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Local Fare

Local Fare

Often carb-ridden, but ohsosinfully delish.
Nobelle Liew
Nobelle Liew

Man the rice was soft, fluffy, moist without clumping together, and so so soooo fragrant I’m going as far as to call it the best I’ve had of late. And that fried chicken: crispy batter surrounding unimaginably tender meat. It was so good I got another side of fried chicken breast, and oof is it the best hawker fried chicken or the best hawker fried chicken (no I’m not giving you an option).


When I saw it among the other dishes at the display, I wasn’t all that impressed really. It looked small, limp, a little bit sad and dejected, and it’s only cause I love tahu telur did I decided what the heck just give it a go. And I gotta say: best decision. First off, the serving is huge, which really pleased the cheapo in me who balked at the $27 receipt for a nasi padang meal. Upon order they refry it to a perfect golden brown, adding just enough crunch without drying out the insides. I’ve had loads of tahu telurs where they over fry it during the reheating process, causing the soft, fluffy insides to toughen up way too much. Rumah Makan Minang’s though was downright perfect. My only gripe’s that the sauce was too sweet for me. A touch more salt and heat would’ve been 👌🏻🤤

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A family-owned nasi padang stall with tons of history, Rumah Makan Minang’s got a massive variety of dishes on display. I gotta admit being a tad overwhelmed by the stacked dishes brimming with curries and meats 😶 But my oh my were they yummy. There wasn’t too much we could down between the 2 of us, so we settled for the usual few of beef rendang, sambal goreng, begedil, etc. All I can say is we were super satisfied. Everything was cooked superbly, flavours so robust and punchy, with an evident yet bearable kick of chilli constantly lingering at the back of our tongues. I only wish we managed to try the Ayam Bakar Veronica raved so much about — we ordered it and got dished up ayam masak merah instead 😅


I think everyone knows me as the sort to travel hours just for food (I once walked 3 hours to a café in Melbourne mind you), but when the company you keep wants convenience I end up just settling — and it’s amazing how you find surprisingly decent chows even like that. Can’t say I’m a good judge of scissor cut curry rice cause I’ve honestly only ever tried two places, but this made my tummy happy (and my wallet too) at just $3.50. I liked that the braised dark sauce wasn’t too thick or sweet cause I’m not too big a fan of the sweeter renditions, and that the fried chicken cutlet, though having sat out for a bit, wasn’t dry at all and was actually pretty sizable. That they generously poured 3 full ladles of the glorious curry over the mountain of rice made me a very happy girl too ☺️


Can’t say I’ve tried many soupy bak chor mees aside from the popular ones in Fengshan 85 market, so I was super stoked to try Famous Eunos Bak Chor Mee’s rendition — even more so after hearing they’re among the participating hawkers in this year’s Tiger Street Food Festival! What I especially liked was how massive their dumplings are compared to those we’re familiar with at 85. Very generous and meaty which, when enjoyed with the copious amounts of fairly lean minced meat in the soup, made for a pretty lip-smacking meal. Check them out this coming Friday at the festival that’s happening in the open field at Tan Quee Lan street! With whichever bcm store your allegiance lies, you’re bound to be spoilt rotten by all the other fantastic hawker offerings 😉


Glad to say it was definitely the right choice, and everyone (I mean everyone, even the pickiest most skeptical eaters) was impressed. Of their 4 kuehs, my heart went out to the Smoked Pork Belly one which coincidentally is a new flavour they launched for barely a week! It’s hard to imagine how the smokiness can actually come through as strongly as it did without overpowering the sweet stewed turnips, but maaaaan they did it. The beetroot’s a close second for its unique yet very surprisingly lovely flavours. Time to haul ass there if you haven’t already.


I kid you not. No wonder the queue at Garden Street Kway Chap's always insane. So my mum was telling me they've got really really good food at mighty low prices too, and we all went down to give it a try today. And damn, really not too bad at all. The big intestines were really clean, soft and tasty, absorbed all the flavours of the braising liquid after staying in the pot for hours. The silky-smooth skin was just right: not too thick so it's unpleasant, and not too thin that it tears easily. The best though, I thought, was the lean slices of pork. Tender, moist, juicy, yet so so lean.


Made with 100% pure Mao Shan Wang durian (no fillers or artificial sweeteners mind you), then lovingly encased in bamboo charcoal snowskin and finished with gold dust, you know you're getting nothing short of the best (and real) stuff. What I really like about their mooncakes is how they don't skimp on quality, allowing the durian to take the centre stage through and through. Creamy and smooth, it's really just pure durian goodness — perfect for all you fiends out there. Only thing is do try to eat them between 10-15 min of thawing though, cause if you let them sit out too long the ice cream-like filling will turn a tad mushy.

Pre-order special price of $66.60's (25% discount holy moley!) running till the end of August, so visit their Instagram or website to lock your box down now! Don't say bojio 😘

Took a couple of friends visiting from down under 🇦🇺 here a couple of days back, and was once again surprised at how such simple local fare pleases almost everyone! I've been to Tong Ah a few times and always love their half-boiled eggs. They're perfectly done (by my standards), with little bits of hardened but still silky-smooth yolk, holding it's shape and not swirling into a yellow mess when the egg's cracked; and the whites completely runny but not at all translucent — so many requirements, I'm odd that way ☺️ The toast here has always been secondary to me. Maybe crispy thin, as the Aunty suggests, doesn't really work for me cause it feels too biscuity and not toast-y at all; or maybe it's cause the kaya is less sweet and generous than some spots.


I have no issues with paying $10 for a slab of good braised pork, but sometimes the humblest $1.80 lu rou fan works the best magic. Fatty melt-in-your-mouth tasty-as-hell pork belly, above a bed of steaming hot rice, drenched in ladles of rich braising liquid. Couple that with some peppery pig organs soup and you've got a happy, satisfied belly. #Burpproved

Possibly among the last to hop on the bandwagon, but now that I have I'm never turning back. Being the first scissor-cut curry rice I've tried I can't say if this is the best out there, only that I reeeally enjoyed it. I'm not the biggest fan of the starchy braised sauce, cause it kinda just coats the rice and stops that yummy curry from really seeping in; flavour-wise though it was 👌🏻 Fried chicken chop was, as pictured, legit with a thin, crisp batter and meaty; braised cabbage was addictive; and seriously that humble dish of bean sprouts is worth a mention.


Classic, timeless, and always satisfying. Those who like a more savoury sauce will find this slightly different, doused in a sweeter soy sauce mix and topped with lotsa fried garlic. The chicken itself is pretty fab: lovely roasted skin that's not at all fatty, hiding juicy and perfectly cooked meat. I won't call it the best chicken rice ever, but there's just something really comforting and nostalgic about the store, hidden from sight in the old Katong Shopping Centre. That, and everyone knows I can't resist them free soup and achar 😉


Spending all my time eating (and eating) cause what else is there to do in small 🌞🌞 Singapore?

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