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All The Sweet Nothings

All The Sweet Nothings

List for everyone with a sweet tooth out there! *wink*
Wei Zhi Chiang
Wei Zhi Chiang

Had this Mirasaki Charlotte Cake from Kitsune Keki quite a while back. Their cakes come with greek yogurt mousse layers, a very delightful change from the usual cream based ones! This is concord grapes flavoured mousse topped with kyoho grapes, lined with ladyfinger biscuits. Enjoyed this a lot for how light and tangy it was. Would have liked a slightly more distinct taste of the grapes in the mousse, but think they’ve already improved it since! Order deets on @kitsunekeki - they also have it topped with shine muscat grapes and a strawberry flavored one.

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A smaller sized soft bread but with a generous portion of matcha cream. Would have liked it much less custardy, but flavour wise it was great with a strong matcha flavour. This leans more to the tiny bit sweeter side though.


French toast with whipped cream, berry compote, mixed berries, maple syrup and thick cut bacon. This was definitely a very visually pleasing one. Taste wise, it was done well too - toast had a good crunch and complemented with the various pairings. It may get a bit sweet half way through though, but works if sharing.


Had these cornflake cookies from Resting Bake Face a while back and they were super addictive! Buttery, crunchy and mildly sweet with raisins - they weren’t the heavy sort too, so it makes it veryyy easy to keep reaching for more. RBF has a number of other bakes as well which changes monthly. Just ordered their October special, Lemon Droplets, which are said to be a cross between a madeleine and kueh bahulu. Can’t wait to try them! More on how to order at @rbfbakes.


Look at who is the newest exciting addition to Lorong Kilat - just next to Udders! Boasting a spacious and minimalistic space, it was a lovely space to chill in. We went with the popular roasted pistachio ice cream and though a touch sweet, we loved it. It was super nutty and even came with a number of crunchy candied pistachios. Waffles were enjoyable too, it was crisp and fluffy, not too airy on the inside. Their waffles come drizzled with salted caramel that served as a pretty nice pairing. Definitely foresee coming back often!


Not just your usual burnt cheesecake, this one from Burnt Bakes is vanilla & thyme infused (and 1.2kg for 7”)! Honestly, it took some getting used to at first with the suuuper distinct thyme notes, but after that we really enjoyed the refreshing change. It’s not as burnt, but they definitely aced the texture - it’s this creamy, molten and oozy right out of the fridge! There’s only vanilla & thyme on the menu now, but think they’re coming up with new flavours soon. Order details all up on @burntbakessg.

Tea break with Reminiscent’s bakes - Orange Cranberry Brownies, classic Butter Cookies and O’Pizza Cookies. Cookies were the soft, crumbly and buttery sort. Their cool new pizza flavoured ones have a slight heat from Cajun seasoning, with hints of herbs and tomato flavours, complete with a cheese crust on top.

Brownies were rich and fudgy though a bit sweet, but the citrusy-sweet orange + cranberry combination worked out nicely. Thank you for sending these over @reminiscent.cookies!

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Was so excited to try this! The yuzu half smelled a little artificial at first, but glad it didn’t taste that way. Surprisingly good match of flavours here, even though I’d definitely like the yuzu to be stronger. It’s not to sweet too, will get it again!

Finally got around trying these famed brownies a little while ago! They were indeed suuuper rich and gao, but also found them quite sweet and a tad pricey for the size. Preferred their 74% dark chocolate to this as the flavour here wasn’t as distinct.


Enjoyed the thick and rich peanut butter & jelly topping, but wasn’t a big fan of it overall - personally found the donut itself a tad bit heavy. That aside, it was substantial in size and would satisfy a sweet pb&j craving.

I wouldn’t say I’m much of a donut person though, so try it for yourself! The donuts come in a number of different flavours and go off the racks pretty quickly. I’d still stick to their amazing sandwiches!


First bite in of Nesuto’s seasonal Konichiwa Hojicha and I regretted not getting 2 slices of it omg. Layers of fluffy hojicha soufflé chiffon sponge with hojicha ganache and chantilly - really loved the intense roasted tea flavour here! I did find it a tiny bit sweet at the end but it wasn’t the cloying sort. Would have definitely been very easy to go for another right away.

This used to be available only as a whole, but you can now get them in slices (bundle of 4 or 8) via their online preorders for delivery or self-collection.


Had to resist picking on these brownies right away, cause they smelled soooo good and chocolatey! Seemed sweet but really glad they weren’t. Loved the crisp crumbly top and fudgy moist middle that’s not too dense. You get the option to top up for additional ingredients like walnuts, Himalayan salt, etc. - highly recommend checking the ‘more choc’ ($2) box if you’re a fan! More order details on @soonkuehzzz!

FOOD. 🍴🍫🍜🍱 Instagramming at @cweizhi [email protected]

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