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The above was a gift from our Taiwanese neighbour who explained that ”这家饼店有60多年的历史;我们挺喜欢它的饼,觉得它的饼皮做得很精细”

He was spot on and this was definitely an amazing taiwanese delicacy I’d hunt for the next time I visit Taiwan

The bulk of my CNY was home cooked meals that was excessive but made with love so I should be appreciative 🙃
Some of my favourites had to be my Aunt’s osmanthus wolfberries jelly that is easy on the throat but more importantly refreshingly light and not overtly sweet. Perfect to end off a festive meal which inevitably included serious feasting.

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Kueh Lapis has been a staple goodie for my household; this year one slice of the above led to a preorder of 2 whole cakes (original and prune). Why? 1. You get the fragrance of cinnamon and nutmeg spices at every bite especially the original version 2. These are not too sweet IMHO. Even as the prune version is slightly sweeter; I’d like to think it is due to the sweetness from the prunes themselves.

With Barcook‘s version of my favourite CNY staple accessibly available at their various outlets; I am confident this will not be our last preorder.

Being the festive season, the restaurant was expectantly rowdy and brimming with people. The number of Peking duck being served to the multiple tables was almost like a record on replay, continuously chefs came to serve the duck in flour wraps. That could be one of the reasons why the signature Peking Duck (not pictured) that day felt a little less outstanding as usual; tough meat from what we guessed was an old duck. The taste from wrapping the meat with the condiments and sauce remained the same nonetheless.

Another of my favourite from the CNY Set Meal had to be the above with remarkably tender and flavourful dried oysters. While my aunt quibbled about how the items in the dishes could have been bigger, I was happy with the quality and quantity 🙃


My CNY started when I emptied a tin of home favourite love letters within 3 days in the last week of Jan. 🙊

But the first reunion dinner with my food connoisseur of Aunts was at Imperial Super Peking Duck. Starting the 8 course set menu with the Fatt Choy Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng was starting with a triumphant bang- I loved the restaurant’s prosperous Chinese salad with the interesting addition of fried yam stripes (that quickly became a key component of the Yu Sheng).

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Christmas festive feasting is almost inevitable and I have come to learn to appreciate it better. For yesterday’s Christmas gathering this box of muffins from my Chilay (Chinese - Malay) colleague was my favourite. These sweet (partially because both flavours I had contained strussels); perfectly dense and moist muffins came in assorted flavours. They were excellent that I easily finished one and wanted another; even though a portion of one was filling enough.
Probably the muffins were extra special as a sweet gesture of my good colleague- friend; AJ muffins will now be something I’d have fond memory of.

P.S: pardon the poor photo but I was too shy to make everyone wait for me to photograph the muffins well.

My Chinese New Year was a mix of old routines (visitations and Miranda’s legendary 50cent/pc pineapple tarts) and small new experiences (inviting friends without family in SG over to enjoy CNY dinners in our cozy home).
One of the latter would be these authentic kueh lapis that makes our usual favourite of bengawan solo kueh lapis a mistake. We have officially switched camps to Galicier’s version- fragrant and authentic because of the prominent spiced and cinnamon flavors. Having traditionally Asian cake- kueh in front of the TV at night (i.e. seizing the holiday season for a movie marathon) was very nice but back to school!


Something interesting I ate this week had got to be the above Yu sheng clothed with saccharin Sakura powder, fried cuttlefish tasting batter and a mysterious tangy sauce that was pleasantly addictive. The 5-6 thick slices of salmon sashimi arranged like a flower was also aesthetically appealing and conventionally delicious. A worthwhile order, my parent and I felt, to usher in the festive Chinese New Year ✨


[Delayed] My scrumptious 6 course 人日 dinner.
This was the umpteen visit to imperial treasure with my maternal family but I'm definitely not complaining. Since it was the first time trying their Chinese New Year menu, we went for the seasonal items like crispy whole suckling pig and of course the not to be missed Lou Hei. On top of that we had a good spread of sautéed prawns , deep fried soon hock fish in soya sauce, stewed ee fu noodles with mushrooms and braised shark fin with cabbage (the least favorite with a very deceiving imbalanced cabbage to shark fin ratio).
Ending off the meal, a bowl of well simmered红豆汤 with 芝麻汤圆 and a tinge of refreshing orange peels was served.
In the spirit of festivity, Chinese New Year almond cookies and 年糕 came as well. (Take-away option is available if you are stuffed)
I am reassured that 人日 and 农历新年 are 2 of the many blessings of being Chinese.
Also I foresee many more future return visits for the impeccable quality and taste of the Chinese cuisine offered at Imperial.


($86.90+) Currently rolling around with a stuffed tummy after reunion dinner, but here's this year yusheng pick: Imperial Treasures' prosperity yusheng.
Things are kept simple with only 3 ingredients as base: the finely shredded yam, carrot and radish.Yet they pack a whole lot of decadent flavor tossed in all the other condiments. What makes the yusheng particularly different is the fragrant, meticulously fine yam shreds that make things crunchy and substantial. Not your usual yusheng that just feels like a concoction of vegetables.
Another ingredient worth special mention is the 甜酱 that gives a refreshingly sweet finish to your bowl of yusheng. Here's wishing everyone a blessed Chinese New Year, filled with family, friends and Love.


Very disappointing when the waitress recommends their signature homemade egg beancurd yet it comes with inconsistently aerated bubbles within. Taste decent but feels slipshod in terms of preparation?
The outsourced yusheng came with measly salmon sashimi too, give me sakae sushi's yusheng instead any day 🙊 But hey hey shall end the negativity here cause it's the first yusheng of the festive season for me & my favorite people! Nothing goes wrong with the tossing of different yusheng ingredients & condiments (*cue my favorite part: 黄金满地!!!) The fish steamboat and seafood hor fun we had was comfortingly good zichar fare too!

Family's moon cake pick this year: Holiday Inn's white lotus paste with melon seed! One of the less sugar moon cakes you find around this year, the lotus paste here gives you a sense of being fine and well prepared with its smooth texture. Packed within the well baked and fragrant exterior, the moon cakes here are not conventionally (overly-) sweet. It keeps you wanting .... just another quarter.... and another.... 🙊


Eat to live, live to eat. Alternating between the 2 all day err day?

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