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Kate Mun Yi
Kate Mun Yi

Koreans are just flying with success in every venture they do! The latest fad would be their rendition of a Tiramisu ice cream or soft serve.. They currently have 2 outlets now one in Sunway Pyramid and the latest opening is at Midvalley Mall.. It is situated opposite of Good Monster booth.. There isn’t much seating area as it is a really compact space which is perfect for grab and go! They have a very straightforward and easy menu that focuses on the main thing soft serve but you can try it out in different variations.. So we had their signature which is the Original Tiramisu Ice Cream (RM12.90) which looks quite photogenic with its layers of toppings underneath and topped off with a serving of creamy soft serve and heavy dusting of cocoa powder! In terms of taste, it was a decent Tiramisu soft serve as you may get choke from that dusting of cocoa powder that was unfortunately bitter and wasn’t mill to a fine texture.. The soft serve was decent with a slight acidity and creamy texture to it which reminds you of a froyo and the topping was hidden underneath and you only get to enjoy those crunchy bites after you finish the layer of softserve.. It wasn’t much of an explosion of a flavour that instantly reminds you of an Italian Tiramisu

observation of nature, reflection and experimentation. Observation collects facts; reflection combines them; experimentation verifies the results of that combination.”- Denis Diderot
A new comer to the ever so dainty Dew dessert bar.. Strawberry and pistachio tart that has an interesting stark contrast of colours, textures and flavours too.. surprisingly it wasn’t too overly sweet but the pistachio flavour wasn’t really strong #afoodiesaffair #burpple #burpplekl #bangsareats #dewbangsar

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Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie”. David Mamet
A strawberry tart is a great substitute to a pie and a great stress reliever when an amazing one is made! #afoodiesaffair #lisettecafe #bangsar #burpple #burpplekl #foodphotography

The Shoppes By Four Seasons KL is such a quaint little shopping mall that truly has it all! They have a level which excites every foodie from its wealth of choice in the fresh produce section that is covered with magnificent looking red meats of every imaginable cut to the aromatic and creative creation of pizza and the never ending wine section that just delights every wine connoisseur! In all of its tantalising choices, there is a beautiful shop that caters the sweet tooth at heart which is Decadent by Four Seasons.. The shop exudes a very Marie Antoinette feeling that makes you want to reach out for another macaroon! They have every dessert imaginable and not to forget delicious freshly brewed coffee! I had the Raspberry & White chocolate tart which it’s beauty is just exquisite but the balance of sweetness and tartness is still quite far fetch..


In a bustling mall that constantly fills with human being walking around and having fun, nestled a small eatery which focuses on Chinese refreshing dessert be it local favourites or experimental creations that surely whets your appetite for it! It mainly focuses more of the HK inspired desserts but you do get some desserts that focuses on your well being and vitality! How amazing is that! So we ordered a Lemongrass Jelly (RM8.90) which is a healthy and refreshing sundae filled with a refreshing and full whack of lemongrass flavour of a jelly that is truly refreshing and not sweet that pairs well with the cubes of sweet, juicy and ripe mango together with the crunchy purple dragon fruit! It is a perfect dessert to have for 1 or when you are feeling the heat!

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The latest cafe or restaurant joint to open itself to the Malaysian ever hungry community is the Japanese Hoshino Coffee in midvalley which is located in the previously operated Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum.. This place is really popular amongst the younger generations and also office goers as you can spot the never ending lines of people which eager to try out or even soak up the Japanese atmosphere and their aromatic hand drip coffee! Their menu is simple yet straightforward with a touch of Japanese flair into it! We tried their special dessert which is the Strawberry French toast (RM19.90) and you could add on toppings of additional ice cream, whipped butter or even cream.. We paired this Strawberry French toast with their homemade whipped butter which is a combination of whipped cream and butter that made it creamy, salty and buttery! The Strawberry French toast is a petite portion and you can share it with your loved ones as the toast are beautifully cut up for you with a generous dollop of whipped cream and heaps of cut strawberries.. The toast is beautifully made with a touch of buttery, cinnamon like notes on the palate! The service here is quite reasonable as the place is constantly full but the food came out relatively fast than you can finish them all..


We fellow Malaysians are always in love with anything that is French or sweet! Well now we can welcome both of our loves into one in the form of Laduree! This opens quite recently in Pavilion KL and mind you that the interior are so posh that you may thought of shopping for new outfit to just match with the classy, fashionable and posh interior! It has quite limited number of seats but they do have savoury and sweet menus for you to choose from or if you made up your mind like myself; you can head on to the counter and order up your army of dessert creations or macaroon flavours! The prices vary for each macaroon flavour and there is also tea menu which specially curated by the Maison de Laduree.. Lovely place but service is still lacking

One of the giants of French dessert salons has finally landed in our humble shores! Really excited to try out Paul's as I first got to know it through social media of it's opening.. this ever famous pastry salon is everywhere across France and you can even find it in a Gas station or an R&R place too.. They are really famous for their Giant macaroon which is a huge cookie.. This shop is located on the corner which connects you from the Pavilion Elite block to the Pavilion shopping mall block.. Its quite easy to spot with it's French interior that is so alluring.. The atmosphere is really homey yet it's still retains the allure of France and you can have a view of the working kitchen with its chef hustling and bustling making delicious pastries.. For this visit, we had the Red Berry Tart (RM18) which has a very attractive look and the generous portion of it makes it a great sharing dessert if you're after something light or you can have it alone if you're hungry.. The pastry of this tart is really flaky and brown.. The tart is really interesting with its combination of flavours from the tartness of the raspberries and blueberries alongside the hint of sweetness of its strawberry.. Their service is quite relax and not to say the most friendly.

Strangers at 47 truly is the place whereby they aren't afraid to challenge themselves in evolving their menu with quirky yet fun flavours! Recently they have introduced the latest addition of houjicha latte and houjicha lava cake.. I was really excited to try it out as I'm an avid lover of all things lava cake! Today I decided to try out their Houjicha Lava Cake (RM17) which requires 15 minutes of waiting time.. So if you're not a patient person, you can opt for their lovely crepes to try from.. But let me tell you, that the 15 minutes of waiting time is absolutely worth the wait!! As the presentation of the whole dessert is really beautiful and photogenic! This lava cake is paired together with a whole meal crumble, blueberry jewels and a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream.. The moment the cake was cut to reveal the thick and not so watery flow of houjicha that is just amazing to watch and it is still warm despite the time spent in documenting its beauty before it's being devoured.. In terms of texture and taste of the lava cake, well I can say that they totally were on point as the cake is not too dense yet it was soft and fluffy yet sturdy and the cake is still moist! The houjicha presence is really evident in every mouthful with that toasty rice and it's roasted green tea flavour yet it was nicely balanced with the sweetness and not too overpoweringly green.. The whole meal crumble does help to enhance the experience with adding a layer of buttery sensation on top of the houjicha cake.. A must try dessert!


the first thing that will translate Hong Kong in terms it's gastronomy would be dim sum or wanton noodles but there is one snack which is ultimately synonymous with that island and that is the Egg waffle.. That island is known for its crispy yet fluffy Egg Waffle that would make anyone irregardless of age or wealth to stand in line and wait for that pipping hot & crispy blanket of egg waffle that just like a warm snuggly blanket you appreciate after a tiring day..
Well after hearing a description of the Egg Waffle makes me crave to try it out as Malaysia doesn't have that fluffy blanket, but fret not the people of Full House Egglet has answered that calling with a tiny outlet in the Berjaya Times Square that just sells only Egg waffles.. This egg waffles aren't any plain Jane egg waffles, you've been given the conductor role to create and style your egg waffle with the base of either Original, chocolate or cheese.. The next step is choosing the toppings or sauces to enhance that egg waffle experience.. I had was the Original egg waffle (RM5)with maple syrup.. After ordering, you can watch them making those egg waffle come to live with a touch of heat and with an instant it is fluffy and crispy packed in that on the go box alongside a little jar of maple syrup.. It is really pipping hot and the first bite of the egg waffle is surreal as the waffle is really crispy, fluffy and it somehow manage to make you happy and melt away the stress which is reminiscent to the magic of ice cream and the maple syrup is the touch of sweet notes that complements well with the waffle as it wasn't a sweet waffle!
No wonder people don't mind waiting for this bundle of joy that makes you feel like a kid! The best part is, it's affordable too!!


The haven for souffle lovers will surely rejoice with its latest menu update and not to mention the brilliant idea in putting a twist to the classic souffle with the seasonal menu! The time I visited was the offering of the kiddo which is made with chocolate chips and cocoa powder and its accompanied by the vanilla ice cream which was beautifully decorated with strawberries & blueberries sprinkles of honey cornflakes and not to forget the palate cleanser of grape fruit sorbet.. This is an Amazing idea in making us so excited to eat a souffle as its just so whimsical to have flavors like them and it proves to be worth the wait as its just so delicious and crunchy yet warm in your tummy! Great dessert to chase the blues away


In a little area of shop lots that is a living and breathing with K-pop influence is the place called Solaris Mont Kiara that will guarantee you the K-pop dose you needed with streets filled with every imaginable eatery and mainly non- halal as the Koreans just have that crazy love affair with Pork and Shoju! Beneath all those Korean BBQ, there lies a quaint little bakery that is packed with variety pastries, cakes and also bingsu and we specifically came for that! So they have around 6 different types of bingsu and according their recommendation the milk mango bingsu & oreo chocolate bingsu and another version which has rice cakes bingsu are their best seller.. We've chose the milk mango bingsu (RM27) for the day and not to forget they have 3 different sizes which they called it in funny names like for 2 is friends, 3 or more is family.. The seats are actually at the top of the cafe, so please don't wear heels as you've gotta climb the steep staircase to their seating area which is relaxing and spacious.. The service here is speedy and the look of the bingsu is mouth watering and attractive as it was filled with tons of mango chunks! Yeah for me! The taste of the bingsu is really fantastic as the shaved ice is soaked together with the milk which is quite light and not too creamy yet compliments the sweetness of the mango.. It's really a fantastic coolant to have on a hot day!

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