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Local Fare

Local Fare

Who doesn't love hawker food? From the familiar favourites to the unknown gems; reviews of local food all around Singapore.
Yeung Kai Ho
Yeung Kai Ho

One of the more interesting dishes from @yishikitchen.sg - the egg is deep fried which results in it having a crisp exterior while still slightly runny, fluffy interior. The golden mushrooms add a nice crunchy texture while the basil gives it a nice fragrance. I felt that the egg could have been seasoned a bit more though. Could be slightly oily, but a good dish to order when you’re feeling a little sinful!

Usually am not a fan of nyona fish head, but I really liked this variant from Yi Shi! The fish was super fresh and flaky, and the gravy very tasty and not too tart/sour. They are also very generous on the vegetables and toppings, and it’s great for sharing!

One of the best dishes of the night! The tofu was crisp on the outside but soft and silky on the inside. The preserves turnip added a nice crunch and savouriness and was not excessively salty. Super addictive and definitely a must order!

These pork ribs with apple champagne sauce and VANILLA ICE CREAM from @yishikitchen.sg was surprisingly good! Sounds like a weird combination but the sweetness of the ice cream actually really compliments the tart apple sauce really well. This dish is one of their weekly dishes which they switch pretty regularly - definitely worth a try!

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Have yet to find a carrot cake better than the one at 618 Sim Carrot Cake! Crispy and topped generously with cai poh - long queue but totally worth the wait!


Kolomee makes for a great breakfast! The wriggly noodles are a nice change from the usual meekia/meepok that we are used too. Their texture is a lot softer/doughy, but it still has a nice bite. The dark soy flavour is my favourite as it adds a nice sweetness to the noodles. Although it already comes topped generously with lots of minced meat, indulge and add char siu and wanton to complete the dish!


So happy to chance upon cheap and good dim sum at Cheng San Market & Food Centre! They don’t offer as many items as proper dim sum restaurants, but there’s still a relatively good variety of fried and steamed dim sum. Their carrot cake and chicken glutinous rice were particularly good. Prices are also very reasonable. Pay then a visit at Nian Nian Fa Dian Xin Mei Shi (年年发点心美食) #01-121

The hae mee tng is chock-full of natural goodness and flavour from the prawns! The broth has no additional sauces or seasoning, and a lot of the flavour comes naturally from the prawns they use to cook the stock. Pricey, but yummy! They offer Japanese somen as an option, but having tried both I think I still prefer the traditional vermicelli.

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The moonlight horfun from KEK Seafood really lives up to its name! Usually not a fan of moonlight horfun cause the thought of eating raw egg is quite a turn off, and sometimes it can be quite dry; but this was pretty excellent. The egg after mixed it made the noodles have the perfect consistency and texture. Super flavourful, with a good wok hei, and generous amounts of lard for added crunch and indulgence. They were also quite generous with their other ingredients like squid, lup cheong and prawns, making each bite very satisfying.


The salted egg sotong from KEK Seafood at Alexandra is definitely one of the best! It is a little pricey, but the portions are substantial - the small portion would be enough for 4 or even 5 people. Batter was crispy while the salted egg was not too overwhelming. It also was not overly salty, and had the right balance of flavours. One of the must orders here!

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School’s out, and the summer holidays are here! Pigged out on a plate of har cheong gai fried to perfection from @ahtanwings at Yishun Park Hawker Centre. Loved the crispy exterior, and how the prawn paste was fragrant yet not too overpowering when eating it. Definitely not too jelat, and you will definitely want to down a few of these!

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The dry prawn noodles from Noo Cheng Adam Road Big Prawn Mee is worth queuing a bit for! The broth is super solid, and the noodles with their chilli has a great kick. Their prawns were quite fresh, and the pork belly slices had a nice chewy texture. Pretty much always has a long queue during lunch period, although it isn’t as crowded in the evenings!


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