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Comfort Food

Comfort Food

That bowl of hot soup your mom always makes for you when you're down with the flu, or your go-to hot cup of milo when it's cold and rainy that makes you feel all warm and cozy. This is a list of food that gives you that warm feeling.
Therese Grosse
Therese Grosse

Go luxe with your next coffeeshop meal at this Bishan stall specialising in Penang-style prawn noodles. What crowds come for are not the regular Prawn Noodles (from $4.50); they're all ready to splash out on lobsters instead! Try the Lobster Noodles with Clams ($26.50), and get the soupy version so you can slurp on the mild, delicate broth. The lobsters are fresh, and the homemade chilli sauce that's served on the side is great for dipping. If budget is not a concern, consider going all out with the Combo Noodles ($38.50), which includes lobsters, prawns, crayfish and clams. It's just the thing for shellfish enthusiasts.
Avg Price: $40 per person
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Pictured - Nachos Bowl that comes with a hugeeee serving of pulled pork, stringy cheese, black beans, taco shells, and of course guacamole! Was not a huge fan of the tacos that tasted a bit too floury to me, but the toppings managed to save the day. I'd come back again for a Mex Fix.


You really can have the best of both worlds. Combining three different cheeses for that oozy melty texture, Alter Ego's newest creation is to die for - Pizza Fries. I could not stop reaching out for it. The cheese is creamy, stretchy and super addictive and the fries are crisp at the edges and soft in the centre just the way I like it. Alter ego might be one of my new favourite places, with its chill vibes and delicious food.


Been wanting to try this for awhile, especially the curry mee! I went for the dry kway teow version tossed in signature sauce for a ~slightly~ healthier option but had immediate regrets after trying my boyfriend's curry mee with pork belly, it was sooooo good. Slightly crispy fat and tender meat, the pork is perfectly executed. The curry mee is a very huge serving and can get a bit gelat after awhile, so actually I'd recommend sharing one bowl as long as you're not a big eater. And it's cheap too! We went at 2+ and almost everything was sold out so I couldn't try the western food or the radish cake. Will definitely be back again.

This Bukit Pasoh restaurant may specialise in seafood and cocktails but boy do they know their way around eggs too! The Fried Egg (from $14), served with octopus, orzo and tete de moine (a type of Swiss cheese), is a stunner on their Sunday brunch menu. Crusted and golden outside, while remaining perfectly soft boiled and runny within, the egg adds great texture to the creamy pasta base.


While its known as a good lunch spot, it is the pure decadence of the dinner menu that makes it perfect for a "Treat Yourself" night. Gather three friends, and expect to get your hands greasy. Be wise and order four things to share. The two must-trys are the heart-stoppingly delicious Patty Melt on Rye ($16), and the delightful Cured Meat Sandwich ($16) — cool, creamy mozzarella atop a stack of assorted cured meats between brioche buns. Dunk the sinfully oozy Grilled Cheese ($14) into the roasted tomato dip and into your mouth — cue inappropriate noises. Finish off with the PB&J ($8) that is crusted in cornflakes then fried. Wash this all down with an ice-cold pint — you'll need it.

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"Friends who have known me for a long time would know about my rather strict mother. Because of my curfew, a trip down to Seng Kee would a very rare occurrence for me. Those trips could only happen if my club's basketball training would end earlier (which really happened once in a blue blue moon), where my teammates and I would troop down to the outlet along Changi Road for some team bonding over Mee Sua.
I can still vividly remember having my first bowl. One sip of the rich flavourful herbal soup, and I was sold!! Grabbing my chopstick and ignoring how hot the soup was, I tucked in steadily. The mee sua and the fresh pork meat and organs were all on point. The table would be oddly quiet while we wolfed down everything greedily as we were too hungry after training.
However, I returned a few times occasionally to and realised a sharp drop in standard. Till recently, I found that they had another branch at Kaki Bukit Food Market, where the taste and everything was just as I remembered it to be 5 years back! Having a bowl of it now still reminds me of all the post-training bonding session I used to have with my teammates. #hawkerpedia"

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So good! Ordered my usual beef pho that was hearty and a joy to eat, and young coconut juice (fresh and sweet). We splurged and got a few sides - the soft shell crab was a tad oily but good, as was the prawn spring roll. I'd skip the fried bananas that we had for dessert though, tasted a bit strange.


Choose from how hard you want your noodles to be, as well as what soup you like. The waiters and chefs are all Japanese, and are really cute and earnest! For less than $15 to eat authentic ramen and with free flow eggs, this is one spot I always head to to satisfy my cravings. Their gyoza is good too


Come here for an authentic taste of Korean food! We had the army stew ($29 w rice), and the soup was really good! No MSG, and the baked beans provided a full-bodies flavour. Portion is a little small for two to share but too big for one.


When I go, I ALWAYS order the beef rendang, chicken korma, and the liver and gizzard. One of the best nasi padangs I've ever had, the beef rendang sauce is meaty, thick and full of flavour. Definitely a must try

I ordered the stewed beef rice bowl ($9.90) with kimchi broken rice. Colourful, comforting and yummy, this was a nice surprise! We were apprehensive at first because the place was quite empty, but the food is not bad and affordable, and sure to fill you up :)

Food is one of the few things that can get me out of bed. Instagram: @t_ippytoe

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