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Kopi And Teh

Kopi And Teh

Compilation of best local coffee and tea
Sheryl Lyx
Sheryl Lyx
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After a while, some F&B establishments become your favorite hide-outs, because of all the wonderful people in it. BUNDT by The Backyard Bakers used to be a spot I visit only when I was feeling indulgent, but these days I come more often as it’s a place I seek my comfort brownie and coffee. The folks running the place are THE BEST!

Just like this cup of caffeine. This iced American white is probably one of the best things to have on a scorching hot afternoon. A REALLY intense coffee iced ball, dunked into fresh milk, melting into a perfect iced latte. It’s so yummy, but I drink it so fast that I finish the milk faster than the ice ball can melt ): so word of caution, RATION YOUR SIPS!!!! Drink slowly. Enjoy every mouth.

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Now who doesn’t love a flaky buttery chocolate croissant for breakfast? Best paired with a cup of flat white !


This Green Tea Latte was quite an intense experience. Thick but slightly over- frothed, the drink felt a little too 'airy' at some parts, and a bit heavy at others. Nevertheless, once all the ice melts and the froth dies down, it turned into quite a nice drink which didn't prove to be too sweet. Worth getting one on a scorching hot day.


For the sleepy office crowd, your perfect pick-me-up would be this cup of coffee ($1.10) from The 1950s Coffee. Hailing a long queue during lunch, everyone went for the coffee, which was thick and aromatic with no sour aftertaste. We were buzzing with caffeine after our afternoon tea 😛

I don't know how else to say this but I REALLY LOVE THIS!!! Using Allpress beans, Juju coffee's cold brew is nice and nutty. The unsweetened white cold brew ($5.50) is just the right solution for a drowsy warm weekday post lunch situation.

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Walking here for coffee got me all hot and bothered 😂 so a cup of iced white ($5.50) it is! The caffeine buzz after was so worth the effort traveling here.


This cup of Faema White ($3.80, not sure if I spelt it correctly) is the perfect pick me up. Not too milky and just the right amount of acidity, it goes so well with the pastries they sell!

Only opened for 2 months, but this place has a steady stream of loyal customers who have been actively bringing their friends over to try. That's how I got to know about this place and I sure am intending to bring my colleagues over to try!


Special promotion for Thumb Coffee: $2 for regular sized Americano PLUS free dessert!!! We paired it with ice cream, which proved to be a smart choice. Just dump the ice cream into the americano and there you have a huge cup of coffee with 'milk'!

Tuk Tuk Cha is offering a special promotion EVERYDAY - just $1 for hot black coffee!! +$0.30 for milk if you'd like.

Coffee's strong and decent. Really worth it for it's price!

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Surprisingly legit this Thai Iced Tea that gave me a slight buzz after finishing the whole cup. It's not too sweet (we asked for less sweet), with a seriously strong tea taste that one can't help but feel transported back to JJ market!

One more thing - like and share their page on FB to get a free upsize! It's totally worth it!


Yes, with sparkling water! The purpose of the sparkling water is to cleanse the palette. You can take the sparkling water before or after the shot, but taking it before is recommended for you to enjoy the full and balanced flavour of the coffee shot! And yes, this shot is so much more balanced than the average, I didn't cringe after finishing mine!


With its mission to bring the true Italian experience and culture into the Singapore coffee scene, Caffe Vergnano serves up a beautifully balanced cup of coffee, in a cosy corner within South Beach. Free wifi, quiet space, great coffee... I came back on my own because it's really quite awesome.

Aside from being just a cafe, Caffe Vergnano also holds one coffee-related workshop every weekend at $150/pax. Expect an intimate sharing session with the super knowledgeable and engaging head barista who will share about the farm to table journey of coffee beans. Also, you'll be able to make your own coffee and identify the differences between different coffee making techniques. Overall, a really great experience!


They say "Live life to the fullest". So I stuff my chubby cheeks 😋 Follow me on IG at @ryllyx

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