tender plate of that, with a golden crisp chicken skin and lime on the side to fully savour up the flavour of the chicken. 😋

Dinner at Bitters and Love cannot go wrong with a plate of Pan-seared Steak and Frites ($25), which would pair up nicely with some alcohol.

180g Rangers Valley angus beef with a beautiful pink hue that is well seasoned, thinly sliced and juicy without a hint of gaminess from the meat will be sure to fill your hungry heart with generous yet evened out portions of runny sunny side up, side salad, and of course frites that are salted just enough to taste.

While evidently beyond your average steak, there is a bit of chewing effort needed for this, though I would ultimately say that for its value, this is a homely plate of steak that would appease your appetite for indulgence without heftily burning your wallet.

This Prawn Pasta A.K.A. B&L Hei Mee ($18) consists of two grilled tiger prawns and spaghetti cooked in prawn stock, garlic, chili and cognac. I guess I can safely say that these tiger prawns, which are y'uge by the way, are real fresh because I did not feel disgusted nor did I feel like regurgitating my food, but surprisingly I handled it well enough. I know I am not sounding very convincing here but the fact that I am fine with this says a lot, and I even asked my dining partner (who loves seafood by the way; if you won't take it from me, take it from her!) if this is what fresh prawns taste like, to which she said that they are indeed so. If anything, I was RELIEVED to have actually enjoyed this. 😆

If anything, I would gladly say that the pasta itself is indeed good and I like the combination of ingredients used to savour up the flavour, while the spaghetti absorbs the flavour very well.

At the end of the day, prawn-related dishes are still far from becoming my next must-order's, but if I enjoyed this, a part of me feels that prawn and seafood lovers might enjoy this way more than I ever could. 😁

This is part of a meal hosted by @bittersandlove @freetherobot.sg.

Dearly missing this plate of Kuro Fried Rice ($14) from KURO Izakaya. And yes the name says it all, it's a Kurobatu Pork Belly Fried Rice you're looking @ my dear folks on @instagram! So what are you boys & girls having for lunch?
Pic Taken @ KURO Izakaya
3 Temasek Boulevard
# 01-604/605
@SuntecCity Tower 3
Singapore 038983
Phone: 62351066
Operating Hours: Mon - Sat
11:30am - 2:30pm
5pm - 10pm
Closed: Sun
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KUROIzakayaSg
Website: http://kuroizakaya.com.sg
Email: [email protected]

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While ARTEA may not be a known dessert house, surprisingly they got their Japanese style Soufflé pancakes quite right – airy, wobbly and delicious.

As all of them are made only upon order, be prepared to wait at least 10 to 15 minutes for your dessert treat.

I would recommend getting the Mango version which comes topped with mango fruits with additional slices and ice cream on the side.

They are having 1-for-1 drinks till Friday 28th Dec, at VivoCity #01-100. Head over for some of their unique beverages.


I visited Hokkaido-ya once months ago but never made a return trip after trying their white curry ramen. As you can imagine, I didn’t enjoy that at all and felt it didn’t warrant a return trip. My colleague recommended Hokkaido-ya for the chirashi dons so I decided to give them another try.

Ordered the Aburi Mentaiko Salmon Bowl ($10.90++) from the self-ordering counter and waited about 15 minutes for our buzzer to buzz for collection. It’s quite popular during lunch time and they seemed to prepare the orders rather slowly but we had time so it was ok.

I was impressed with the amount of salmon, mentaiko and tobikko they provided. It was a really generous portion for $10.90 and it was pretty good quality too! The salmon cubes were fresh and well-torched on the surface, leaving some yummy sashimi texture below. The mentaiko was quite salty on its own, as expected, but blends in perfectly when mixed with the Japanese rice and aburi salmon. The tobikko and cucumber cubes added a refreshing crunch between mouthfuls too.

I’m glad I gave Hokkaido-ya another chance because I really enjoyed today’s meal! Kind of wish they had more veggies included but that’s Japanese food for you. Would add this into my rotation of restaurants when I’m at Vivo/Harbourfront!

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