Cheap And Good Food

Cheap And Good Food

Featuring One Man Coffee (Upper Thomson), Dumpling Darlings, Porta, Lobsters & Ice Cream v2.0, Oberstrasse, Moosh Softserve (Haji Lane), Tie Fun Wan, aRoma (Arab Street), Baan Khun Nai
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Only few flavors to choose from but really great! I'm not an ice cream fan - yes im weird. đŸ˜‘ But i enjoyed the ode ode flavored one and had half a cup! Tried the cheese cake brownie one previously which i really enjoyed too!

Smores one is alright.

The noodles are soft and springy. Pulled pork was alright but maybe because im not a great fan of pulled pork. Szechuan dumplings were good though! The portion was just nice. Anything more and it will be abit jelak.

Will be back again. =)

Service and food are both amazing. The one for one deal is such a steal for such fine food. My husband and i both ordered the squid as appetizer having seen the many ravings about it. It was as many claimed here. Really good!!

I ordered the prawns pasta and my husband had the pork. He wolved it down super fast proving how much he liked it.

The blackforest cake is a must order! Apple tart was fine. We prefer the black forest cake.

Decided to have a late lunch here and the food didnt fail to impress. I ordered the mala pork and sweet and spicy pork plus a pork porridge for my daughter. All were equallu good! No one mentioned abouy the porridge but it's a must try especially if you have a young kid. He/she will love it! Will be back. =)

Food was mediocre. Luckily there was a one for one else it prob wouldn't be worth it. Zero service. I wasnt expecting any but a smile on the faces of the waiter and waitress will be nice. Waitress took the order and looked grumpy. Won't return again if i can help it.

Ordered the chocolate with orange and peanut butter flavored ice cream. With burpple app, i only paid 5ish for 2 cones. Super worth it for good quality ice cream!

Used to frequent this place for breakfast but havent been here for awhile. Was pleased to see that they are on the burpple beyond app! I ordered the gashouse eggs which was my ultimate fav. It didn't fail to impress. When you cut at the middle, the eggs will ooz out beautifully. If you love cheese, you need to try this. My husband ordered a toast with avocado and Feta cheese. That was also super tasty.

The squid and fish are not included under burpple one for one. We ordered the dry curry pork which is spicy but good! I recommend that. Another dish we ordered was the chicken with cashew which id recommend to.

The basil chicken wasnt so good. Didnt have any taste of basil and also at the same time, the meat kidda smell. The smell of frozen meat that you had taken out to dethaw twice before cooking it the second time. Im sensitive to that!!

Its otherwise cheap! I paid 47 bucks for 4.


Such a good deal! Ordered the seafood roll with chilli crab sauce for one and mentaiko sauce for the other. The bread was well toaster and though we only reached home close to an hour later, the bread didnt turn soggy from the chilli crab sauce.

My husband personally preferred the mentaiko sauce. I love both!!

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