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To Visit

To Visit

My wishlist of cafes to check out!
Clara Bean
Clara Bean

Mushroom fans will love Boufe's homemade baguette topped with truffle mushroom ragout and egg. Love the natural lighting and serenity here.

These were really out-of-this-world good! Each sphere is just filled with lime mojito, which is so fragile it bursts with a single touch, which leaks out a zingy yet dreamy flavour. And for those who wonders what happens to the skin; nope you can't feel the existence to it. It just melts in the mouth away with the mojito!


Yes it's definitely not grey. Pistachio sponge, coco mousse and pandan gula Melaka custard. Two thumbs up! For both presentation and taste! #latergram

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I was not impressed with this. The pancakes were pretty dense, while the cream cheese frosting barely had the tanginess of cream cheese. The whole dish could do with a little more sugar as well.

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@fatcatsg is officially open today! Already here w the favorite foodies for waffles and for @sophiensyy 🙆 Here's Mojitio cocktail sphere which explodes in your mouth 🙊

Asked for a recommendation and I got this. Sure love how strong the lemon taste is, but couldn't taste the lavender at all! Pretty good, but not great.

Chocolate ice cream, azuki, condensed milk. The shaved ice was so soft!!!!!

Finally nearby when it's open! The rainbow cheesecake is self made by tian kee and ko. You can't find it anywhere else! It's healthy being made by yoghurt, taste is mild and not jelat. Special rainbow colors made my day. Decided to give their yuan yang a miss since I got a latte.

I thought this was overall a really successful interpretation of a local favourite, with soft-centred boiled eggs replacing the usual fried egg/omelette; rojak made with shredded cabbage, slivers of turnip and pineapple in a lipsmacking peanut and shrimp sauce; roast potatoes in vegetable curry; fishballs in sambal belacan; har cheong gai (prawn paste chicken) with a crispy batter that's light as panko, instead of the crunchier crust that's typical of Chinese zi char stalls; clusters of spam crisps; deep-fried pork belly; sambal ikan bilis with strips of onion. Very scrumptious and filling for two to share!

Yes, you heard it right -- meatless. Meat-lovers, instead of dismissing this place as a restaurant only for vegetarians, hold biases at bay and let the flavours of the only the freshest vegetables, herbs and fruits overwhelm you and change your impressions, for the better. Aptly located at Orchard Central's roof top garden, Joie offers a 6-course lunch and 7-course dinner for $38.80++ and $68.80++ respectively.

Their workstation is unique and unlike any other normal coffee joint. The epitome of cool and industrial-chic with clean lines, steel surfaces and glassy shelves, The New Black brings a new take-away multiroaster concept to Upper Circular Road. At any one time, they offer a multitude of coffee blends from numerous roasters. These options change depending on seasonality of particular beans, so you can always go back in the hopes of trying something new. Prices range from $5.50 to a hefty $18 per cup (no cash accepted). This coffee bar takes their coffee very, very seriously, so if you do too, The New Black is definitely worth a visit.

Barely a week old and located in the previous space of 7th Cylinder at Jalan Pisang, The Lab SG has already gotten our attention! Burppler Mancini Tan is thoroughly impressed and insists this is one new cafe worth visiting. He says, 'Their liege waffles with mixed berry compote and apple crisps are fantastic and pretty different from the normal Belgium waffles. Definitely coming back to try out their mains'. They experiment. A Lot. So expect innovative menu items like taro latte and apple pie tea, as well as hearty mains like the Heisenberger.