Local Fare

Local Fare

For the list of local dishes, local inspired dishes, fusion dishes, etc.
Wei Zhi Chiang
Wei Zhi Chiang

Stumbled upon this gem of a stall, 明辉 Bugis Street 白沙浮 - that’s in the same coffee shop as 88 HK Roast Meat at 153 Tyrwhitt Road! Aunty has a whole bunch of dishes, but our attention went straight to her abacus seeds. I loooooove abacus seeds but they are so hard to come by nowadays. So of course, we went with the largest portion right away! Smaller portions are at $4.50 and $6.

It’s unlike the usual abacus seeds that may be a tiny bit more saucy and are studded with hae bee and black fungus strips etc. It was different but it was so good. It’s not as heavily seasoned in comparison and has minced meat and mushrooms instead. Texture of seeds are less soft with more of a bite. Have them hot! I LOVED IT. Plus, aunty was so friendly!

📍明辉 Bugis Street 白沙浮
153 Tyrwhitt Road
🕜 12.30pm to 10pm Daily

Last had this a few years back. I’m still a bigger fan of crispy oyster omelettes, but if you enjoy a wetter and more eggy version, Lim’s Fried Oyster checks that box! I personally find it a bit more greasy than I would like, but their tangy chilli helps to cut it back a bit. It’s flavourful and you get plump oysters that are cooked just right.


Literally 2 steps to prepare this: thaw, steam! Definitely would recommend to add on extra ingredients, like mushrooms, wolfberries, etc. to zhng it up to your liking! Super fuss free and you get this pretty solid dish. Pre-packed but the resulting meat was tender, juicy and good with rice. The chickens used are bred locally, free from antibiotics and growth hormones too.

You can order this online along with their other products, more details on their Instagram page @fragrance_bak_kwa. Thank you @fragrance_bak_kwa for sharing these with my fam! ✨

Couldn’t resist to swing by this new rooftop cafe near home at Hillview! Their indoor seats are in a photogenic red-white tiled space, while if you’re outdoors, there’s the greenery view (but it gets quite hot). The menu has both cafe staples and a number of fusion/local-inspired dishes.

The chili crab sauce base was mostly tomatoey with a sweeter tang. We didn’t get much of the chilli crab flavour and the poached egg could be more runny. Fried mantous had a great crunch though! It was a miss for us but it might be just our plate, as I know friends who’ve had a good experience.

Despite the queue - we waited just about 20min, the service was attentive and warm. Perhaps good to hold from visiting now though, to let the crowd ease out!


It’s more pricey than others out there, but very shiok! The clams we’ve had here have always been plump and very well coated in the bit spicy and super garlicky sauce. Another plus point is that we like how you don’t get too many empty shells!

Last meal at JB Ah Meng was more than a year back. So glad we decided to grab dinner here yesterday! It wasn’t difficult to decide on what to order cause we just went with our 2 staples, this bee hoon and the Fried Garlic Chilli Lala ($16 for S). Love how JB Ah Meng don’t overly fry the bee hoon but leaves it with just a slight crisp top. Distinct wok hei and you get lots of flavour from the bits of egg and strips of cuttlefish.

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Interesting to have found mee hoon kueh on the cafe’s menu, but pity it didn’t really work out for us. You get to pick a spice level between 0-3 and we bought 2 bowls with Burpple Beyond, and tried both levels 1 and 2. Disappointed that our mee hoon kueh pieces were doughy in the centre and the sauce wasn’t very flavourful, leaning a tad bland from what we’re used to. While we enjoyed the huge portion of crispy fried egg, found it pricey for its toppings of mushrooms and fried anchovies.

There’s also a vegetarian version of this mee hoon kueh that’s served with broccoli, mushrooms and minced vegan meat at the same price. Burpple Beyond 1 for 1 is available here too for their all day breakfast, mains and meat-free menus!

Boneless chicken ftw, best for the lazy us 😂 Really enjoyed their fragrant and fluffy rice that’s not as oily. Chicken was tender, but would have personally liked them to have a tad stronger flavour. The queue gets pretty long, but you can also call in to make your pre-orders. More details on their Instagram, on @sengheng.1980!

Lor Mee’s not something I’d usually order, so I haven’t had enough of them to compare. Quite enjoyed this though the toppings were average, the gravy was thick and gooey but not overwhelming or starchy. It’s pretty balanced in its vinegar and garlicky-ness.

Use via their online ordering platform for 4 mains + 4 drinks at $15 till end April. Thank you @huphup.co for sharing these with me! ✨

We were finishing up our kway chap breakfast when Xiao Di Hokkien Mee opened for business and soooooo, of course we got ourselves a plate 😂

Finally got to try this and definitely understand why they are so popular among fans of wet style hokkien mee. Though the portion’s really quite small, flavour was great, esp its seafood stock sweetness. Wok hei wasn’t super strong but pretty distinct - maybe cause we were early. Was good since we didn’t have to wait too long, but I wouldn’t specially travel down for this!

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Found the laksa broth a bit more diluted, but it came with a good portion of ingredients. Cockles were a done a tad over, maybe due to the delivery. Definitely prefer their mee siam!

Use via their online ordering platform for 4 mains + 4 drinks at $15 till end April. Thank you @huphup.co for sharing these with me! ✨

Had a lunch of local hawker classics from Hup Hup Mee Siam - laksa, lor mee and mee siam! Their stall is located at Circuit Road Market & Food Centre, but they do deliveries across the island as well. Enjoyed their fragrant and nutty mee siam most. It’s a tad bit sweeter but we didn’t mind it as its fresh coconut milk based gravy was nicely balanced out by the appetising tangy-ness.

Use via their online ordering platform for 4 mains + 4 drinks at $15 till end April. Thank you @huphup.co for sharing these with me! ✨


FOOD. 🍴🍫🍜🍱 Instagramming at @cweizhi [email protected]

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