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Burgers & Sandwiches

Burgers & Sandwiches

Soft or buttery buns, sourdough bread or rye: justifying the consumption of these carb goodness by calling them burgers or sandwiches.
Nobelle Liew
Nobelle Liew

Love love loooooooved every single bite of the burger. How should I put it, Shake Shack’s burgers are, to me, the best kinda backdoor bbq grubby greasy af burgers parading as fast food. Yes it looks like your average fast food, with the paper wrappers, disposables, and rather speedy service (as fast as they can for the horde that’s still gathered at Jewel), but when it comes to flavours it can rival gourmet creations. Sounds like an exaggeration, but those are my exact sentiments when downing their burgers. My favourite was the SmokeShack (a double too): smoky, charred patties, with the perfect ratio of meat to fat — when I say fat I mean the melt-in-your-mouth kinda grease and not solid chewy lumps — topped off with stunning applewood smoked bacon. Every bite was a flavour bomb, and when you factor in those brioche-like bins that are fluffy af and just soaks up all the grease and juices: mmmmmmmmmmmmm.


I’ve got a weakness for many things, one of them being soft shell crabs. Don’t matter what kind of cuisine or if the restaurant’s established or not — if I see anything “Soft Shell Crab XYZ” on the menu, you can be sure it’ll end up in my tummy. More often than not it turns out to be a meh decision; but I’m glad to say it’s an absolute hit this time, with Columbus Coffee Co.’s Soft Shell Crab Burger ticking all the right boxes in my book. Fluffy (and I do mean flu-fucking-ffy as hell) brioche buns, garlic aioli, caramelised onions, sunny side egg, furikake, and 2 cutesy fried soft shell crab. The soft shell crab’s fine no odd taste and all, but what I’m superbly impressed with is how well-thought out this is, all the flavours tying in and balancing off one another. I don’t know if it’s intentional, but the caramelised onions has this slightly burnt and bitter aftertaste that I absolutely adore for how it adds another dimension to an otherwise ordinary condiment.


Probably not the best idea to have banh mis for takeaway, cause by the time we bit into them a couple of hours later the bread was really chewy and meh; but even then I’d give La Saigon a pat on their back. What I especially liked is how generous they were with their ingredients: lots of veggies, both fresh and pickled, as well as a fair amount of meat packed in without throwing it all off-balance. What I didn’t like, was the lack of pâté (I really couldn’t taste it) which, with the generous dollop of mayo thrown in, made the whole sandwich a tad too sweet for me. At ~$9 per banh mi though it’s very reasonably priced by local standards and boasts enough flavour: both the pork and grilled chicken were very well-seasoned, enough fat and tender meat to satisfy most. I can’t find the location tag for La Saigon, this little Vietnamese café nested in the exceedingly quiet Alexandra Central, but imma make it clear that this is a spot definitely worth hitting — if not for their banh mis, their super strong Vietnamese coffee.

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Unlike the rest of the burgers I’ve been downing of late, these really weren’t much to rave about and didn’t really justify my expanding waistline 🤔 Opened by the guys behind No Signboard Holdings (of No Signboard Seafood) and touting to be a localised Macca’s of sorts, it’s an interesting concept that has a lot of potential — as well as space for improvement. We only managed to try the Satay Burger & Chicken Rice Burger, of which the former was unexpectedly disappointing. Buns were super dry, stiff, and dense, can’t even compare to Macca’s really; sauce was clump, way too thick, and overly sweet without that typical peanutty fragrance; grilled chicken was tiny and lacklustre. The idea behind it is lovely though, and I’m sure it can be a really delish burger with proper execution.

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Of the 2 burgers we tried, this Chicken Rice Burger was everyone’s fave. The rice patties were insanely fragrant, exactly like chicken rice really, and the garlicky chilli sauce packed the right amount of heat as well. That said the rice was way too mushy and wet, which meant really soggy ‘buns’ that lacked texture and any form of structural integrity. It basically fell apart after the first bite and we ate the remainder with a spoon — which then begets the question: why don’t I just get the cheaper original hawker dish that has so much more ingredients? 🤔


The thing that most people don’t get is, when eating a burger out everything on your plate matters: from the bread and butter pickles, crunchy lettuce, buns, to the everything-but-plain fries on the side, everything has to be on point for the meal to be truly memorable. And at Black Tap that’s what you get. We had the Greg Norman (an award winning wagyu beef burger with blue cheese) which was so on point on its own. Fluffy buttery brioche, a creamy blue cheese sauce that was flavourful and not too overwhelming, sealed off with a juicy and massive wagyu patty. The components come separate so you can kinda build your own burger and add as much veggies you’d like, or omit them entirely. Trust me when I say the portion’s BEYOND massive and can very well feed two; but in case you aren’t quite full yet, the mountain of fries on the side is absolutely delicious. And top it off with a side of cheesepull-goals mozzie sticks if you’re still feeling it.


If you think that was a mouthful, wait till you bite into this massive burger. Me-eat vol. 02 of Three Buns’ Tribute creations, the 2Stac Shakur Burger. What you get for $22: a crispy double stack, both the thigh and the breast, coated with a sriracha and Hennessy mayonnaise, Mofo buffalo sauce, pickled daikon, and a side of buffalo wing. Read: a massive orgy of meat and sauces that’ll have you shrieking with joy in no time at all. I like that the sauces pack a real punch, with the shredded daikon adding a refreshing tang and crunch, which really saved the slightly dry fried chicken. Would’ve been perfect if the meat was more tender and retained more of its juices.


I know it’s been around for awhile and I’m incredibly slow to the parade, but I’m beyond glad I finally got there cause this Ramly burger is just 👌🏻💪🏻🤤☠️ emoji-ing my way through cause it’s so good I’m lost for words, just in case you can’t tell. Perfectly seasoned AND cooked patties (you’d be surprised how many f*ck that up), wrapped in a good ol’ fried egg, then topped with a badassery level 1000 smokes aioli and mega fluffy brioche buns.


Housemade prawn and mackerel otah + buttery fluffy toasted brioche + meaty comté = the absolute bomb diggity. A quick scroll through my feed and it’s obvious I have a massive soft spot for sandwiches burgers and the likes, though more often than not I’m smitten with the messiest, grubbiest, and most interesting of the lot. This nostalgic toastie though is a clear throwback to the past, elevating comfort food to a whole new level with a careful selection of fab ingredients. The price tag may seem hefty and I’d say it’s definitely not a hard dish to recreate from home, but trust me when I say this simple yet elegant dish is well worth a try.

Ok it’s not actually a burger, more a sandwich-burger-cross using rye sandwich bread instead of your regular fluffy buns. Purists be frowning, but lemme tell you that PBD’s take on the cheeseburger IMHO beats the original hands down. I love the nuttiness and earthiness that the rye bread brings to the sandwich, which with the generous spread of butter adds tons of flavour to the entire sandwich. That + melty oosy sinful American sliced cheese + thick tasty and absolutely spot on housemade patties + just the right amount of pickles = my current favourite burger/sandwich.


Stumbled upon this new bar in Bali Lane, decided to pop in for abit cause hey they’ve got boozy deals throughout the night (2 towers for $66 anyone?) aaaaaand ended up knocked off my socks with their shockingly decent grub. You wouldn’t expect much from a bar’s grub — at least I wouldn’t — but omg their stuff is actually beyond plain edible? Take this burger: suuuper crisp turkey bacon, hash brown, housemade medium-rare beef patty, some melts cheese and fluffy buns. Man honestly that housemade patty would totally just seal the deal for me in a bar. It’s well-seasoned, cooked perfectly, and really just plain old tasty. Unpretentious and hearty, more than what I can say for other bar grub out there.


Let’s be real: see a burger on the menu and anyone would expect a badass beef burger with juices spilling all over and foodporny melted cheese begging to be licked. So I didn’t quite know what to expect when I saw this pork patty burger. But mm mm mmmm damn girl these honey mustard pork patties are MAD GOOD. Unbelievably juicy and tender, lovely charred crisp, and a good balance of sweet and savoury that’s kept in check by creamy guacamole and fresh pico de gallo. Never expected to like a honey mustard (and pork whatmore) marinated patty, but this one’s totally worth a try.


Spending all my time eating (and eating) cause what else is there to do in small 🌞🌞 Singapore?

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