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Weihan Yeo
Weihan Yeo

Top left: Crab and Nduja Tagliolini. Tastes alright but not wow. Also a pity that the crab meat was too finely shredded that I couldn't quite taste nor feel it on my tongue.

Top right: Beef Ravioli stuffed with finely minced wagyu, made even more delectable with shaved cheese toppings. Another plate of this for me please!

Bottom left: Eggplant Parmigiana, disappointingly bland and could do with much more cheese. At $16, this ties with the beef ravioli as the most expensive dish amongst the 4. Are eggplants so costly?!

Bottom right: Baccala Cakes with Sea Urchin Sabayon. Already quite flavorful on their own, these cod fish balls are even more delicious when dipped into the creamy uni sauce, yummy!


Ok but nothing much to shout about. Would be so much better if there's more oozy cheese and minced beef mixed into them!


Looking better than it tastes, the spaghetti was undercooked and flavors were quite bland. Ironically, the complimentary amuse bouche (cheesy risotto ball) and bread rolls fared much better in our opinions. Dining here is proof again that more expensive doesn't necessarily mean better. Based on the mains we had, I'd say the prices here aren't justified, though the ambience was quiet and romantic; great for a date night.

Doesn't make you go "wow" at first bite, though the flavors do start to grow on you after a while.

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Good, but I would recommend their other signature pizza, The Morning After, more!


The eggplant layers were nicely seasoned without being too salty, and well baked into silky creaminess. Portion is good for sharing too!

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Was deciding between ox cheek stew and this prawn risotto (which is supposedly a crowd favourite), and eventually regretted my decision. I didnt mind so much that the risotto was slightly undercooked, but I couldn't take how bland it tasted! It became bearable only after I piled on a few spoonfuls of parmesan cheese. The only saving grace was the generous amount of 6 fat prawns, mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes.

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Among the 5 dishes we ordered, this was perhaps the best but still, unimpressive. The pull pork was dry and could do with more seasoning. Saddest of all, I could barely taste any cheese :(

Sad to say, the squid ink pasta here may be homemade, but still it pales in comparison to the others I have tried elsewhere.

The cod fish was delightfully fresh and cooked to just-right doneness. It was a shame though that the white wine sauce was a little too salty, otherwise I'd be sure to slurp it all up!

The risotto, stuffed with cheese and a couple of green peas, was cooked well beyond al-dente and hence had a slightly mashy-sticky texture of a potato gratin, which I liked. Together with the tasty beef ragout, this makes for a very comforting starter.

Girl with a never-ending to-eat bucket list.

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