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Felicia Sim
Felicia Sim

Cream the Curry — a generous amount of fluffy whipped cream that is stirred in with the red curry to give a hint of sweetness to the savoury curry. Tuck into chewy toppoki, beef slices and green/red peppers, all covered with a thick coating of that indulgent sauce!


Finger licking good fried chicken coated with Chir Chir’s signature crunchy batter and dusted with a generous amount of super addictive curry powder. The Curry Fried Chicken was super flavorful and didn’t taste greasy at all when we had it piping hot! It comes with a curry sauce by the side but we didn’t think it was necessary as the chicken was tasty on its own.

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Pieces of roasted chicken thigh and toppoki coated with a fiery spicy dakgalbi sauce in a bed of melted mozzarella cheese. I was happy to find that the spiciness was not masked by the generous amount of cheese, but in turn smoothened its taste with its creamy-ness. This is definitely made for the spice lovers! đŸ”„


I can never have too much mushrooms so this Goong Pot (2-4pax) was perfect for me with 5 kinds of mushrooms — enoki, eryngii, shiitake, honshimeiji and oyster. The freshness and sweetness of the mushrooms made the gochujang based soup broth more flavorful. Diners also get to choose 1 choice of meat and we had the braised pork belly!


A wholesome hotpot that is made for the ultimate mushroom lovers like myself. Filled with 5 kinds of mushroom — enoki, eryngii, shiitake, honshimeiji and oyster, the broth was boiled down with the sweetness from these mushrooms. The glass noodles also absorbed the broth very well and was very tasty. 1 choice of meat is allowed and we had the braised pork belly that was well marinated and tender!


Buddae jiggae is one of my Korean comfort food with simple ingredients such as ramyeon, spam, sausage and enoki mushrooms. Seoul Yummy offers a one pax portion which I appreciate as we get to try out other dishes too, especially with its wide range of dishes! The Return of Wagyu features slices of premium US wagyu beef that is served raw on the side and you can do a quick dip in the broth so that it doesn’t get over cooked. The premium meat definitely did add some colors to this classic Korean dish!


$18.80 for all day toppoki buffet — 8 different kinds of toppoki are available such as those stuffed with cheese and sweet potato but my favorite was the thin plain rice cake which was softer and more chewy! Though the selection of ingredients was nothing to shout about, I enjoyed that self concocted red sauce a lot! Mix the Toppoki, Dookki, Gungjung and Flaming sauce by following the recommended recipe or based it on your own preference.

With the leftover sauce after finishing your ingredients, you can have some fried rice with kimchi, corn, sesame oil and lots of seaweed — just like how the Koreans do it. And if your stomach allows (ours didn't because we were super full after the rice), you can change to a smaller pot and have Korean ramyeon!

As samgyeopsal can be a little too greasy for me, I like to have mine in a lettuce wrap — topped with kimchi, radish kimchi, leek and soy bean paste.

Bornga's samgyeopsal ($25/2pcs per serving) comes in 3 flavors — original, soy sauce, spicy and I preferred the soy sauce one (pictured) for the charred sweetness upon biting into the glistening pork belly. Charcoal is used for the BBQ for an authentic experience and ensure even heat throughout to barbecue the meat beautifully.


Bornga's signature Woo Samgyup ($28/200g, pictured 400g) that is marinated in Chef Paik Jong Won's patented marinade! The thinly sliced beef brisket are well marbled to give a tender bite, as you savour the sweetness from the beef and marinade


Korea's toppoki stew is in town and I'm happy to find out that it is the same restaurant that my friends and I used to frequent in Seoul. We had the Bulgogi & Budae toppoki stew ($13.9 per pax) with 4 add-ons ($3 each — cheese, ramyeon, dumpling, yakki dumpling) and it was so satisfying! The gravy thickened over time with the toppoki turning soft and chewy with a good amount of heat and a hint of sweetness.

The base stew comes with toppoki (5 pcs per portion), fish cakes and vegetables. As we are not that big fans of toppoki, we requested for lesser toppoki (1 serving instead of 2) and more fish cakes instead!

I think the experience would not be complete without having the fried rice ($5, or $7 with cheese) at the end after finishing all the ingredients. Unlike Seoul where they fry the rice in front of you, the pot is taken back to the kitchen. With a dash of sesame oil, corn and seaweed all stir fried together with the left over sauce, the one portion size was quite reasonable.


Now I can get my Korean fried chicken fix just a stone's throw away at Nene Chicken's 8th outlet situated at Nex which opened just yesterday!

I must say that the "Freaking Hot" definitely set my lips on fire and tasted like a spicy toppoki/Korean spicy noodles sauce — perfect for spicy lovers like myself! Though the skin wasn't as crispy as I would like it to be, the meaty chicken and marinate are what would keep me going back for more!


Seafood soondubu ($19.9) with sizeable amount of clams, shrimps, squid and mussels in their freshly handmade tofu at this new Korean restaurant from LA (but managed by Koreans) specializing in tofu stews. I prefer this over the Beef Soondubu ($18.9) as there was a slight beefy taste in that and the seafood one is a lot more sweeter. I went for the medium (choose from mild, medium, spicy, crazy hot — I wouldn't recommend anymore spicier than medium as it was already rather oily for mine) and the spice level was just nice for me.

Rice is served hot in the stone bowl and the remaining is left inside with some corn tea added and covered. It's meant to be enjoyed after the meal like a "porridge". The broth tasted somewhat like the Korean barley tea but it was nothing spectacular and I just had some at the end of my meal to cleanse my tastebuds!

Apart from the soondubu, free flow banchans include seaweed, kimchi and whole fried fish(!!) — the former two were a little salty on its own but when wrapped with rice, IT IS PERFECT. I lost count on the number of refills we had for the seaweed! 진짜 맛있얎요~

SBCD Korean House is located at Tanjong Pagar Centre #B1-01/02 1130-2200 daily!


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