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Bubble milk tea burnt cheese cake from Belle and Cream! The tea flavour was quite subtle, and complimented cheese flavour really well. The cake was creamy, and slightly denser (in a good way). The tapioca pearls were chewy and had a nice bite - surprisingly, it went quite well with the cake!


The grilled almond cake from Common Man Coffee Roasters was unexpectedly amazing! The cake was soft and crumbly, but still moist and not dry at all. Wasn’t too sweet, and the almond flavour was quite subtle and not overpowering. Great way to end the meal!


Finally got round to trying The Plain Jane at Serangoon! Their famous Swiss rolls ($5.90/$6.90) come in various interesting flavours and perfect for dessert or afternoon tea. The ispahan has a rose cream and lychee jelly in the middle, and was quite light and refreshing. The matcha was the right balance of bitter and sweet. Both had a really fluffy sponge, and wasn’t too heavy. Really nice place to chill and have a cup of coffee!


Although waffles and ice cream is a simple and widely-available dessert today, Holy Cow Creamery does it pretty damn good. The waffle was light and fluffy, and actually tasty and fragrant on its own. I found the earl grey lavender a bit too strong for my liking, but really liked how the banana and rum came together. Really affordable, with a good variety of flavours. Worth checking out if you’re in the area!


I liked the flavour of the cake - the matcha wasn’t too bitter and the sauce was nice and creamy. The texture was a little too soft/mushy for my liking. The Thai tea ice cream paired very well with the matcha flavours, and wasn’t cloyingly sweet. Pretty good and affordable spot for dessert if you’re in the area.


Ondeh ondeh softserve from Moosh is great for a hot day, although the ice cream melts pretty fast so you gotta eat this quick. The green sauce (pandan probably) and coconut flakes together with the hint of gula melaka from the soft serve really replicated the ondeh ondeh flavour quite well. I think the $6 portion is a bit much for just one flavour, so it might be better to get more of the smaller $4 portion and have more variety.


Finally got to try this instagram-worthy cake that tastes as good as it looks! The cake was moist and spongy, while the salted egg glaze added just a touch of savouriness which really brought out the flavour of the whole cake. Would have preferred if the salted egg flavour was a little stronger, but really not a bad attempt at melding the two flavours together!


Eggs ‘n Things (located at Plaza Singapura, 3rd floor) are officially opening their first branch outside of Hawaii and Japan! Their pancakes are known for having a huge stack of whipped cream 15cm in height, which makes for a rather impressive sight. However, do note that the cream spreads out pretty quickly, so do not leave it sitting for too long! The cream was light, and not too sweet, while the strawberries gave it a nice sweetness and slight tartness. The pancakes were a little too dense for my liking, and I would have preferred them to be slightly fluffier. What’s interesting is actually the sauces which they provide - you get to choose between guava, coconut, and the usual maple. They really help to brighten up the dish overall.

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The strawberry sundae was quite smooth, although I would have preferred it to be a tad creamier. The elderflower flavour was just right - wasn’t too overpowering. The elderflower jelly and crumbs gave the whole dish some nice contrasting textures with each bite. The buttermilk waffle was one of the better ones I had - crisp, but still soft and fluffy inside. Portion is quite substantial, but perhaps still better to share with friends.


The buttermilk waffles had a nice, crisp exterior yet were still very fluffy inside. I liked that it just had a hint of earl grey flavour and that it wasn’t too overpowering. The tart strawberries balanced out the sweet vanilla ice cream, and everything went well together. Pretty worth it!


The cendol had the right amount of gula melaka, which gave it its characteristic sweetness and fragrance, and didn’t overpower the coconut milk which made it sufficiently creamy. The shaved ice was fine enough such that each spoonful was smooth. Didn’t come with red beans and most of the other toppings apart from the green pandan ‘worms’ but am personally not a fan of the rest of them so this wasn’t a problem for me.

Nothing beats ice cream on a hot day (which is everyday in Singapore) and the Honey Goldilocks ($6.40) from 21 Cube Artisan hits the spot!

This one comes with a s'more wrapped sugar cone, organic wildflower honey, graham crumble and honey comb. Surprisingly, it's not cloyingly sweet despite the numerous toppings - this can be attributed to the appropriately-coined "mild-flavoured" vanilla soft serve ice cream itself being really light and refreshing. It wasn't overly rich, and helped to balance out the sweet toppings. What's more, the cone is huge and the portion given plus quality definitely makes it worth your dollar.

Many thanks to Burpple for the invite and the good hosts of 21 Cube Artisan for hosting!


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