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Ice Cream!!!

Ice Cream!!!

Featuring Seriously Ice Cream, Density Frozen Custard, Everton Creamery (Everton Park)
Jasline Chua
Jasline Chua

Opening their doors across from Butterscotch at Bukit Merah Central, Ice Cream Shack offers ice-cold relief from the unforgiving Singapore heat with their diverse selection of flavours. Expect familiar flavours like Cookies & Cream and Pistachio, and experimental ones such as Marmite and Avocado. Single scoops are priced at $3.80 for regular flavours, while premium flavours such as Lychee Rose or Speculoos are priced at $4.60. Have your ice cream with crispy waffles or in a waffle cone (an additional $4.70 and $0.50 respectively)!

Have you ever had frozen custard? Situated at Short Street near the famous Rochor Bean Curd, Density Frozen Custard offers an all-American premium ice cream experience. Priced from $4 onwards, the ice cream is churned daily using natural ingredients, and egg yolks as a stabliser. The minimal air incorporated into the making of the frozen custard thus requiring the use of less sugar (supposedly half the amount in a regular froyo). Aside from their regular flavours such as Madagascan Vanilla Bean, you can expect a rotating selection of Daily Specials such as Quadruple Chocolate, Gingerbread and Strawberry Shortcake.

Everton Creamery, the newest entry in the buzzy Everton Park neighbourhood, serves a variety of gelatos to help you beat the ever-present Singapore heat. The more popular flavours include Banana Walnut, Mango Pineapple and Nocciolone (Hazelnut), but we say go for their Matcha — which uses pumpkin seeds for a truly unique crunch factor — or their unbelievably nutty Pistachio.

One of their original creations which is pretty innovative for its unconventional mix of flavours. Rosemary is more often than not used for marination of meats as a spice than to be mixed in cold desserts, so its appearance here does trick your tastebuds. The honey used seems to be real honey as well as it does not taste any bit artificial or too sweet. The ice-creams here are of a slush-like consistency, and as this flavour takes an unconventional combination of two rather unrelated ingredients, it is more of an acquired taste for those who choose to have this flavour.

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