As it’s name suggests, this Whoa-ffles is just WHOAAAAAAAAA! Unlike the usual waffle you find outside, the one here is extremely crispy but break easily with a gentle bite. I had mine with dark chocolate ice cream, which was wickedly dark. So yummy!!!

This is not my no. 1 go-to place. But I enjoy Pablo for it’s open concept, free WiFi and abundance of power points, on top of its cheesy treats. Highly recommended to get a nice cheese tart paired with their coffee as a mid-day treat. I personally think the Mini tarts taste better because it’s just so crusty (plus I’m a crusty person). Coffee is average but it’s just nice to have it with the tart.


This is my favorite place to visit when I’m craving some quality dark chocolate ice cream. I thoroughly enjoyed the texture of the ice cream and it’s deep dark flavours. But I’d say to do yourself a favor and skip the chocolate waffle bowl. A normal cone works just fine.


Not complaining when they gave me 3 full strawberries in a puff for only $2.50. I got this from Dulcet & Studio (Liang Court outlet), and I loved the lightness of the cream and how well it went with the strawberries. If there is one thing that can be improved, it’ll be nice if the puff was warm and slightly crispy.


I might have ordered the wrong flavour OR I might have hugeeeee expectations but this Watermelon Popbar ($4.90 for 1) was disappointing. The watermelon was watered down and was rather on the bland side. I just had one in Bali (of a different brand) and the exact flavour was just so rich and sweet. It’s a pity that this one just can’t compare.


Apiary waffle and ice creams are a great way to close off a FriYAY night with friends. We chose the Apiary and chocolate flavored ice cream and ended up all just diving straight into the chocolate one. Not that the signature Apiary ice cream isn’t good, it is really smooth and creamy without coming off as too sweet, however, the chocolate was WHOA. Dark, creamy and subtly bitter, it just worked so well with the sweet crusty waffle below. And oh, please don’t miss out on the waffles, fluffy on the inside, crusty on the outside, it is a perfect match for the ice cream.


Always loved the brownies at Bundt and my favourite has always been the Himalayan Pink Salt with Mars bars/ Snicker bars brownies... Until this contender came along.

The banana brownie is so fragrant and moist, it’s just so damn good. I took my first bite after a really heavy lunch and found myself finishing half of it 🤦🏻‍♀️. Had to actively stop myself from eating more to save some for tea break. Definitely something I would come back to... Thank goodness they change their flavors everyday otherwise I foresee an expanding waistline from this brownie 🤣

My Favourite dish from iO has got to be this Pistachio Tiramisu ($14). Italians sure know their Tiramisus! Pillowy soft tiramisu with just about the right amount of everything! Every mouthful was just heaven to me.....


This Rose Raspberry Pistachio cake looked super fancy with rose buds and Pistachio crumbs all over the top, but when you slice in, you'll realize that this cake is actually simple and nice.

Flavoured probably with rose syrup and coated with cream cheese, its best paired with a cup of hot flat white.


Best refreshing ice cream buy within the RWS area for sure! This mixed melon & milk ice cream ($6) tasted like a damn good sweet melon, mixed in with cream. A word of caution: it melts super fast (like within 1 minute) so be quick with the photo taking.


A tiny establishment with a huge appetite for experimentation, Bundt by The Backyard Bakers have the most interesting bakes in the area.

This 8 Secrets Lemon Curd Muffin ($4) is made with the 8 Secrets Tea by The Tea Depot and their own signature Lemon Curd that has just the right balance between sweet and tangy. Strong tea flavours detected in the muffin, which complements the Lemon Curd nicely. Made with zero preservatives, you'll need to finish it within the day... Not that it's a problem anyway, we finished it in one sitting cause it's THAT good.

Flavours change daily so be prepared to be surprised everyday.


This Watermelon Ball ($1.50) is the most refreshing dessert you can get in the Tampines Round Market!!! Spoonfuls of watermelon scooped into balls, tossed with crushed iced, coconut cream and dollops of corn. A must order here even after your heavy meal 💯


They say "Live life to the fullest". So I stuff my chubby cheeks 😋 Follow me on IG at @ryllyx

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