Local Fare

Local Fare

For the list of local dishes, local inspired dishes, fusion dishes, etc.
Wei Zhi Chiang
Wei Zhi Chiang

A spot that always has a long queue for lunch on the weekdays! Was my first time dining in and somehow it tasted better dining in than when taken away? 😂 The soybean base broth was more robust than we remember. Prices have increased slightly but their ingredients are always fresh and portion is pretty substantial.

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The laksa was pretty decent, though it lacked that fragrant spicy punch we usually prefer. It came with prawns, fishcakes, cucumber strips as toppings, while the soup itself had lots of tau pok. There’s also chilli and laksa leaves to add on.

Making our own popiah is something my family loves and what we always do each CNY. We usually prepare our own ingredients and it’s the first time we’re trying out an external set. The fresh popiah skins were soft and nicely chewy, winning lots of praises from everyone, but the vegetable filling was slightly too sweet for our liking.

If you’re not familiar with wrapping popiah, this set comes with its own step-by-step placement mat which adds to the fun!

The muah chee was so chewy soft! It came packed separately from the crushed sugared peanut, so you got to do the snipping and dipping all by yourself. It was a fun dish to put together and additional points to it being tasty. This was one of our favourites from the bundle.

CNY is coming right up next! If you’re looking for something for your gatherings, checkout @fortunefoodsg’s CNY DIY Party Sets that serve 5, 8, 12 or 15 pax. The set we tried is meant to feed 12 pax, though we feel it can definitely feed many more. It came with:

1. 1.5 x Regular Popiah Set (23 Pieces)
2. Regular Kueh Pie Ti Set (50 Pieces) + Extra Kueh Pie Ti Shells
3. Regular Laksa Set (18 Small Bowls)
4. Regular Smoked Peking Duck Set (30 Pieces)
5. Small Muah Chee Set (8-10 Servings)

Each set came with a placement mat that had step-by-step instructions on how to put each dish together. It was super interactive and fun, my family enjoyed it so much! Our favourites were the crunchy kueh pie ti shells, fresh and soft popiah skin and chewy soft muah chee.

One of my favourite breakfasts to have, Yakun’s Set A with a hot cup of teh siew dai. Toasts are always so crisp with a generous amount of butter, and teh siew dai done fragrant!

Throwback to childhood! Remember Mr Kiasu? 😂 In a special collaboration with Crave Nasi Lemak, they’ve put together what they call the most ‘kiasu’ meal, the Nasi Lemak Jewel. It’s a combination of their nasi lemak rice, fried egg, tempura chicken strip, chicken cutlet and bergedil + a cup of butterfly pea calamansi at $7.90.

If you’re the first customer at their outlets to flash their FB/IG collaboration post (the first pinned post), you get to redeem a complimentary box of Nasi Lemak Jewel - this promotion runs till 2 Jan at most Crave’s outlets.

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Weekend brunch at Sinpopo with their recently refreshed menu - they’ve introduced new dishes along with returning favourites, all of which focus on local flavours with a fusion twist.

The cod here was baked so well! It was buttery and creamy, pairing with lightly crisped up pieces of fish maw in a black cod broth. At this price tag though, we wished the hor fun came in a much bigger portion and with stronger wok hei. Broth could be done less salty as well.

Thank you @sinpopobrand for the kind invite! ✨

Chanced upon The Upper Room at e2i West! Went for the classic toast set and was pleasantly surprised. They use wheat bread for their toasts and it’s done soft instead of crispy. There’s a good amount of kaya butter sandwiched in, quite enjoyable though the kaya they use is quite sweet. Tea was fragrant!

We are now very used to ordering pork slices over pork ribs when having bak kut teh, because they’re so easy to enjoy! Plus point is Song Fa’s pork slices are always very tender.

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A sweet rice dumpling with filling of sautéed minced lean pork and winter melon strips. There seems to be a slight subtle spice to it, but the sweetness overpowered it for me. Was my least favourite of the 3 flavours we tried.

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Stumbled upon this gem of a mee hoon kway spot that’s just a short walk from Jurong East MRT! It’s accessible via the bridge on the back, tucked in Vision Exchange. It’s more pricey a bowl at $6 for the dry version without the big meatball you see here, though it did have quite a bit of topping and includes an egg in the side soup. The soup version is at $5. They do have the other noodle options too, like ban mian and you mian.

Didn’t have this with their homemade chilli as my throat was a little sore then, but I tried a little of it and it was quite fiery! Some of the mhk pieces were a tinyyy bit doughy but they were really impressive in general. They were done just the way we like our mhk to be, with a great chew and just the right thickness! Comes with minced meat, crunchy ikan bilis, meatballs, crab stick and my favourite mani chye. Would definitely have this again if I’m in the area.

PS. Didn’t know there’s so many food options here in Vision Exchange, will come back to try more out!

📍JY Lam Eating House
Vision Exchange
2 Venture Drive #02-45

All’s good with a cup of hot matcha latte 🍵✨ IG @cweizhi

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