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Dat Sweet Tooth

Dat Sweet Tooth

It is well known that the human body has 2 stomachs. One for your proper meals, and the other for desserts. Here are some places you can consider heading to!
Clara Bean
Clara Bean

YAKULT ICE CREAM. I need to get some nowwww and I'm really bored. help. A place to get your ice cream fix after having cakes at ciel! Hehe!


If you're craving for something sweet yet filling, this chicken mushroom pie would hit all the right notes with its savory fillings and sweet crust!


Affordable milicrepes, affordable coffee! But how do they fare?

Check out my review on fatassbean.wordpress.com!

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Ok I don't know what it's exactly called but.. I know I was very disappointed by this.

Available at this day-old ice cream cafe, With Luv, just a few doors down the famous Little Vietnam at Grandlink Square, 5-min walk away from paya lebar!
Hey, it's my first time visiting a cafe on its first day of opening! How exciting! And thanks for letting me be first to post, @stormscape. My mum will be proud! HAHAHAHAH!

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Is this a cup of tea? Is this... I can't think of anything else it resembles, but this is @ahbongsitalian Classic Creme Brûlée made with Madagascan Vanilla! 😍 At just $4 per pop, it makes a good after meal dessert!

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Not a huge fan of matcha but this was pretty good for me because the taste of matcha is not too strong! The cream with azuki in between the layers of crepe were pretty refreshing!

It's my lunch also actually. I want to cafehop 😩😩😩

Please reciprocate by heading on to fatassbean.wordpress.com for my thoughts on this new kid on (under) the block!

Hurray for a new cafe in the West again!

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I suspect my belly is a bottomless pit. Follow my instagram for more food porn: @explodingbelly Check out my website for more food reviews!

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