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Simple Viet

Simple Viet

Vietnamese food is all about simple, plain tasting goodness. Here are some places where you can find delectable, fresh and flavourful Vietnamese fare!
Xing Wei Chua
Xing Wei Chua

1/2 Baguette, Grilled Lemongrass Pork, Homemade Pickles, Vietnamese Herbs, Seasonal Salad.

From Naturelle; a new bistro/restaurant tucked away from the crowd at Phoenix Park, occupying a building on its own within the same compound where Boufé Boutique Cafe is located, which also has its own herb garden where some of the produce for its dishes are also sourced from — pretty much a farm-to-table concept here.

Really enjoyed the Linh’s Banh Mi; perhaps one of those that left quite an impression of the late — the baguette was already a star of its own being all shattering crisp, yet carrying a good bite with some tension when one sinks their teeth into the bread to chew, carrying a savoury note from the butter spread in between. What truly impressed us was the Grilled Lemongrass Pork; no doubt juicy and succulent, but it carries a distinct lemongrass aroma that is pretty fragrant and dominates the entire Banh Mi. Other elements such as the homemade pickles give the Banh Mi a refreshing tang to cut through the meatiness and carbs with a crunch, while the seasonal salad was almost similar to the homemade pickles but carried a slightly more savoury flavour from the fish sauce. A very simple, yet satisfying item that would work well for those looking for something not too filling — very flavourful and delicious. Something which we would not mind having again, especially given how the service is pretty on-point, with a relaxing vibe that is away from all the hustle and bustle of town.


Opening their latest outpost in a shopping mall, Mrs Pho had recently opened the doors of their Vivocity outlet — the outlet being decked in a similar style of their second outlet at Rangoon Road but almost as narrow as their Beach Road store.

Serving up pretty much the same menu as their Beach Road outlet offering an array of sides, Pho, Rice and Dry Noodle dishes, the quality is pretty consistent here (with the exception of the rather dry grilled pork chop served with our Mrs Pho Dry Noodle Combo). Trying the Grilled Lemongrass Beef Sticks for the very first time, it left an impression with its sweet marinade and tender meat; skewered using a stick of lemongrass, the lemongrass helps to add juiciness to the already easy-to-chew beef that falls off the lemongrass so effortlessly, yet also provided a refreshing flavour that help cleanse the taste buds. A fun item to share around the table.


Opened by the folks behind Moc Quan at UE Square, Moc Cottage is their latest concept situated along Tanjong Pagar Road, which aims to bring authentic Vietnamese cuisine in an upscale setting. Featuring a number of dishes apart from Pho and Banh Mi that is rarely seen in the menus of other Vietnamese eateries here, the Banh Beo Xun Quang is the Vietnamese rendition of the our local Chwee Kueh here.

Essentially Vietnamese-style rice cakes served with shrimp paste, fried beancurd and shallot oil, a serving comes with a portion of six with the shallot oil seperately served in a saucer to allow patrons to add the shallot oil to their own liking. Unlike Chwee Kueh that carries a bouncy texture, the Banh Beo Xun Quang is a little more dense; carrying a slightly more radish cake-esque texture though largely tasteless on its own. We really liked how the shrimp paste added on the top felt like our local Otah; carrying familiar hints of Rempah spices and that spiciness-cum-savouriness that gives the rice cakes some flavour. Topped off with crispy toppings such as shallots and fried beancurd, they give the rice cakes a nice crunch while the shallot oil provides a hint of savoury fragrance that antes up the flavour profile of the entire dish. Something that is so familiar yet with a twist, this is an interesting item that is great to share around the table and fun to have.


Finally got the time to revisit Que, a Vietnamese stall within Johnson Eatery at Blk 125 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh which is also where Mr. Fish & Chips previously at PoMo is relocated to.

Usually only available with pork, but was whipped up special version with beef by the lady boss who makes the beef upon order. Really like the shattering crisp bread that carried some bite without crumbling down into a mess, also buttered for flavour. The meat was well-marinated and absolutely flavourful; savoury, yet tender and void of any gaminess, while the various greens help add texture and flavour contrast with cucumbers giving a crunch and coriander cutting through the meatiness of the sandwich. The chili padi provided a hint of spiciness when one bites on them; providing some kick as well. A pretty good rendition of the Banh Mi that I would not mind going for again!

Visited this establishment that serves to Banh Mi along Geylang Road in a pretty unpretentious environment with all the right vibes.

Went for the Pork Banh Mi, which features a baguette that is baked fresh in-house, pickles, pork pate, ham and other condiments. Felt that the bread was light and crisp, lightly toasted and buttered for a slight richness while the overall sandwich was more on the meaty side, with the pickles providing a rather light hint of sourness to refresh the tastebuds from the meatiness. Patrons can opt for spiciness here, where chili padi would be added in — the chili padi is immensely spicy, giving the sandwich a real fiery kick that even most spicy eaters would feel the tingle on their taste buds. A pretty good Banh Mi, and one that is certainly affordable at $4.50 in a set with drink; a deal that is undeniably value-for-money and pretty delicious.


From Isle Eating House’s new extension at the ground level of Parklane Shopping Centre, which serves up Bak Kut Teh, soups and a limited variety of Vietnamese noodles apart from the usual economic rice.

Liked the sweet and tangy broth, while the glass noodles were surprisingly springy. Carrots were soft; the element that added the slight sweetness in the broth, though the chunks of beef were inconsistent in terms of tenderness; some being slightly tougher than the rest. Still, a pretty comforting noodle dish; flavourful in its own right, and something that I would not mind going for again.


Thought the menu at Paper Rice Vietnamese Kitchen was pretty extensive, offering items rarely found in other Vietnamese establishments in Singapore.

The Da Nong Pork Noodle Soup features special pork bone broth — almost akin to a light Tom Yum soup without being too punchy in terms of spiciness, yet coming with and evident hint of lemongrass; a contrast to the beefy, light-tasting Pho broth we are often exposed to. Rice noodles were smooth and silky; absolutely slurpy, while the condiments such as the prawn was fresh — also comes with fried spring rolls which were crisp and meaty, rice cracker, assortment of greens, and hard-boiled egg. A pretty delightful item; one which was comforting and satisfying, bringing flavours of Vietnamese cuisine not often seen in Singapore.


Came across this Vietnamese establishment at Alexandra Central and decided to give it a go. No regrets here; the Banh Mi is actually rather delicious, save for the face that the baguette could be a little more crisp and less limp; otherwise, the bread still gives considerable chew and is overall pretty light. The pate is also easy on the palate; gives the bread a light but lingering saltishness while the roast pork was reasonably juicy — liked how it comes with the crackling skin. Despite being a simple sandwich, it’s all I wish for in a Vietnamese baguette — flavoursome and fuss-free, pretty satisfying especially over a cup of Vietnamese Drip Coffee (White) on the side.

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From 2 CÔ SG at QS269 Food House; the coffeeshop is situated just across Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple — also houses Ah Heng Curry Mee.

Went through the menu that carries a number of interesting items but most things listed on the menu were unavailable; reason cited being the lack of ingredients sold at the markets here. That being said, the Rice with Pork Chop didn’t disappoint; the caramalised glaze on the outside gives the tender pork a hint of sweetness, topped off with pork lard for some crispness — pretty unexpected but definitely a sweet surprise for me since I do enjoy pork lard. Rice is pretty fluffy, while the meat loaf comes with savoury flavour; meaty and stuffed with vermicelli and fungus within. Pickled vegetables come on the side; helps to cut through the meatiness and sweetness while the chili dip is pretty potent considering how it comes with plenty of chili seeds and raw chili. While the slab of pork doesn’t come as savoury and smoky as what I would have expected, I actually found this pretty worth the buck given its generous portion and quality; a new place for Vietnamese cuisine found!


Managed to learn about Que’s existence at Toa Payoh from Johnson Eatery’s Facebook page. Quite interesting to know that Que is a one-woman show; the lady boss being the only person running the stall — a brave entrepreneurial move considering how Que is her very first F&B venture that she is involved in.

I was torn between this and the Banh Mi but figured out it was better to start off from a safer item here first. The Bun Thit Nuong Bun Gio checks the right boxes here when it comes to the made-to-order spring rolls and grilled pork; while many places served up pre-cooked ingredients for their dry noodles that had been set aside for a while, the grilled pork and spring rolls were served hot — the former been tender, moist and savoury without being too tough to chew, while the latter comes all crisp without being greasy whilst well-filled inside. The rice vermicelli was also slurpy and springy, while the basil and chili helps to give it a distinct aroma with a slight umami flavour and a hint of pretty manageable spiciness. Recommend giving this a good toss, and portioning out the generous amount of ingredients with every spoonful; the simple ingredients here comes together for a comforting meal that is predictable yet flavoursome dish which is not too heavy on the palate — an item apt for dinner after the massive feasting after CNY.

PS: would try to make a visit for their Banh Mi another time; the menu illustration simply seems to be too tempting to resist ...


From Quan Co Ba; one of my most frequented stalls at Broadway Sim Lim Square. After having their dry noodles and Pho for quite a while, I was convinced enough to try this for a light lunch. While this isn’t quite something that would fill up the stomach, I totally enjoyed how the rice rolls were chewy and slippery; almost akin to HK-style Chee Cheong Fun in terms of silliness but still carrying the chew and clean flavours of the local variant. It comes with the standard condiments, including mint leaves, coriander and bean sprout for a refreshing flavour, while the shallots provided a crisp along with the slight savouriness of the sausage-like ham.


From Signs A Taste of Vietnam Pho; a newly opened Vietnamese eatery at Midpoint Orchard serving up Pho and noodle Salads — the place is loads of character on its own; run by a deaf couple, it is certainly amazing to see how they are able to face the challenges from setting up the place to the daily operations of the eatery. Quite amazing I would say.

Have had Pho a couple of times but this one is probably one of the few that's really no MSG added; clear, clean-tasting yet refreshing — simple and comforting given how light the broth was especially along the slurpy rice noodles. Being the item that comes with all the goodies, it includes beef balls, beef shin slices and sliced ribeye beef — tender, yet not too gamey. Pretty satisfying; a place worth supporting!


Up, down and everywhere around for food.

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