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Braddell, Singapore

Braddell, Singapore

NS18 MRT station of north south line Nearby places
Doreen Tan
Doreen Tan

Gangnam Noodle (S$6)
Kind of unusual to find century egg in zhi char noodle dish.

Roasted Pork Noodle 烧肉面 (S$3.50)
That’s chunky pieces of roasted meat.

Hua Fong Kee Roasted Duck (華)芳記燒臘飯
Address 🏡 : Blk 116 Toa Payoh Lorong 2, # 01-140, Singapore 🇸🇬 310 116
MRT 🚇 : Braddell (NS18)

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Chao Tah Bee Hoon 炒焦米粉 (S$6)
It looked plain and oily, but it’s packed lots of liao inside such as prawns 🦐, squid 🦑, vegetables and crispy pork lards.
Hao Kee Seafood Deluxe 豪記海鲜煮炒
Address 🏠 : Blk 203 Toa Payoh North, # 01-1097 Choice @ 203, Singapore 🇸🇬 310 203
Tel ☎️ : 8688 1382
Open ⏰ : 11am - 2pm, 5pm - 10.30pm
MRT 🚇 : Braddell (NS18)

Yong Tau Fu
S$5.40 for deep fried meatball, Wanton skin covered meatball, deep fried bean stuffed with minced meat, meat roll, bean curd stuffed with minced meat, pig’s intestine, and Kueh Teow, topped with sweet sauce and chilli sauce.
Like its meatballs but seems much smaller this time.
Hup Chong Hakka Yong Dou Foo 合衆客家酿豆腐
Address 🏠 : Blk 124 Toa Payoh Lorong 1, # 01-459, Singapore 🇸🇬 310 124
Tel ☎️ : 9093 2009
Open ⏰ : 6.30am - 3.30pm, 4.30pm - 8.30pm
MRT 🚇 : Braddell (NS18)
Note 📝 : this outlet is with blue sign board

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Fried Hokkien Prawn 🦐 Mee (S$4)
Pay as you order.
Collect order when buzzer rings.
Quite long wait, about 30 minutes.
Comes with 2 Prawns 🦐 and 1 sotong ring.
Looked simple and plain but flavourful.
Come Daily Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee 天天来
Address 🏠 : Blk 127 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh, # 02-27 Toa Payoh West Market and Food Centre, Singapore 🇸🇬 310 127
Tel ☎️ : 9671 7071
Open ⏰ : Tue - Sun : 8am - 2.30pm
MRT 🚇 : Braddell (NS18)

Super hot weather today!
Lucky got 1-for-1 double scoop ice cream 🍨 (S$6.20) using #BurppleBeyond in @Burpple app at @creamier_sg
Topup S$1 per premium flavour.
Açaí Banana 🍌 Sorbet (Premium flavour, red in colour)
Jam-packed with berry nutrients. A combination of organic Açaí wild harvested from the Amazon forest and market sourced manis bananas.
Slightly tart with distinct banana taste.
Charcoal Black Sesame (Premium flavour, black in colour)
A contemporary take on a great traditional flavour. Nutty, fragrant and nutritious.
It was very rich. Solid stuff.
Earl Grey Lavender (Standard flavour)
A beautiful creamy ice cream 🍨 infused with French earl grey tea with hints of lavender notes. Contains eggs.
Smooth although wish that the tea flavour could be stronger.
Sea Salt Gula Melaka (Standard flavour)
A delightful balance of sweet and savoury using pure palm sugar and hand harvested sea salt from England.
An old favourite although it’s the sweetest among the 4 flavours.
Creamier Handcrafted Ice Cream and Coffee
Address 🏠 : Blk 128 Toa Payoh Lorong 1, # 01-835 Singapore 🇸🇬 310 128
Tel ☎️ : 6250 1476
Open ⏰ :
Sun, Tue - Thu : 12pm - 10pm
Fri, Sat : 12pm - 11pm
Website 🌐 :
MRT 🚇 : Braddell (NS18)
Note 📝 : Help yourself to water 💦 from the tap next to the counter

Scratch Poulet Roti Japon (S$16.90)
Accompanied with a cup of Iced Cafe Latte (S$5.60)
Available at @nichesavour
Tender juicy meat although it was slightly more salty than preferred. The mash was quite yummy with chives and spring onions in it.
Niche Savoureuse
Address 🏠 : Blk 128 # 01-833 Toa Payoh Lorong 1, Singapore 🇸🇬 310 128
Tel ☎️ : 9633 5108
Website 🌐 :
MRT 🚇 : Braddell (NS18)

Honey 🍯 Butter Chicken 🐓 Tender (S$6/ 4pcs)
Tender meat covered by a thin crispy batter, with honey 🍯 butter powder sprinkled on top.
Man’s Kitchen and Waker Chicken
Address 🏠 : Blk 125 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh, # 01-523, Johnson’s Eatery, Singapore 🇸🇬 310 125
Open 🕔 : 6pm - 10.30pm
MRT 🚇 : Braddell (NS18)

Fish 🐟Soup (S$4)
Add S$0.50 for rice
Clear , flavourful soup with chunky pieces of fish.
127 (Lorong 1) Fish Porridge. Fish Soup. Seafood Soup
Address 🏠 : 127 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh, # 02-33, Singapore 🇸🇬 310 127
MRT 🚇 : Braddell (NS18)

The Muffin Man
Assorted muffins at S$12 for 12 pieces at @ugglimuffins with cranberry, oreo, chocolate, raisin and pecan nut flavours.
They may looked ugly, but they tasted so fluffy and moist.
A 25 minutes wait for these babies during Sunday’s lunchtime.
Uggli Muffin
Address 🏠 : 127 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh, # 02-34, Singapore 🇸🇬 310 127
Open 💈 : Tue - Sun : 10am - 2pm
Website 🌐 :
MRT 🚇 : Braddell (NS18)

Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio (S$6.90)
Grilled pork with fried spring roll noodle
Located in a coffee shop called Johnson Eatery.
Pour the sauce over the noodles and let it sit for awhile to soak up the flavours otherwise it may taste quite bland. Favourite part was the crispy spring roll with its thin crispy skin. Quite refreshing for a hot afternoon. The pork didn’t look grilled, lacking of the charred strips, kind of dry.
Address 🏠 : Johnson Eatery, Blk 125 Toa Payoh Lorong 1, # 01-523 Singapore 🇸🇬 310 125
MRT 🚇 : Braddell (NS18)

Chicken Mentai Katsu Don (S$6.80)
Available at @DonyaSingapore which is located in a coffee shop, facing the market.
Atas food in old neighborhood. Serving was a tab small with about 5 pieces of meat.
Donya Japanese Cuisine 丼屋
Address 🏠 : Blk 126 Toa Payoh Lorong 1, Singapore 🇸🇬 310 126
Tel ☎️ :
Open 💈 : 11am - 2.30pm, 5pm - 9pm
MRT 🚇 : Braddell (NS18)


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An engineer who is always on the lookout for new food. Instagram : Alamakgirl

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