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coffee overseas

coffee overseas

third wave coffee is everywhere
Fabian Poon
Fabian Poon

yesterday's me time at @tanameracoffee, thamrin city. spent good hours there with dark interiors that did not feel intimating but roused another intimacy with coffee instead. did you know the good folks at @tanameracoffee only source the beans directly with the local farmers in indonesia? this drastically help improves the lives of the very passionate micro lot farmers but who are usually at proverty stricken level. can't help feeling that coffee can do good all over again. espresso blend i had was lighter and milder compare to @giyanticoffee's blue batak though


first joe at KL - LoC, using sprezzatura beans which are roasted daily from single farms in Tana Toraja and Flores Indonesia. coffee game is strong here with a lovely full mouth bitter sweet profile that i have not enjoy for a long time.

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gps took me elsewhere, then unfortunate wrong turns and impending causeway jam ahead.. but first, coffee.


today's coffee hunt in JB: my liberica specialty coffee. owner sure is serious about its liberica coffee here with its elaborate explanation in the coffee menu. my flat white is done exactly the way i want it. coffee edges over milk, but not empowering. coffee here vs Just Want Coffee? i choose liberica - for its passion in its craft and without saying, a very very good cup of coffee

before liberica, before just want coffee, i know this humble joint call baristas coffee. with the spew of third wave coffee joints in JB, coffee at baristas may just be pedestrian at best.

saving grace! maybe slight biased cause i love anything tat is matcha + azuki. but gotta admit, the matcha ice cream was very well balanced in taste. waffles came a tad tough but i am not complaining when the soft ice cream meets crisp waffle! this, i like!

the challenge of consistency when u have outlets. wasnt my best cup of coffee that day. first baristas, then this subpar coffee at headmost. i am already missing my liberica.

by the same folks who brought you just want coffee, the garden. i definitely have my expectations

work has taken me to JB, so has my hunt for coffee too. Just want coffee with its unmistakable tiffany blue naturally appears on my radar given its huge popularity in JB. take a step into the compound and be greeted by dreamy garden landscape. coffee + garden, how better can it get right?