Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake

My quest to eat all the rainbows I can find, because they make me so happy!
Clara Bean
Clara Bean

Hehe! And the Macademia nut latte ($5.50) is pretty damn good too!

I don't understand my readings, so just eat cake.

One of the biggest slice of rainbow cake I've had for $10! The cream cheese to cake ratio was really good! And the cookie bits made it better too! I loved it!

This was just rather average, a little too dry and crumbly for my liking!

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8 days eat have touted this as the BEST rainbow cake in Singapore, so I had to try it! This was not as impressive as we expected but it was definitely light, but just not THE best I've had so far!

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What a surprising find! Rainbow cake right at my school! An average rainbow cake, that was really affordable, at only $4+ a slice!

My rainbow quest continues at Bangkok!

The rainbow cake here has been highly raved because of how the different colored layers are made with different fruit extracts! Sounds interesting but we didn't particularly enjoy it because it tasted too sweet and artificial!

The most unique rainbow cake I've had thus far, would love to try the salted caramel one though! What a refreshing change from the usual cream cheese!

One of the most expensive cakes I've had but it's the most photogenic one as well! The cake was light and moist, nothing to complain about!

Try it for novelty's sake, the texture was off, and it's basically just eating a tasteless crepe with chocolate sauce!

Good cream cheese to cake ratio! I heard they have other renditions of their rainbow cakes right now!