Yishun, Singapore

Yishun, Singapore

NS13 MRT station Nearby places
Doreen Tan
Doreen Tan

Kaya Butter Toast
At S$1.20 per toast at @yakunkayatoastsg
by flashing the page in @singtel app

Note 📝 : limited to first 8,000 toasts

Egg Tart (S$2)
Pandan Tart (S$2) - smell very fragrant
Coconut Tart (S$2.70)
Chicken Pie (S$3)
Bolo Bun (S$2.40)
Available at @taicheongsg in @northpointsg

Tai Cheong
Address 🏡 : 1 Northpoint Drive, # B2-102 Northpoint City South Wing, Singapore 🇸🇬 768 019
Open ⏰ : 10am - 10pm

Chai Kueh (S$16/ 9pcs)
Available at @salt_n_cheese
Pipping hot during collection. Accompanied with crispy garlic bits and chilli sauce. Very smooth and thin skin with savoury filling. Yummy

Salt n Cheese
WhatsApp : 9296 3606
Note 📝 : self collection at Yishun or delivery at S$8

Herbal Mutton Soup (S$6.50)
Rice (S$0.50)
Salted Vegetables (S$1)
Just what one needed to keep warm during a cold day.
Somemore can use the @sghawkerfest vouchers.

中帮猪什汤药材羊肉汤 Pig’s Organ Soup Herbal Mutton Soup
Address 🏡 : Blk 105 Yishun Ring Road, # 01-125 Chong Pang Market & Food Centre, Singapore 🇸🇬 760 105
MRT 🚇 : Yishun (NS13)

Set A (S$3)
Coffee/ Tea + 2 eggs + Bun

Set B (S$3)
Coffee/ Tea + 2 eggs + 2 Toasts

Available at @engswantannoodle in @northpointsg

Sadly the eggs cannot make it. Not even half boiled. Still undercooked. Wasted.
Dad remarked that should learn from the one across which cracks the eggs and makes sure half boiled before serving to customers.

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Wanton Mee Soup (S$5.50/ large)
Wanton Mee Dry (S$5.50/ large)
Fried Ngoh Hiang (S$6)
Available at @engswantannoodle in @northpointsg
Why the Ngoh Hiang so mashed up?

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Braised Butadon (S$11.90)
Available at @kaijudonsg in @northpointsg
Although thinly sliced, the meat was overwhelming in seasoning with a rather dry chewy texture.
Could not finish it.

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Just known from the news that @engswantannoodle in @northpointsg got suspended.
Yes the food standard dropped a lot.
Even the Pau from @teochew_handmade_pau didn’t look similar to the ones from original outlet

Kong Bak Pau (S$1)
So flat can’t see the meat.

Lo Mai Kai (S$1.80)
More on the dry side

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Newly opened @crolosingapore at @northpointsg
Tempura Prawn Croissant (S$2.50)
Chicken Mayo Croissant (S$2.20)
Croffle Mix Fruits (S$2.80)
Smoked Chicken and Cheese Croffle (S$2.50)
Croffle Salted Egg with Yam (S$2.50)
Almond Custard Croissant (S$2)
Promotion : Buy 5 Get 1 Free

Hokkaido Milk Cranberry (S$1.10)
Custard Croissant (S$1.10)
Plain Croffle (S$1.10)
Chocolate Soft Croissant (S$1.10)
Bolo Croissant (S$1.10)
Promotion : Buy 5 for S$5

Address 🏠 : 1 Northpoint Drive, # B2-144 Northpoint City South Wing, Singapore 🇸🇬 768 019
Open ⏰ : 9am - 10pm

Cream Cheese Donut (S$3)
Plain Donut (S$2)
Available at @bakesbyny
Not what I thought of. No rich cheese taste.

Bakes By NY
Address 🏡 : Blk 106 Yishun Ring Road # 01-199, Singapore 🇸🇬 760 106
Website 🌐 : https://www.bakesbyny.com/


Ondeh Ondeh Donut Boms (S$3)
Available at @fitricreationsbakery from 12.30pm onwards
Inside pipping with cream too. Thought will have gula melaka inside but no.

Fitri Creations Pte Ltd
Address 🏡 : Blk 103 Yishun Ring Rd, # 01-101, Singapore 🇸🇬 760 103
Open ⏰ : 9am - 7.30pm
Website 🌐 : https://fitricreations.com/

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Cheese Nuggets (S$4.90)
Available at @auntieannesg in @northpointsg
Freshly made upon order.
Love the molton cheese in the fluffy bread with slightly salted top.

Was planning to get Dog Bites but cheese dip not available.

Auntie Anne’s
Address 🏡 : 930 Yishun Avenue 2, # B1-25 Northpoint City North Wing, Singapore 🇸🇬 769 098

An engineer who is always on the lookout for new food. Instagram : Alamakgirl

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