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Featuring Sarnies (Telok Ayer), Cicheti, 2am : dessertbar, Tom's Palette, Bella Pasta, The Black Swan, CUT by Wolfgang Puck, Maccha House (Orchard Central), Breko Café, Senso Ristorante & Bar
Victoria Hii
Victoria Hii
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Similar to the taste of Cheng Teng, this sweet soup comes with lily bulb, dried longans, red dates, peach gum, white fungus and lotus seeds. Good to end the meal with this great palate cleanser.

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Decadent dessert that is sinfully indulgent & satisfying. Must order if you are a die hard chocolate lover!

Not served in the usual ramekin but instead in an eye catching shiny silver pot; melted dark chocolate is poured into the soufflé, letting the light sponge absorb all that chocolatey goodness, followed by a dollop of crème fraîche and topped with a scoop of rich and dense Gianduja Chocolate Gelato, then drizzled with more melted dark chocolate to finish!

Love how the hot melted dark chocolate flows deeper into the sponge when you dig into the moist pillowy centre, fusing together with the delicate crème fraîche which balances the dessert by softening the richness from the Gianduja Chocolate Gelato.


Indeed a show stopping dessert and a perfect end to the meal. Love the crisp crust of the meringue and that light and soft creamy nougat like centre. Really goes with the broken chocolate shards, the fresh berries and the refreshing raspberry sorbet 😋

1 Like is a little home-run business specialising in the quintessential nostalgic Peranakan Kueh Salat.

They handpick and extract their own homegrown blue butterfly pea flowers that give the glutinous rice its signature blue tinge and homegrown pandan leaves that give the kaya custard its fragrance and pastel green colour. Made with fresh ingredients, this Kueh Salat really hits all the right notes with their smooth aromatic pandan custard and savoury glutinous rice.

So they only sell Kueh Salat, in 2 different shapes. 8” X 8” square and 9” round.

For this square one, the serving suggestion is up to 32 slices. This shape is great for big groups where smaller slices are preferred.


Malt ice cream served with very very dense beer chocolate cake pieces and Guinness stout gel, dehydrated thyme and 70% chocolate meringue. The stout gel was really exciting and punchy! Felt a little led down by the chocolate cake which was a tad dry. Good thing it was graciously saved by the malt ice cream.

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Dark chocolate mousse infused with red wine, layered with crunchy feuilletine and chocolate biscuit base. Quite a simple dessert. Good to satisfy the chocolate craving. You don’t get much of the merlot taste to be honest.

Interesting dessert with the sweet and savory Jalapeño cream cheese ice cream, charred Sarawak pineapple, dehydrated bacon financier and micro coriander. The not so subtle heat from the jalapeño can be detected only as the after taste of the predominantly sweet creamy cream cheese ice cream. Always appreciate and love the savory play on desserts. Try it!


Churros have been one of my favorite treat since childhood, so needless to say, resistance was futile when I saw it on the menu despite being in a bar. So I ordered it with zero expectations.

To my surprise, i was really impressed with how chewy the insides of the churros were. They were exactly how a perfect churro should be - crunchy and crispy on the outside and a little soft, but not doughy, on the inside. Loved the amount of cinnamon sugar you get from the ridged surface. And it’s even better when you dunk it into the chocolate sauce!


This dessert was highly recommended by the service staff. This is a good option if you are looking for something light and yet decadent at the same time. It comes with a small disc of drunken Sacher sponge soaked with amarena cherry and Caraibe chocolate cream with chocolate soil and cherry sorbet. The richness of the chocolate is balanced by the tartness of the cherries in the cream as well as the sorbet.

Very satisfying dessert. Definitely have a second stomach for this!

Encased within that crisp outer layer of the soft and pillowy brioche is a refreshing light orange cream. Taste so good with the pecans, caramel and nut crumble. Along with the rich intense homemade coffee ice cream. The play on textures with the addition of shredded filo pastry on the ice cream really made it fun and overall, this was truly enjoyable and has hit all the right notes for me!

New floral themed lifestyle cafe focusing on teas and soufflé pancakes. Pancakes are freshly prepared, made and assembled to order. The shop only has 2 big electric griddles in which 1 griddle can make up to 6 pancakes at any point in time (which is a major constraint) hence I waited for 1.5hour to get my pancake!

The eye catching strawberry soufflé pancake comes with gold foil (purely as decoration and does not enhance the taste in any way) which looks very elegant and delightful. The pancakes are sandwiched between a thin layer of strawberry jam.

Resembling a lot like cottony clouds, these jiggly soft towering soufflé style pancakes are delicately light and airy, yet satisfyingly eggy and moist. Made free form style, (without a mold), the pancakes are cooked on electric griddles with covers until they rise like souffles which results in a soft, tender golden crust the final product becomes delightfully jiggly. The pancakes itself were not overly sweet and topped with a light cream with a subtle cheese flavor. Good thing it did not overpower the sheer majesty of the pancakes. Oh, and it came with a scoop of chocolate ice cream!

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If you’re full and still want to go for desserts, this is the perfect option. Extremely creamy yet not cloyingly sweet or dense, the panacotta is paired with charred orange, lemongrass jelly, tuile, edible flowers, and buttery shortbread crumbs.


Always counting down to the next meal 😋

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