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Sugar High

Sugar High

It's impossible to say no to these sweet treats!
Muriel AvdH
Muriel AvdH
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One of the better carrot cakes I’ve had in a long time. Moist carrot cake base with a nice slather of cream cheese frosting. Liked that this wasn’t too sweet and just had the right amount of frosting.

Note that this is not the actual size. It’s available as a slice or as a 1.8kg cake priced at $80.


I always tell myself I’ll try something new when I’m here, but I always end up with this (a good non-artificial tasting strawberry ice cream is hard to come by!). I like that this isn’t so sweet plus that hint of the berry’s tang. For me, the flavour comes out best when paired with the buttery, savoury brioche. Think melting salted butter atop a hot slice of toast with cold strawberry jam from the fridge, but in ice cream sandwich form! 😍


Substantially oozy and chocolatey, perfect for when you’re craving something sweet.


Next time you’re in town, get your brown sugar pearls craving fix here at a pocket-friendly price!


We were looking for an air-conditioned place after dinner and a friend spotted this new cafe. They primarily serve mille crepes from Hokkaido (though they have waffles and other savoury dishes too). The mille crepe was not bad, but I’m biased towards Lady M’s paper thin crepes and layers of light cream in between. They serve a selection of beverages too – nothing special, but will get the job done.


Loved the extra tart passion fruit curd but I wish it was a bit more set. Crust looked pale but it was actually buttery and crumbly. Other than a dusting of ground pistachio, there isn’t really any other pistachio element so you probably won’t even notice it.


Lovely little sweet bites to end a meal. My favourites were the Dark Chocolate with Salted Caramel Swirls and the Ducley with Housemade Chocolate Hazelnut Butter.

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Liked the poached pear filling with a warm hint of vanilla (though I couldn’t detect the amaretto) but the highlight of this bowl was the solid Tasmanian honey ice cream. ❤️

The dumpling skin didn’t work very well for this either (wish they used filo or puff pastry instead), but I hope they will sell just the ice cream on its own!


This annual treat from Kyoto is back till September 23. 💚 If you’re a huge matcha fan and love the intense kind, don’t miss this! I love both matcha and hojicha so I opted for the mix to get the best of both worlds. I find it hard to finish a cone on my own, so make sure you bring a friend to share it with.

Note: It can get a bit messy here after you order and pay, as they rely solely on their memory and there is no structured number/queue system in place. Make sure you remember who ordered before and after you and keep track!


The portion used to be bigger and it's slightly less moist than I remember. But it's still a tasty, foolproof way to end a meal here on a sweet note.


The brownies and blondies here are my biggest weakness (perfect with the superb cuppa here). Spotted this on display and of course we ordered, but unfortunately the extra moisture from the rhubarb resulted in a too-moist-and gooey consistency.

There are hits and misses for the seasonal bakes here, so stick to the classics (hazelnut brownie and chocolate blondie) if you're not feeling adventurous.


llaollao is finally back! While I remain loyal to the faultless cookie sauce, the new pistachio sauce is a worthy rival. Comes with caramelised crunchy bits too for that extra texture.


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