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Banana Bread

Banana Bread

This list is to feed my banana bread addiction.
Clara Bean
Clara Bean

Would rather it be in the opposite combination though! But yeah, bad so much trouble trying to curb myself from eating this while slicing it cause it's still my fasting window! #leangains
Had a couple of crumbs though! HAHAHAHA!πŸ™Š heading to the gym now!

Salted caramel banana muffin from Assembly Coffee! 😍😍

WOW. Just wow. The best banana cake I've had so far! The cake was fragrant, moist and the cream of the cake was also banana! 😍

The fluffiest and tastiest muffin I've had! Chunks of banana can be found within this glorious muffin too!


I just want to finish this entire loaf at one go

1 of the 3 banana loaves they make! Walnuts for the added crunch and the loaves are as moist as it always has been!

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