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Featuring Enorme, Limapulo Baba Can Cook, Food Foundry (Section 17), Marco Polo Chinese Cuisine, Restoran Goon Wah (Damansara Jaya), Tommy le Baker (Viva Residency), The School, Jaya One, Crave, Epicuro (Damansara Uptown), Kodawari Menya Udon & Tempura (1 Mont Kiara)
Shirley Lai
Shirley Lai

Miss Japan menya style and not flying there soon? It worth a try. 😊 #shircvenus #udon #menya #dinner #curryudon #japanesefood

😋 Not bad for the taste and balance of wok hei. Best serve when it's right out of wok, as it's a little oily to be served later.👌🏻 Met a cheerful friend there breakfast-ing after her run, power woman.💪🏻👍🏻 #shircvenus #breakfast #charkueyteow #malaysianfood #fatdieme

🍜 First try at this new outlet. Heavenly MSG, dried out throat. #shircvenus #ss2 #luncheon #ramen #pork #noodle

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New item in set #lunch menu. RM17.95++ with a super sweet pandan drink🍵, one appetizer and slice of watermelon.🍉 Cleared bowl as result, satisfied.👍🏻 #shircvenus

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Plus cooked fish in coconut curry gravy. Mama Mia!👍🏻😍 Good balance and good blend of the herbs, long bean, kerabu rice, toast shredded coconut, chicken floss and curry gravy! Yummy.😋
Only thing is the portion is a little big for me when it comes with fish.😅 #shircvenus #luncheon #nasikerabu

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Waiting for the hardened cream...🍦
Have my black, thinking to wash down the chemicals. For better or worse. 😅 #softsrve #uptown #blackcoffee #shircvenus

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Very the carbs.😆
Place to come back maybe for drinks, not the food. Gobo kinpira, takoyaki and enoshima soft pizza. House pouring sake is not strong enough to wash down the excessive filtered oil.😅 #shircvenus #monday #movienight

Finally tried the #gyudon friend been craving for.😊 Beef taste is coming a bit too strong and heavy load of MSG.😅 Yet, design in the shop (like washroom, layout, lighting) is exactly the same with those in Japan.☺️ #shircvenus #sukiya #uptown #damansara

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Birthday treat before October ends, from a long lost friend.🤗Thank you so much.🙏🏻 Great catch up!

Ordered my fav pastry: Quiche!😍 Veg & Mushroom Quiche, first piece from the whole pan. Though doesn't have my kind of buttery aroma & taste, still a healthy & lighter version with more eggy than cheesy. Good tomatoes with sesame sauce as condiment.👌🏻 And let me make a switch for this occasion, rib eye sandwich!😋 Good one though bread is a little hard for a person who is lazy to chew, like me.😆 #shircvenus #brunch #throwbacksunday

So ngam to meet my good buddy there, so happy to see her in perfect healthy look & lovelier complexion!😘 There and then, I feel wholesomely blessed & grateful. Thank u so much for everything to be in exact place!🙏🏻🎼🍴🤗 Course:
Roasted Mushroom Salad🍄
Tomato Bruschetta Tapas🍅
Lamb Cutlet Mid-Well🍖
Perfect French wine goes well with lamb cutlet!🍷
Diwali Special Dessert: Pistachio Kulfi🌿(Minty Almond Nutty Taste👍🏻) Restaurant owner also owns butchery and seafood distribution outlet. No doubt for the freshness.👏🏻👍🏻 #shircvenus #eatoutmy #onthetable #throwbackfriday

Blessed. 🙏🏻 They put in effort to think of a place where all of us can eat and where I won't waste food. And, the bill is not low.😌 Now I know why it's important for a lady to have lady friends 闺蜜 in life.👭I learnt a lot from them: about life, about choice, about faith, etc. They showed me the beauty of life from another side, another angle and perspectives.🤓 感恩有与她们结交的福份。🙏🏻
不好意思常常麻烦她们让我不浪费食物。🍀 Clockwise: *Seafood Pizza 🍕Good thin crust.
*Squid Ink Spaghetti 🍝 we didn't make it to have the courage to eat and took the candid shot of black stained smile.😆
*Rose with French Vanilla 🍵 So my cup of tea!
*Yummy Tiramisu specially arranged by them 😘
*Special thanks to the low profile person who handpicked the lovely present for me. Luv them so much! 😍my favorite owl. 😘 Whoever married her, 拾到了! #shircvenus #birthdaytreat #ladies #enorme

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