All The Sweet Nothings

All The Sweet Nothings

List for everyone with a sweet tooth out there! *wink*
Wei Zhi Chiang
Wei Zhi Chiang

Didn’t know this came with cheese actually! Thought the cheese kinda overwhelmed the black sesame though, so if you’re looking for one with a gao sesame taste, you can probably skip this. Similar to the Strawberry Cheese tart, thought the mochi was slightly out of place here. The buttery and fragrant tart base is still very enjoyable!

This came with a little surprise mochi in its centre. Unfortunately wasn’t a fan of this, as the mochi felt a bit out of place. The strawberry cheese part was not bad though, and done mildly sweet without any of that artificial taste.

Finally got through the line after xx calls the other morning and aunty said I was the last call she’s picking up (woohoo) 😂 Other than their classic orh nee tarts, also bagged a few other flavours that we have yet to try before - Walnut Cheese, Strawberry Cheese and Black Sesame Cheese.

Walnut Cheese was our favourite of the 3. It’s a few cents pricier than the normal tarts, but lots of walnuts on top and the cheese filling had a bit of that shiok oozeeee. Best had fresh on the spot! The base as usual was buttery and fragrant.

Tom’s will always have a special place in my heart (and stomach) heh 😂 Have been coming here for the longest time! My foreverrr bias is their savory flavour: Parmesan Cheese & Cream Crackers, made with 14-month parmigiano-reggiano cheese with white choco coated cream crackers.
Love how the team is always looking to come up with new & locally inspired flavours. You’ll probably have difficulty deciding with their whole range of flavours on rotation, so it’s especially helpful that you get to pick 2 flavours with each cup! If you’re on Burpple Beyond, they have 1 for 1s for their medium takeaway cups ✌🏻

Sourbombe = Sourdough + Italian Bomboloni! Unlike the traditional bombolinis, these sourbombes are made with a sourdough starter that gives these babies a little more chew and an extra touch of tang. Tad pricey, but you will also find a very fun + unique line-up of flavours - hits and misses, but our picks of the 9s we had were the Basque Burnt Cheesecake, Black Sesame Peanut Butter, Houjicha Caramel Crunch and the tangy Passionfruit & Caramelised Banana!

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Non-stop munching on these addictive cereal cookies from Auntie Ong Bakes (I’m literally eating one now while posting 😂). It’s a friend’s new hbb! Our vote initially went to the original buttery cereal cookies, but the earl grey dark chocolate ones really grew on us. They are mildly sweet and had a lovely lingering earl grey fragrance. Both are buttery with extra crunches from the cereal bits.

More order details on @auntieongbakes. She has lots of other bakes on the menu - will share more on her burnt cheesecakes & tofu chiffon cakes next. Thank you Shuhui for the goodies! ✨

If you’re a fan of stronger alcoholic tiramisus, SYIP’s Kahlua Tiramisu definitely will check that box with its distinct bitter kick of kahlua. Read somewhere that the owners were running their home-based business, @softpeaks_bakery selling tiramisus before SYIP.

I’d imagine some might find the kahlua too strong, but I really enjoyed it! The ladyfingers were also soft and well dipped in espresso, while the layer of mascarpone was pretty creamy. Dusted with chocolate shavings and cocoa powder, it helped to balance out the sweetness just right. They also have a non-alcoholic version at $7.

Original, nutella, walnut and dark chocolate chips are the 4 flavours Felish Delish Co. has for their new banana loaves. Got a try of their original and nutella. They were packed with a good amount of banana, both in its flavour and fragrance. Looked dense on first sight but was actually not too much so, and was moist!

If you’re a fan of nutella, they don’t just drizzle it on top, but has it in the loaf as well without it being overly sweet. Found them best fresh upon delivery for a more pronounced banana flavour, but warm it up for a nice toasty slice to go with a cup of hot tea.
More order details at @felishdelishco - on top of these new banana cakes, they do pineapple tarts all year round. Thank you Felicia for sharing your bakes with me! ✨

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Who doesn’t like the sound of ‘1 for 1 gelato scoops’! It’s the last 2 days of promo (till 27 June) now at Sweet Cheeks’ new outlet in Jalan Besar (just opp of Chye Seng Huat)! We popped by yesterday to catch a pre-dinner dessert heh.

Single scoop is at $4, doubles at $7.50, with a dollar top up for premium flavours and $2 top up for gourmet flavours. Waffle at $6.
Had their Honey Chrysanthemum & Cacao Nibs + Biscoff Cookie Crunch on a waffle with golden syrup drizzled on the base. The other sauce option was chocolate. Scoops here have a much thicker and stickier texture, and you’ll find a pretty wide range - others that caught our eye was the Lemon Curd and Honey Comb. Highlight for us, was their buttery waffle! Haven’t had waffle for a while now and this was so fragrant, with a really nice and light crisp on its exterior. Fluffy and not too airy!

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Still one of our go-tos for a trusty and rich dark chocolate ice cream treat!

Haven’t had burnt cheesecakes in a long time! Finally trying out this super raved version from Paparch Singapore. It’s no doubt one of the better ones we’ve had thus far (favs are from Olivia, Chalong and Burnt Bakes), but also one of the hardest cakes to get 😂

Enjoyed the cake! It wasn’t overly burnt nor too eggy, and had a great balance of savory, sweet and a light caramelisation. Best part was how cheesy it was, plus its super molten and creamy core that oozed right out of the fridge. I’m on the fence of whether it’s worth 60 bucks, esp considering the luck you need to score one 😂 But that aside, I would have a slice again.

Definitely expected more of this Hojicha Tiramisu - the hojicha wasn’t distinct and tasted a lot more milky, while the fingers were a tad too dry. Think the jar was stored frozen, so we had to sit this aside for a while before digging in. Was a miss for us for this flavour, but they have a pretty big range of other ones like lemon lavender, lychee rose, speculoos, etc.

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FOOD. 🍴🍫🍜🍱 Instagramming at @cweizhi [email protected]

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