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It's All About The East

It's All About The East

Helmed as the part of Singapore that has the best food, this list will be filled with all sorts that can be found in the Eastern portion of our tiny red dot.
Amanda Liu
Amanda Liu
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Now known at SPRUCE @ Katong, you’d be able to get your SPRUCE favourites as well as specials (only available at this outlet) at their newest store located in Katong Square!

One of my favourites would be their prawn pasta! Orecchiette pasta cooked a garlic, zucchini & spinach cream sauce, topped with sautéed prawns.

For someone who doesn’t really like vegetables, I must say, this dish definitely does its job in making me consume my veggies in another form. The sauce tastes almost like the chicken flavoured twistes, although it’s made purely out of vegetables.

The space is located on the first floor, right next to Starkers & has a NYC theme going on, so you’d definitely not miss it!


It’s 20 more days to Christmas!

Soak up the Christmas vibes with @creamery_sg’s Christmas specials!

For the sweets lovers, sip and stay warm with their Fluffy Wonderland ($6.90), which comes with pipping hot xhocolate, torches melted marshmallow topped with minty crushed candy canes to get you into the festive vibes.

Thank you @theprsalon for the invite!


If you’re looking for a healthier option at this gastropub, I think they’ve done just the right thing!

Choose between a salad or quinoa base and a topping, of which I chose steak, and they’d add in their house-made guacamole, fresh salsa, roasted squash, oranges & sous vide egg.

The combination was simply, but a pretty smart move. The steak was done medium rare, which was served as requested and was well seasoned. The salsa had a tad too much onions in it, so it was quite difficult to finish, but the oranges did help to turn the dish around. As simple as it is, the oranges added a sour tang to help heighten the flavours of the dish.

Thanks to #burpplebeyond, we got a 1-for-1 offer for their mains (burger & bowls section)!


A definite order to have whenever you’re at Brawn & Brains! The perfect combination of a big breakfast I’d say!

You’ve got 2 perfectly toasted slices of sourdough (not in image), creamy avocado, molten eggs in cheese, smoked salmon and a generous portion of salad on the side.

If you’re not too hungry, this is just right for 2! Otherwise, you could finish it on your own!


As with every viet eatery, apart from the unique dishes that they churn out, it is essential that their staple dishes taste just as good, if not better!

So I decided to go for the simple beef pho, which comes with the usual offerings - pho, thinly sliced beef, bean sprouts, raw onions, spring onions, leaves and a dash of pepper.

As the soup came pipping hot, our medium rare beef became well done, but as it was thinly sliced, it was pretty easy to chew through.

The soup was a light beef broth, which was refreshing for a start, but would get lost along the way as it may seem bland after trying out other dishes. However, if you’re just looking to have this alone, it’ll be great for that cold rainy day as it’s extremely comforting.

Newly opened, they are currently having an opening offer of 20% off your bill till 10th Oct! Don’t say I bojiooo!


While you do have to have quite a lot of patience waiting in line to order and collect your food, I think the lady making this has a lot of patience withstanding the heat and steam in order to dish out these silky pieces of CCF!

As you watch her perfect her art, and then gobbling them down soon after, you’d question yourself on why you didn’t order more, but know that it’s one place you’d come back for more.

The tissue thin rice flour wraps the ingredients (prawn and char siew) delicately as they peek through the translucent layers before melting almost instantly as you consume them.

At $2.50 a row, it may seem slightly pricey, but at that quality, it’s second to none.
#burpple #oldairportroad #freshlymade


40 Hands is no stranger to the brunch crowd and they’ve expanded beyond Tiong Bahru and have opened a cosy space along Upper East Coast.

With the same industrial chic vibes, you’ve got a similar menu available, so all hot favourites would be available!

The Chilli Scram ($18) is one simple yet comfy dish! Don’t be deceived by the look of it, it packs a whole punch thanks to the chilli being scrambled with the eggs, and covers a mountain load of wild mushrooms atop a slice of pepita bread. Upon arrival, you’d be shocked at the amount of eggs that you have you’d probably have sufficient eggs for #bulkdays.


When it’s cold outside (it’s about 4deg now in Brighton), all I’m craving for is something warm & comforting & the first thing that comes to mind is this frog leg claypot porridge I had.

Choose how big a portion of the claypot frog legs you’d like to have, as well as the way it’s done! For 2 pax, we ordered the bundle that comes with 7 frogs (buy 4, get 3 free, together with a pot of porridge) at $30. We may have over done it a tad bit cause we were starving, but that portion is usually good for 3-4 pax.

Apart from the portion size, you can also choose how you’d like the frog to be done, either stir fried with dried chilli or with spring onions. For chilli lovers, I’d suggest the former as it gives you that extra oomph.

On top of the pot of porridge that you get, I’d also suggest getting fried mantou (buns) as well! Dip in those fried buns & allow them to soak up the sauce that the frogs come in for that added flavour, and I can assure you that there’d be no regrets.


Smoked daily using wood chips Urban Smokeshack has a variety of meats ranging from pork, to chicken, to ribs & duck as well!

Each main comes with two sides, which are fixed which includes baked baby potatoes & roasted cherry tomatoes!

However, if you’re going for the Chicken Thigh, it is accompanied with plain rice instead as the meat comes with their buah keluak sauce which is extremely lemak, so for those who are looking for a roast with a twist, do try them out!

As for my pork belly, the meat is rubbed with hickory spices & is a tad bit spicy, due to the peppers. The meat is slightly pink, but well cooked nonetheless and juicy!


You would have probably been to Bar Stories for their amazing cocktails, but did you know that Ah Hua Kelong is now permanently based there as well?

With seafood farmed locally within our shores, the exciting seafood tapas menu is something you'd want to pair your cocktails with!

One of the items we tried was Curry Mussels with Mantou ($16). Alternatively, you can opt for Pasta instead for $18!

Although I'm not a mussels lover, I had a go at one piece & I must say, fresh mussels definitely does taste a whole ton better. The plump & juicy meat absorbs the curry so well, that the fishy taste that I was afraid of was eliminated.

The curry recipe was inspired by Chef Ben's grandma, so it sure tastes of home! It was soooo good that the stipulated portions of mantou was not enough, resulting in having to order more to wipe out the curry. If I could, I'd happily drink the curry down just like that cause it was THAT good.


I remember this store while growing up in the east, where I frequent the space for their shepherd's pie, plus, it was just a stone throw away from my aunt's place!
Serving up their new menu, their new dishes are extremely appetizing but with a healthy twist! This allows them to aid parents with children to eat well!
Personal favorites from the day includes their Signature Nonya Mee Siam ($6.90) & their Nasi Lemak Burger (price tbc). Sunday lunch was well-spent, thanks to @justinfoodprints for the invite & fellow foodie friends! •
#Burpple #Aroundwithamd #TheRoyalsCafe #cafehoppingsg


I remember the first time trying thosai was back in primary school, where cheese thosai cost me only $0.60 a piece and I'd always run to the thosai stall once the recess bell rings to be first in line.

15 years later, I'm trying out RajaRani's Masala Thosai, which reminds me much of what I had back in primary school & the best part, with masala!

With slight hints of spice mixed with potatoes, the masala adds a nice touch to the thosai, without being too overbearing. If you're a lover of spice, dip into either of the accompanying curries & you're in for a good feast!



E A T | C O F F E E | B O O Z E Enjoy the endless scroll of food at @alhsx

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